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In 2005, the film was remastered by The Criterion Collection and released on a two-disc DVD set. Mike is like a holy fool or a clown, and his only real attachment is to Scott Favor (Keanu Reeves), another hustler. My Own Private Idaho River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves star in this haunting tale from Gus Van Sant about two young street hustlers: Mike Waters, a sensitive narcoleptic who dreams of the mother who abandoned him, and Scott Favor, the wayward son of the mayor of Portland and the object of Mike's desire. It was something I wrote down a night, two nights, before, and then I showed it to Keanu and Gus. In one of the most significant scenes, his best friend. Find out where you can buy, rent, or subscribe to a streaming service to watch it live or on-demand. Reviewed in Canada on November 10, 2015, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon, Blu-ray, Color, Subtitled, Widescreen, DTS Surround Sound, Surround Sound, River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, James Russo. Scott is the rebellious son of a high-ranking family, who lives this life mostly to embarrass his father. Drama, This movie will be forever my favorite for River Phoenix is absolutely beautiful in it as Mike Waters, a homeless narcoleptic who's in search of his mother that abandoned him and who comes to terms with his sexuality and falls in love with his best friend, Scott Favor played by Keanu Reeves who also gives an awesome performance too as a rich man's son rebelling against his family and travelling with Mike for kicks. Lgbtq+. The main problem is that little is done to first establish an emotional connection to the main character. Anything else would be a token". I miss the yellow of those wide time-lapse shots in the middle of nowhere. Still, he's less "wooden" here than in other films of his I've seen. Mike secretly loves Scott, and Scott, the son of Portland's wealthy mayor, secretly yearns to cast off the friendship of his fellow lowlifes and assume his birthright of wealth, power and respectability. Mike Waters lives on the street and befriends the somewhat older and streetwise Scott Favor who shows him what is necessary to survive. It's been over 20 years since he left. The story follows two friends, Mike and Scott, as they embark on a journey of personal discovery that takes them to Mike's hometown in Idaho and then to Italy in search of Mike's mother.Subscribefor new updates. This critical writing on Political Sensibilities in "My Own Private Idaho" Film was written and submitted by your fellow student. I will also remember his music. [48][49] The film's six nominations at the 7th Independent Spirit Awards tied with Hangin' with the Homeboys for the most nominations at that ceremony. Lire la critique Par Mil Feux il y a 7 ans 58 j'aime 14 4 Critique ngative la plus apprcie My Own Private Critique In My Own Private Idaho, River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves portray a pair of teenage prostitutes, each more victim than vulture.Phoenix is a narcoleptic, Mike, who dozes off at dangerously inopportune moments as he searches endlessly for his long-lost mother; Reeves is a blue-blooded runaway, Scott, who turns tricks as an act of rebellion against his father. Existence originates from a biological father and mother that conceive offspring which they nurture into childhood and later adolescence. Gus Van Sant is supposed to have fallen in love with him. It's poignant at times, funny at times, and very sad at times. Is My Own Private Idaho (1991) streaming on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock, or 50+ other streaming services? Cinemark And there are certain scenes in Running On Empty in which he steps completely outside the box (to use a contemporary cliche). By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. To achieve the effect of magazine cover boys on the newsstand coming to life and talking to each other, Van Sant went old-school. The costume designer, known for her work on Inland Empire, Spring Breakers, and Euphoria, reflects on a few favorite movies that have shaped her aesthetic sensibility. It looks like we don't have any synopsis for this title yet. Carmela, a young woman who lives there, tells Mike that his mother returned to the United States months ago. The overall theme was easy to get, but the details of the narrative often seemed confused. Van Sant's script is something of a mess with its overstylized structuring which thins down exposition and bloats filler to the point of serious focal unevenness, but its wit gets it by a long way on the back of sharp, sometimes pseudo-Shakespearean dialogue, and certain genuinely thoughtful moments in characterization and dramatic set piece crafting, sold by direction that is just as effectively thoughtful. [7] The script originally consisted of two separate scenarios: the first (Modern Days) recounted Mike's story; the second updated the Henry IV plays with Scott's story. It really rings true. I had seen a handful of his movies when he was here, "Indiana Jones", "I Love You To Death", "Running On Empty" and "Sneakers". River Phoenix gave a brilliant performance as a street boy with narcolepsy who wants to find his mother. River Phoenix is just fantastic, and Van Sant really knows his stuff. DIRECTOR-APPROVED BLU-RAY SPECIAL EDITION FEATURES New, restored 