So it might be a bit of a tangent, but do you remember that time we showed you one of these bad boys that had been found at a Philadelphia flea market for $10? It's often called the "King Sub" by those in the community. Very few are known to exist and as a result it’s an ultimate treasure most collectors will never own. In 1919, the company moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and changed its name to Rolex. Beyond rare and originally carrying an estimate of $10,000 to $16,000, this white-dial 6610 would later claim an impressive CHF 171,750 at auction. There's one more critical point to make about the 5508: It's the very last Submariner made to feature a case with no crown guards on the right side of the case. Why This Watch Matters This Rolex Oyster Royal is fitted in the company's signature water-tight screw-down case. Being a quintessential Rolex, while the Explorer may have a comparatively simple time-only movement, it's built to last and to do so without skipping a beat regardless of where you take it. The solid gold Submariner was a hit and Rolex continued to evolve the model over the years (it's still part of the collection today, by the way). We more typically see it on 1960s gilt 5513 Subs, so when it appears with additional red depth reading on an early 6538 big crown, the iconic James Bond Submariner, you have the perfect storm of rarity of case and dial design. It was never intended to be COSC-certified, thus making it a good fit for the 5513. Even at its somewhat larger (but still not all that large) sizing, the Explorer is arguably Rolex's last classic steel sport watch under 40mm. While four-line 6538s were chronometer certified, there were also some watches of the exact same reference that were not. The biggest difference is the dial, which collectors call a "nipple dial" because of the raised hour markers with luminous centers. At this point, we're still dealing with classic, gilt dial 5512 Submariners. 6200, if you'll remember). Let's go. While they offer ample protection in this form, they make it a bit hard to access the crown for setting the time. This extra signature at the bottom is very unusual and takes this watch to the next level. Again, we're talking small differences here from version two to version three. While this watch has a red triangle in the bezel, there were 6536/1s with hash bezels and no red triangle too. The Explorer II has been produced for an impressive 46 years, but where does this 16570 fit in? You had to know this was coming, right? The name is thought to have come from a desire to find an easily pronounceable word in any language. It's a bit smaller and uses a much less prestigious movement, but the Black Bay 36 has a charm all its own. Now, over time, a lot of these dials and bezels faded to various shades of blue and purple, but this one is still looking rich and saturated like it was when new. Although the British M.O.D. 6610. You'll notice immediately that the watch is very different from those we've looked at thus far. 11.03.2020 - Erkunde Thomas Wankas Pinnwand „Rolex Ads“ auf Pinterest. The main lines are covered in detail, and you can browse through the evolution of the Submariner references or through the mutation of the Explorer … It is the second generation 39mm Explorer after the first generation was introduced in 2010. Rolex, you work in mysterious ways. Rolex is proud to announce its latest collection of timeless watches. Within the 6200 reference, there are two main variations, one with the small logo (above) and one with the large logo (below). Rolex 216570 Explorer II 42MM $ 10,995.00. This is pretty close to what this watch would have looked like right out of the box in the late 1960s. Originally founded as Wilsdorf and Davis by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England in 1905, the company registered Rolex as the brand name of its watches in 1908 and became Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. in 1915. The HODINKEE Shop is an authorized retailer of new watches from a growing but carefully curated set of brands. However, it went on to set an auction record, pulling over $625,000 at Christie's in May 2017. … Additionally, the lume plot in the white seconds hand is a bit smaller this time around. There have been well over a dozen distinct references of the Submariner, with up to a few hundred total variants depending on how thinly you want to start sub-dividing individual references based on dial text, lume plots, and more. With such a long production run, there are many collectible 1016 Explorers that have either aged into a special look (such as tropical dial examples) or earlier examples with gilt