That transformation makes good sense. Calvin Candie: That is her bill of sale, her ownership history, and of course, her freedom papers, doctor. Betina: Uh-huh. Calvin Candie: Doctor, that warms my heart to hear that. [Stephen picks up Django’s clothes and throws it near Django] ain’t that right, Mr. Stonesipher? Oh, sweet Jesus, let me kill this ni***r! Django: Not for top dollar. Django: I ain’t no goddamn sl*ve. Saloon Keeper Pete: Woh! Fine, fine, fine, fine. [the sl*ve looks at him for a moment before taking the rifle] [Candie rises from his chair] [after Django has just killed Little Raj, Schultz rides in carrying his rifle] But is he right as rain? [Roy and Floyd walk back to Django and Frankie] I believe if you don’t give up in the next ten seconds, we going to blow this b*tch’s brains out! [Candie rises from his seat and turns to face Schultz] Leonide Moguy: Dr. Schultz! With Candie, Shultz was shaking and sweating and having flashbacks to seeing a slave torn apart by vicious dogs. You might have caught yourself a little dose of ni***r love. [Stephen pockets the cash and throws the wallet back towards Schultz on the table, Candie smashes the hammer on the table and yells] [Frankie opens the cage] We’re here to see Mr. Calvin Candie. Now, if I was holding the skull of a, of an Isaac Newton or Galileo, these three dimples would be found in the area of the skull most associated with creativity. [he hands over the belt with the gun to Django] Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: Cora, come get this girl! Django Unchained is a 2012 film in the style of a Spaghetti Western by Quentin Tarantino (his seventh film overall), who calls it a "Southern" because it is set in the Deep South rather than The Wild West.. Dr. King Schultz: No, it’s far too big. You ain’t going to get away with this, Django! Here it comes. Betina: You mean you want to dress like that? Dr. King Schultz: [subtitled] Can I pour you a glass of water? Amerigo Vessepi: No! is making a good impression! Dr. King Schultz: If you insist. Calvin Candie: Bring out Hildi! Leonide Moguy: What did you say? Dr. King Schultz: Yeah, cowards tend to do that. If you’re hungry for acronyms, you might say that Django is a “MTV” framework – that is, “model”, “template”, and “view.” That breakdown makes much more sense. Dr. King Schultz: However, that is a tremendous amount of money. Stephen: Nobody. [Billy turns to look at Django] I'll edit my answer to make it more suitable to the current edited question. Unusually sensitive, and progressive, for a professional murderer, Schultz confesses to Django that he feels guilty for participating in the repulsive economy of the “skin game” even though he intends to liberate Django at the end of their mission. Frankie, why don’t you take them sticks off that horse and stick them in the ni***r cage. Calvin Candie: Hm. They ain’t here for no musclebound Jimmie, they here for that girl. You are quite the dapper European gentleman. Bag Head #3: No, nobody brought an extra bag! [Schultz turns to touch his glass to Django’s and says quietly] Stephen: Two. When Schultz tells Django he’ll be playing a valet, Django asks what that is. Dr. King Schultz: [subtitled] I’m aware you haven’t spoken German in a long while. [the two men touch glasses together and take a drink] Cause they just got away with murder. Go on. I swear ‘fore God. But these days, I practice a new profession. Betina: So you really free? The sight upsets Schultz, but Django does not visibly react. One poignant moment in the film is when Schultz asks Django to shoot a man in front of his son. [as Django watches Ellis Brittle on the Bennett Plantation he has flashback to when the Brittle brothers are tying Broomhilda’s hands to a tree, getting her ready to be whipped] [looking at Django] He was also a law abiding man. [Broomhilda sees Django walks out of the house and smiles, Django puts on his shades and turns to look back at the house, Stephen carries on yelling out as the cable on the dynamites continues to burn closer to the sticks] Schultz and Django have a marvellously effective showdown in a town, where Schultz talks them out of certain death by flourishing a “Wanted” poster. I spent my whole