4K digital transfer, approved by director Gus Van Sant, with 2.0 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack Alternate Dolby Digital 5.1 surround soundtrack Illustrated 2005 audio conversation between Van Sant and filmmaker Todd Haynes The Making of My Own Private Idaho, a 2005 documentary featuring cast and crew Kings of the Road, a 2005 interview with film scholar Paul Arthur on Van Sants adaptation of Shakespeares Henry IV and Orson Welless Chimes at Midnight Conversation from 2005 between producer Laurie Parker and actor River Phoenixs sister Rain Audio conversation from 2005 between writer JT Leroy and filmmaker Jonathan Caouette Deleted scenes Trailer PLUS: A book featuring essays by film critic Amy Taubin and Leroy; a 1991 article by Lance Loud; and reprinted interviews with Van Sant, Phoenix, and actor Keanu Reeves, Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon, [{"displayPrice":"$21.96","priceAmount":21.96,"currencySymbol":"$","integerValue":"21","decimalSeparator":".","fractionalValue":"96","symbolPosition":"left","hasSpace":false,"showFractionalPartIfEmpty":true,"offerListingId":"x3T51auQVBfGeCbjZza07NDrM3xW%2BF92KWal7CJWjiPS80%2Fqq34CSJKNi0bvdqJYRwgAKstpq1NbOoEh7jfALZo%2FkRiJtMY%2Bh1tY1AycU0zKOI6wR9kIjMASv6EEYiT3bNWsOr8TODDdgTDQ%2Bya47hR5pAvqLJ9i7N%2BcktKWk7K6RSg0eH006SgQtxck3RoX","locale":"en-US","buyingOptionType":"NEW"}]. Mike grew up in a poor and broken family environment in Idaho, with his mother, Sharon, abandoning him and his much older brother Richard when Mike was a child, her whereabouts unknown. I'm a musician myself and understand his passion for music. Really amazing! They travel together extensively - Waters is driven by the need to find his biological mother - and spend time in Italy. There's not much to the musical style of this film, but it's well worth waiting for when it does come into play, uniquely substituting original score work with many a decent, entertaining tune that livens up the flavor of this stylistically lively film, like cinematography by John Campbell and Eric Alan Edwards that, while often flat lighting and coloration, is well-toned and framed enough to help draw your eyes toward nifty visuals. It's gritty and real! After Drugstore Cowboy received favorable critical raves and awards, studios started to show some interest,[11] but they all wanted revisions. Van Sant said he found out his producers had committed to makingMy Own Private Idaho when other filmmakers told him, "Congratulations, they're skipping our film to make yours.. Navigating a volatile world of junkies, thieves, and johns, Mike takes Scott on a quest along the grungy streets and open highways of the Pacific Northwest, in search of an elusive place called home. Each one was shot separately; in post-production, they were stitched together to make it look like a magazine rack. My Own Private Idaho is a 1991 American independent adventure drama film written and directed by Gus Van Sant, loosely based on Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1, Henry IV, Part 2, and Henry V.The story follows two friends, Mike Waters and Scott Favor, played by River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves respectively, as they embark on a journey of personal discovery that takes them from Portland, Oregon, to . Film critic Roger Ebert wrote, "The achievement of this film is that it wants to evoke that state of drifting need, and it does. Purchase My Own Private Idaho on digital and stream instantly or download offline. The way Van Sant wrote it, the scene where Mike and Scott sit around a campfire in the desert, where Mike confesses his love for Scott, was a three-page scene with no such declaration. By creating an account, you agree to the and the Mike is quiet, gay and suffers from narcolepsy. Artist Name The B-52's Tags The B-52's 1980 Log in to post comments DVD commentary and features, 2023 Minute Media - All Rights Reserved. Venice is the most progressive festival. also showed me MR RIVER PHOENIX'S IMPROV made this movie SOOOO fucking amazing. For one thing, it was only 70 pages long, which would translate to about a 70-minute movie. My Own Private Idaho is an interesting mix of acting, directing, setting, and subject matter. New, restored 4K digital transfer, approved by director Gus Van Sant and director of photography Eric Alan Edwards, with 2.0 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack, Alternate 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack, Illustrated 2005 audio conversation between Van Sant and filmmaker Todd Haynes, Conversation from 2005 between producer Laurie Parker and actor River Phoenixs sister Rain, Audio conversation from 2005 between writer JT LeRoy and filmmaker Jonathan Caouette, English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, PLUS: A book featuring essays by film critic Amy Taubin and LeRoy; a 1991 article by Lance Loud; and reprinted interviews with Van Sant, Phoenix, and actor Keanu Reeves. Like many of the other LGBT films to be released during the 1990s, My Own Private Idaho looked to disrupt traditional heteronormative depictions of identity, gender, and sexuality by presenting new degrees of authenticity in its representations of the LGBT community. Don't know if that's true or not, but in Van Sants book (available on this site) one character falls in love with another character who plays a rent Boy in a movie. Before Good Will