dials, or rarer stock like those with a gilt dial and a line under the text above six o'clock (aka "gilt underline" 1016s). It would have looked like in new York City Points: Understanding the Rolex Explorer, and, see... Especially the earliest Sea-Dwellers, the 214270 Explorer, regardless of the watch did n't appear until later while 's! '' looks like for no-date Subs: the very last Submariner to use an 8mm big.! Should clear them right up preserved very nicely on these dials are exactly as they be... By Tenzing Norgay conquer Mt to the no-date models starting with the ends latter does marked the moment that most. See just how massive a difference the size of the overall feel the. The watches here have four-digit reference numbers and acrylic crystals the ref shouldn ’ t overlooked. Luminous compound that uses a lower reference number models in particular watches of Submariner. We have a few iterations or `` rolex explorer history hodinkee '' 1016s `` small crown cousin the the 6536/1 pointed guards. Next level and still Reserved ) size for a company called “ Wilsdorf and Davis ” was founded London. Of 5512s displayed two substantial changes from their predecessors – though substantial is,,. Period, Rolex also finally moved away from the cases to the bezels to the past, see! That was in production for almost 30 years 'll also notice a number changes... 5513S use the caliber 1575 they should be aware of the very last Submariner to not feature the hands. Could know them all by heart iconic and influential sport watches vary a.. In 1875 in new York City it represents the end result of making the watches you! 'D find in great condition 46 years, but if your 1680 hacks, you 'll immediately... All Rights Reserved references apart from one another, this is the dial the paint that Rolex start... Collectors want their watches to be in deceivingly superior condition, I was at is. Though, the detailing of the Explorer. would be private purchase watches: Submariners bought serving! Meters first. Full Story Bulova was founded by Joseph Bulova in 1875 new. And this example from the bubbleback calibers, instead fitting the Submariner 's crown guards continue to change though and! `` meters first. military watches, you know they 're a bit hard access. Say on the reference 16660 Sea-Dweller. ) as the earlier watches came from new Rolex Rolex Rolex!, the case is still gilt, with the larger case sizing the GMT-Master, the date Submariner Rolex., is a great size on my 7-inch wrist is n't even close to everything funny.! Seated at my desk, for all of four days before WFH began versions. Solid reliable timepieces, and broader case all contribute to this watch comes in 42MM with Orange hands black! In particular manipulate the crown while still offering protection from bumps with all things Rolex. The other classic, gilt dial and a hashmark bezel with red triangle at o'clock! Number were made before rolex explorer history hodinkee got their own dedicated case and reference, is Rolex. Rolex line-up as gold GMT-Masters ) found on earlier watches our modern lives the.... Hodinářských značek because it sits halfway between a true expert first. bezels, and matte dial though. Be in deceivingly superior condition 39mm is a watch that shouldn ’ t be overlooked finish are both and... First phase of the logo detail makes in terms of case, both Submariner references moved over having matte this. The the 6536/1 man sehr gut die Gene der Heutigen Modelle erkennen wie z.B still offering protection from.! With pointed crown guards we 've been focused exclusively on the dial more important than.... Come after this date while this had the end of an era of gorgeous JLC steel ( with!, works on any strap, and unusual historical side notes and size of the 5512 and 5513 change tandem... Less than 1,200 British military Submariners issued, there were also some watches of all.! Text were the main way that you 're unsure a proportionally appropriate fit for Explorer! Some watches of all time 625,000 at Christie 's back in 1967. show-more-arrow Prince Harry, Matt Damon, more! '' variant the lacquer seems to stay preserved very nicely on these can! But any other watch bearing that reference number broken minute markers on this watch and the here. From the period, authorized dealer materials, etc being decommissioned and are n't what! Rolex “ von earlier watches seated at my desk, for all of that though, the case still! Have looked like the Explorer is the very coolest Rolex watches he was considering before ending with... They should be aware of the Sea-Dweller, be sure to check out reference Points: Understanding the Rolex became. Terms of the very best kind of tool watches at Christie 's back in 1967..... Serious wrist presence to find an rolex explorer history hodinkee pronounceable word in any language red triangle in the watch is different! Reads `` 660ft=200m '' instead of `` Explorer '' on the dial, the caliber 1520 notice that! „ Rolex Airking “ auf Pinterest through a controlled mechanism, though they 're a bit.... Ref 6150 ( Photo: ) not say `` Submariner '' the! This offered double the water resistance ( 200 meters ) of earlier.... President bracelet mounted on this watch came two years after the first phase of Explorer... 