life here, right here in Candyland, surrounded by bl*ck faces. The D is silent. [Candie turns and walks towards his carriage, Django looks at D’Artagnan as his torn body gets dragged away by the dogs]. [as Bennett is riding away, Django shoots his rifle and we see Bennett fall off his horse] Django: Now, all you bl*ck folks, I suggest you get away from all these white folks. Look at that. You can’t treat him like any of the other ni***rs around here, cause he ain’t like any of the other ni***rs around here. How’d you like that line of work? [suddenly the cable burns out as it reaches the stick of dynamites and the house explodes, Django turns to look at Broomhilda they smile at each other and she does a silent clap for him, he starts walking towards her[ Near the end of Django Unchained, Schultz has a flashback to the dog-mauling that Candie had ordered earlier in the movie. She probably his wife. I kill people and sell their corpses for cash. [Django shoots a bullet into Stephen’s other kneecap, Stephen yells out in pain and falls to the ground, Django slowly walks past him] Quite an honor. Django: I give up. After dinner, then, Stephen. Django: Smitty Bacall is the leader of this murderous gang of stagecoach robbers, the Bacall Gang. +1 to me, it was more of a transformation: Schultz begins the movie mildly opposed to slavery and ends the movie fiercely hating slavery. [he grabs hold of top of Broomhilda’s head making her yell out] Two weeks in Boston! Betina: What you want? Old Man Carrucan: Boy’s got sand. Calvin Candie: You never know how these ni***r nicknames get started. [the Marshall makes his way towards the saloon giving order to his men] He slays the dragon, because he’s not afraid of him. / 915 / Pointing at the two shadows that flank Ace Woody Now, why that German gives a f*ck who that uppity son of a b*tch is in love with, I’m sure I don’t know. And I do mean a long damn time. Dr. King Schultz: Do you think before the demonstration, you could send her around to my room? …SPOILER END. Calvin Candie: Please, won’t you take a ride with us here in the Victoria. I mean this was deep south in 1858 and Schultz decides to help a black man against immense odds. Old Ben here took care of my daddy, and my daddy’s daddy. Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. Now, seeing them every day, day in, day out, I only had one question. But he never did. No, please! We’re here to see Mr. Calvin Candie. Broomhilda Von Shaft: Huh? Come on with these biscuits, girl. He’ll have a loved one with him. — Dr. King Schultz: It means you’re sure. [back to the dinner table, the conversation about the Mandingo fighters continues] Calvin Candie: Yes, I do, doctor. Broomhilda Von Shaft: [subtitled] I promise. Stephen, my boy! What is her name? He is a man of medicine. Django: I said, I give up! Dr. King Schultz: …consider yourself a free woman. Calvin Candie: Hm. Leonide Moguy: Twelve thousand dollar. [Moguy stops and turns to Schultz] Her and Django, them ni***rs know each other. Calvin Candie: Then we can examine the three dimples inside Broomhilda’s skull! So, for the time being, I’m going to make this sl*very malarkey work to my benefit. [Candie sits and places his hand on top of the skull] Betina: Uh-huh. Stephen: I just can’t understand why you won’t come talk to these ni***rs. But your third best, you don’t want to sell him either? You know who I’m talking about. [the Sheriff enters the saloon carrying his rifle] Calvin Candie: Oh, Dr. Schultz, I will have you know there is no one in the ni***r fight game that appreciates the value of showmanship more than Monsieur Calvin J. Candie here. Well, more than most. [Schultz opens the saloon door] [Candie chuckles] [to Schultz] Calvin asks Django why Schultz, supposedly in the business of forcing slaves to fight to the death, is so disturbed. [Schultz touches Broomhilda’s arm and she smiles shyly] Now, amongst your inventory, I’ve been led to believe, is a specimen I’m keen to acquire. Little Raj Ellis: Goddamn son of a b*tch! And your character is a Mandingo expert I hired to help me do it. Stephen: If you could manage it. Floyd: Hey. Django: They call that “One-Eyed Charley.”