Hunting and Finding Forrester; before the ill-advised Psycho remake and the experimental Gerry; before the movies about Harvey Milk and Kurt Cobain, Portland-based indie auteur Gus Van Sant made My Own Private Idaho, an avant-garde drama starring River Phoenix as a narcoleptic gay hustler and Keanu Reeves as his friend and co-worker. Reeves and others soon joined, and the place became an almost nonstop house party with jam sessions every night. I bought the blu-ray just to upgrade from the previous DVD edition, which has pretty much the same extras, but comes from a different transfer. He didn't pare it down. Reeves cruel rejection obviously destroys the character played by River Phoenix. [44], My Own Private Idaho received the Showtime International Critics Award at the 1991 Toronto Film Festival. [11] Not to be deterred, Van Sant got the idea for Reeves to personally deliver the film treatment to Phoenix at his home in Florida. Especially when he is unconscious, Mike often has an idealized view of his mother. Synopsis. Twenty-five pages long, it concerned two Latino characters on the Portland streets who go in search of their parents and travel to a town in Spain. I guess that the story concept stands to have a little more depth to its dramatics, as surely as its interpretation stands to be more focused and less stylistically overblown, but on paper, this film's subject matter dealing with two men bonding, maybe as more than friends, on their adventure to uncover their pasts and find paths to the future does a lot of things uniquely, and has its own dramatic value to both be done justice and betrayed by Gus Van Sant. Scott Favor (Keanu Reeves) is the rebellious son of a mayor. Favor comes from a rich family and is rebelling against his own background. His first film, which he made with $20,000 of his own personal savings, was named 1987's . We dont share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we dont sell your information to others. Van Sant imagine un casting idal, avec de jeunes stars. Enhancements you chose aren't available for this seller. On the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast some years ago, Van Sant even posited that Mike and Scott might not have sexualities in the conventional sense. (Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea was a cast member, after all; he and Reeves played bass while Phoenix played a guitar he picked up at a Portland music shop.) My Own Private Idaho premiered at the 48th Venice International Film Festival on September 4, 1991. He began to dress and groom himself like a grungy street kid, to the point where he was turned away from a nightclub because the bouncer thought he was a bum. One falls in love with a girl and leaves the other behind. Drama thrives on the weaknesses of its characters, but what can we make of a hero who suffers from narcolepsy? We are sorry. [32] wide, Release Date (Streaming): My Own Private Idaho came out in 1991, long before gay marriage was legalized and during the AIDS epidemic. [25] It also received screenings at the 17th Deauville Film Festival, 16th Toronto International Film Festival[26] and the 29th New York Film Festival. He is picked up by a wealthy older woman, who takes him to her mansion, where he finds two fellow hustlers she also hired. (Reeves also did similar research, though not as extensively.) I came across the movie "Sneakers" I was instantly reminded of River Phoenix. Carmela and Scott fall in love and return to the US, leaving a brokenhearted Mike to return on his own. My Own Private Idaho was the result of three projects coming together. As big an issue as anything is a disjointed structure that, whether intentional or accidental, takes advantage of all of the simultaneous bloating and lack of flesh-out to jar between tonal extremes almost as badly as it jars between stages in the plot whose inconsistency gets to be so considerable it's all but unreal. He used Edwards's footage to present Mike's perspective of "an altered sense of time". That night, Bob has a fatal heart attack. Scott (Keanu Reeves) is the rebellious son of a high-ranking family, who lives this life mostly to embarrass his father. "[33] Entertainment Weekly gave the film an "A" rating and Owen Gleiberman wrote, "When Van Sant shows us speeded-up images of clouds rolling past wheat fields, the familiar device transcends clich, because it's tied to the way that Mike, in his benumbed isolation, experiences his own lifeas a running piece of surrealism. William Richert - Bob Pigeon. [19] One of the film's directors of photography, Eric Alan Edwards, recalled that Phoenix "looked like a street kid", and "in a very raw way he wore that role. (Van Sant said Kier originally used a blue flashlight; they changed it to a lamp to avoid comparison to Blue Velvet.) Gus Van Sant. My husband and I are both seniors my husband who is 84 felt somewhat uncomfortable throughout the movie. [5] Parker also had a friend named Scott, a street kid like himself. Things happen, the film ends, and the impression is that while the film was decent enough, it could have been better. I will always remember River Phoenix, not mainly for his acting, but mostly for his compassion for animal and human rights and the environment. Scott is the son of the mayor of Portland and is simply hustling to make his father angry, but he's about receive his inheritance. Roles of this density, for young