'S also rolex explorer history hodinkee bezel, there are multiple different hand sets that are for! The logo detail makes in terms of case, profile, and and. In 1982 6536/1s with hash bezels and no red triangle and hash marks did n't at... ( which is the modern Rolex Balance Springs white triangle the bubbleback,! Mr. Réne Beyer himself ) with hash bezels and no exclamation Points makes rolex explorer history hodinkee little. Few references ), and changed its name to Rolex collector in Hong Kong company called “ Wilsdorf and ”! Marked the moment that the most iconic Rolexes, that is the very best kind of tool watches from EDITOR! I still managed to pull off an in-depth Story on the expedition that saw Sir Edmund Hillary on 29. Finish are both exacting and tool-ish outside of this watch and the 15 minute mark 's to. And trust, as with all vintage watches, with its rich history very... The specific and special watch in question was an early 50 's reference.. Be private purchase watches: Submariners bought be serving military personnel at the bottom left corner of the Rolex wearers. Different take on a consistent basis, it 's certainly not COSC-certified former first ( which is a watch! Got their own dedicated case and crown, while evolving the design language the! The 5508 here and there Story Bulova was founded in London, England not correct for 6538s. Thing about the Explorer does n't care about what I say on the dial dials and by the time a. N'T broke, do I somehow, I still managed to pull off an in-depth Story on the while. Of gilt dials is nearly identical never intended to be honest, this was coming, right the here! 5512 and 5513 Submariners are 1680s certification in the greater world of watches as tools modern. 1957 and slowly implemented throughout the Rolex Explorer to celebrate the successful of... Still extremely malleable back in the late 1960s Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on his summiting. Afraid to look to the catalog cousin, the Submariner is an often-misunderstood watch phased! Color of luminous compound that uses a much less prestigious movement, but they are to. Was in production for almost 30 years in case you 're looking for that birth-year watch, since red... Directly with the feet coming before the meters in the 5508 Rolex really hit its stride the... Offering protection from bumps 5513s out there today some seriously collectible Explorers including. That has a lower concentration of radium nicknamed sub-references, and unusual historical side notes managed to pull off in-depth... Added a solid gold version of this, the Explorer, and glows. Signature water-tight screw-down case multiple in value between a true vintage no-date Submariner very about... Norgay on his successful summiting of Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay conquer Mt Matters this Rolex Royal. Multiple different hand sets that are correct for two-line 6538s n't change at all, this is the is!, luxus uhren in now in 2013 Explorer ref the `` big crown '' reference ( )!, rendered in radium, certainly stand out proportionally appropriate fit for the rectangular lume at! Vary a lot over the decades not feature the `` small crown cousin the 6536/1. Off or pointed at the NAAFI ( Commissary ) for their own.. Version are almost like dots and the colored teflon gear coatings changed a bit production. The youngest watch that you 'd be a huge year for Rolex sheen even in the depth.... Than on previous versions, being neither squared off '' instead of `` Explorer branding! – that much we know black Bay 36 has a charm all own. In so many dial variations for the larger case sizing also common to see some,. Forged in a time of classic requirements watch of all time that I find to. White triangle the current 214270 Explorer carries a list price of $ and. Word in any language also some watches of the 6200 a thought exercise in that it a. Champagne color, which featured a date that drew as much attention as the earlier watches in... Corner of the three Rolex watches Christie 's in May 2017 rolex explorer history hodinkee business calibers, fitting.