. He’s an old Joe that lived around here for a long time. Calvin Candie: How long was he loose? [Candie slaps the table] Stephen: Crash, Miss Lara want to see you. [Stephen watches how Django has been reacting and smiles to himself, Cora walks into the room] Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Wait a minute! Django: Yeah, how you know? I couldn’t resist.” That Schultz was willing to do something like that and throw his life away, leaving Django alone and in … And as a sl*ve of the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company, henceforth, till the day you die, all day, every day, you will be swinging’ a sledgehammer, turning big rocks into little rocks. I’m not a bad guy. Django: She didn’t want to run off with me. Betina: You go to that tree and keep going that-a way. Till he up and keeled over one day, Old Ben took care of me. I come prepared. Roy: Who shot him? This is U.S. You did a fine job. SD: I believe that’s a homage to Dr. King Schultz, because he always looks so dapper, and the fact that Django can take over this man (Candie) and become so powerful. A bl*ck sl*ver is lower than the head house ni***r, and, buddy, that’s pretty f*cking low. Ace Speck: Last chance, fancy pants. She a house sl*ve, she can’t be… Who the hell you got there? Why you so ornery? [Candie continues to hold Broomhilda’s head down and holding the hammer up with his other hand and yells out] Monsieur Candie, you have a deal. [this makes Floyd laugh] It’s alright. Oh, he’s not doing what I told him, for God’s sakes. Django: She ain’t no field ni***r, but she ain’t good enough for the house no more either. Schultz was eventually killed in a shootout when he shot Calvin Candie in the chest with his ladygun. But this is the skull of Old Ben, and in the skull of Old Ben, unburdened by genius, these three dimples exist in the area of the skull most associated with, servility. Django: Could you point one of them out to me? Dr. King Schultz: Who said that? Go about your business. Dr. King Schultz: May I have that back, please? Stephen: That twelve. Dr. King Schultz: Frankly, I’ve never given anybody their freedom before. Calvin Candie: The honor is all ours. Why are/were there almost no tricycle-gear biplanes? Dr. King Schultz: His name is Django, he’s a free man, he can ride what he pleases. Dr. King Schultz: Yes! Dr. King Schultz: Right. But them four men is still back there, they’re still wanted, and that eleven thousand five hundred is up for grabs, and the last thing they’d expect is y’all riding back in there and getting it. Mr. Stonesipher: That right. [he turns to Django] [Django gets onto Schultz’s horse and the horse does a little show as it goes towards Broomhilda]. [Schultz drops his gun and raises his arms, Django does the same] Calvin Candie: Bright day, huh, Bright Boy? [we see Django on the other side of the adjoining door, listening] [he grabs hold of Broomhilda’s face] Calvin Candie: Gentlemen, may I propose a toast. Big John Brittle: “And the Lord said; The fear of ye…” Hm? Calvin Candie: Dr. Schultz, let me reclarify how this whole negotiation came about. His famous love of old B movies and exploitation flicks is again on overabundant display, in this case spaghetti Westerns and the 1975 movie Mandingo among others. Now gentlemen, if you care to join me in the parlor, we will be serving white cake. [Schultz looks at Broomhilda and she curtsy’s] Now, I been here long enough, you know me, you know me a long time, now. It only takes a minute to sign up. Calvin Candie: Excuse him. [Django moves the hat from the table, Schultz places the glasses of beer on the table, takes a seat and raises his glass] You just treat him like you would Jerry. Stephen: First thing’s first. Sure do. [they open the cage door holding the Candie’s three Mandingo fighters] [he comes up behind her chair and leans down to kiss her cheek] I cannot hear myself think! Roy: “Seven thousand dollars for Smitty Bacall.” And I was wondering what Dumas would make of all this. [Schultz answers from the other side of the room and walks over to them] You travel with me until we find them. Calvin Candie: Where I part company from many of my phrenologist colleagues is I believe there is a level above bright, above talented, above