actors, do not come by that often". Van Sant offered images of homosexuals that were as complex and deep as . DAMNN- my own private idaho is one of my favorite movies and this script (while obviously lacking in bits) gave me more insight and closure on the movie itself. . Any would-be filmmaker can tell you how nerve-racking it is to meet with potential producers and then wait to hear back about whether they're going to make your movie. Zajedno polaze na putovanje samospoznaje i shvataju da se njihov odnos usput uruava. After getting some attention with his micro-budget debut, Mala Noche, Van Sant wanted to make My Own Private Idaho next. Everything Everywhere All At Once [Blu-ray]. An Eye on the Private River Phoenix. The Philadelphia Inquirer, 13 Oct. 1991, Mike (River Phoenix), a teenage hustler given to bouts of narcolepsy, and Scott (Keanu Reeves), a slumming preppy prince, are huddled over a campfire. Start Shopping. - Mike Waters: It'll never happen Bob.". [5] After reading Rechy's book, Van Sant felt it was considerably better than what he was writing, and shelved the script for years. They encounter a young woman from Italy. Overall, it's a moving story about the unrequited love of the narcoleptic hustler, Mike, for the rich young rebel, Scott. The film was originally released on VHS and LaserDisc in 1992. Much of the Keanu Reeves character's story comes from this part, complete with occasional Bard-like dialogue and the Falstaff-like character of Bob Pigeon. Phoenix has said that neither he nor Reeves felt uncomfortable with Idaho's queerness. "[38] Richard tells a story of a man he claims is Mike's father, but Mike says that he knows it is Richard. It got to be such a party, in fact, that Van Sant moved out of his own house and stayed in an apartment downtown. "[22], Eric Edwards shot the time-lapse photography shots on his own. The heaviness of the literal subject matter doesn't weigh this film down, defying the odds. Oct 18, 1991 Here is a movie about lowlife sexual outlaws, and yet they remind us of works by Shakespeare or Dostoyevsky, not William Burroughs or Andy Warhol. River Phoenix Keanu Reeves James Russo. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. A perfect Road Movie with great acting. This movie brings attention to the discarded children living in cities all over our country. 1h 42m, Distributor: My Own Private Idaho Full Movie (1991) FREEWATCH FULL MOVIE FREE! MORE MOVIES NOW! Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. It helps that Sara Burton knows how to manage locations, distinguishing each setting in this film in a way that doesn't simply immerse you into handsome environments, but gives you a sense of dynamicity that, of course, defines the sense of adventure that drives this drama's narrative. Performances are solid throughout, and River Phoenix's performance is truly outstanding. There's moments of humor and sadness in equal measure, but it always feels very personal and interesting. To help get you in the mood, WW has created a handy walking tour of . Surreal & colorfully shot. Its night in the desert. My Own Private Idaho is far from a normal drama, but if you can appreciate its quirks and occasional eccentricities it is actually one of Gus Van Sant's better (albeit less typical) movies. and idk if my script was faulty but whoever wrote Scott was driving the car in the end you deserve your pillow cold on both sides My Own Private Idaho adds a new ingredient: a kind of boho sweetness. I had forgotten how much I loved him. My Own Private Idaho Edit Summaries Two best friends living on the streets of Portland as hustlers embark on a journey of self discovery and find their relationship stumbling along the way. , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes. To those who do not understand the disorder, it appears that he must be on drugs, or mentally deficient, or from another planet. I had forgotten how much I loved him. This item can be returned in its original condition for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt. Saving Private Ryan (Sapphire Series) (Blu-ray) $16.99. He recorded various arrangements for the film, including instrumental adaptations of "Home on the Range" and "America the Beautiful". Finally, Mike is back on the deserted stretch of Idaho highway. There are no long-range plans. Phoenix's powerful performance, the last one that he would deliver in his tragically brief lifetime, carries the film when really allowed to flesh out, and I wish that more of the film was nearly as inspired, but, with that said, there's enough inspiration to style and substance for the final product to at least border on rewarding, even though it could have gone so much further. All rights reserved. Stafford won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Film Music in 1992 for his score. 4. Tap "Sign me up" below to receive our weekly newsletter I'm not one for absolutes but this might be my favorite movie ever and this criterion release is as elegant as this film deserves. They had to shoot his scenes tomorrow. The directing and acting is excellent. "I always know where I am by the way the road looks." Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix star in director Gus Van Sant's seminal meditation on the nature of innocence as two young men living on the fringes of society peddle their bodies for sex.

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