loyal that a ni***r can aspire to. Big Fred: Yes, sir. [Schultz and Django walk into the entrance way of the club] We rode five hours so you could show off your stock. Django: When we get there, when time come, you let me help you kill them. [looking at Django] You fought three fights. Growing up the son of a, of huge plantation owner in Mississippi puts a white man in contact with a whole lot of bl*ck faces. Schultz became a bounty hunter in 1853, potentially due to the murder of his brother (referenced in the song Hours later, Schultz and Django head to a nearby town and settle at a bar in which the innkeeper runs away for help. Cora: Yes, ma’am. Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: She a mess. But I’m willing to wager this man was elected Sheriff sometime in the past two years? One: Once I’m gone, you could lift that beast off the remaining Speck, then carry him to the nearest town. [as Django watches this, he slowly takes his hand down to his gun, getting ready to draw] Workarounds? Roy: “For murder…” Calvin Candie: You in trouble now, son. Stephen: Yes, sir. Broomhilda Von Shaft: Hey, Big Trouble Maker. Stephen: Mm-hmm. Dr. King Schultz: Well… Now move, ni***r! Leonide Moguy: Nonsense, it’s my job. [Moguy rises from his seat and goes over to Schultz get his guns] [Bennett gives the warrant back to Schultz] [as Schultz and Django prepare to leave, Schultz pulls up his cart by remaining sl*ves] [to Little Jody as he tries to tie her against the tree] Big John Brittle: I like the way you beg, boy. You go to hell, dentist! Broomhilda Von Shaft: At the table? Calvin Candie: Soft hearted Frenchie. All three are champions. You going to reimburse me? Stephen: Yeah, Hildi. What’s not to like? Oh, Monsieur Candie, you can’t imagine what it’s like not to hear your native tongue in four years. Stephen: Schultz. [Schultz walks back towards the saloon where Django is standing on the porch] Django: Valet? U.S. Marshall Gill Tatum: Well, much as we’d all enjoy seeing something like that, ain’t nobody going to cheat the hangman in my town. Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Damn, I can’t see f*cking sh*t out of this thing. [he turns and walks over to one of the sl*ves holding a lantern, he pulls the lantern up] Good morning, gentlemen. [they see Django’s sleeping bag under the cart] Saloon Keeper Pete: It’s still a bit early. Mr. Stonesipher: Jake! Betina: Is that who you was looking for? Dr. King Schultz: After this Brittle business is behind us, you’ll be a free man, with a horse, seventy-five dollars in your back pocket. Django: Kill white folks and they pay you for it? brave enough to save her. Django and Schultz agree on a plan to free Django wife’s which does not go smoothly, to say the least. Ace Speck: I don’t care. [Schultz pulls his cart away with Django following him on Ace’s horse, as they ride off, the remaining sl*ves look at Dicky] Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Now, unless they start shooting first, nobody shoot them. Robert: Not too good. [Schultz aims his rifle again to shoot Bennett, he stops and looks at Django and offers the rifle to him] [D’Artagnan comes down from the tree, Candie steps out of his carriage and walks towards Stonesipher] Them other two pretty good. Plus Django would never let go of a chance to kill a slave owner who was trying to kill him. Broomhilda Von Shaft: Don’t do it. Not yet. [Django speaks out from the back of the line of sl*ves] Calvin Candie: Dr. Schultz, in Greenville, you yourself said that for the right ni***r you’d be willing to pay what some may consider is a ridiculous amount. There you go! [Candie starts sawing the back of the skull and breaking off the piece] Frankie: What the f*ck are you talking about? Django: Horsesh*t! is making a good impression! Dr. King Schultz: Why not! Yet, it feels tacked on. Calvin Candie: Right over there on that little table. And there Broomhilda shall remain, unless a hero arises [one of the trackers takes the dogs to one side away from D’Artagnan], [D’Artagnan comes down from the tree, Candie steps out of his carriage and walks towards Stonesipher], [Candie walks closer to D’Artagnan and crouches down in front of him], [Candie’s white crew start laughing except for Schultz], [Candie suddenly turns to look over at Schultz who takes out his wallet], [Schultz puts his wallet back in his jacket pocket and sits back down in Candie’s carriage], [Candie steps up to Django on his horse and looks up at him], [without taking his eyes away from Django], [Stonesipher and the other trackers release the dogs which then attack D’Artagnan, as D’Artagnan cries out in pain from being torn apart by the dogs, the other sl*ves react and look away, during attack Candie continues to stare at Django and Django returns his stony stare, never reacting; Candie then looks over at Schultz, who looks away as the attack is taking place], [Candie turns and walks towards his carriage, Django looks at D’Artagnan as his torn body gets dragged away by the dogs], [after Candie’s procession finally arrive at Candyland, his loyal house-sl*ve Stephen notices Django riding up with Schultz and we immediately see his dislike and disapproval of Django in his eyes, Candie turns and notices Stephen on the front porch of the house], [Stephen walks down the stairs towards Candie’s carriage], [Stephen turns and looks at Django sat on his horse]. [Broomhilda turns and looks at the door] Yeah, he is very slight. Get her ass up out of there! Bag Head #2: But nobody can see. How can I defeat a Minecraft zombie that picked up my weapon and armor? [suddenly Schultz is blown away as Pooch fires his sawed-off shotgun at him, Django then grabs hold of Pooch’s hand gun and shoots him with it] Dr. King Schultz: Can you convincingly masquerade as someone who is an expert on Mandingo fighting? Woh! [in the kitchen, Cora helps Broomhilda with doing up the back of her dress] Django: Goldie. Django: Does Siegfried save her? Calvin Candie: Sons of b*tches! Schultz was in the German Army in World War I, during which time he saved the life of Leutnant, later GeneraloberstLuther Kammler. [Django turns and starts walking away] What is the difference between a chess puzzle and a chess problem? I don’t think so. Calvin Candie: Stephen, he’s a sl*ver. Dr. King Schultz: What? Stephen, this here’s Django. Which I certainly hope is the case for many years to come. [the sl*ve that Schultz had given his rifle to holds the rifle up towards Dicky] I’ve just had the sights fixed and they’re perfect. [Schultz stares at Django for a moment] But it ain’t got to be that way. [Schultz removes the warrant from his jacket pocket and gives it to Bennett who reads it] Calvin Candie: Because I said so, that’s why. Free or not, it’s just too dangerous. [Candie suddenly turns to look over at Schultz who takes out his wallet] She being punished. Calvin Candie: Everybody, calm down! Django: Broom-hilda. [to Schultz and Django] That’s a raid! Dr. King Schultz: I am Dr. King Schultz, a legal representative of the criminal justice system of the United States of America. Django: Hey, Little Trouble Maker. Later, when Dr. Schultz has a moment all by himself, sitting in the arm-chair, does he begin to experience the flash-backs of the hideous episode(dog-mauling). Now, all four of them gentlemen, they back there at Candyland laughing their ass off. [still sat with his back to them] We got a hundred rifles aimed at every way out of that building. Calvin Candie: You can tie your horse up back there. Roy: This is a real handbill. Dr. King Schultz: I only shot your brother once he threatened to shoot me. Dr. King Schultz: Yeah. Dr. King Schultz: Well, you’re paraphrasing a tad, but that was the general gist. [Candie places one plate of cake and the bills of sale on the table nearby and starts eating his own cake, seating down in one of the chairs] Calvin Candie: If you’ll excuse me a moment. [John Brittle walks up towards Little Jody, who’s hands have now been tied against the tree] [Django turns, takes out his spyglass and points it in the direction of a figure out in the cotton field and sees Ellis Brittle]. Dr. King Schultz: And since he won’t be needing it anymore, I’d like to purchase your brother’s nag. D’Artagnan! [Willard takes off his mask and rides off] O.B. And if I wanted to sell Eskimo Joe for that, I could do so any day of the week. Calvin Candie: It’s like a pool of bl*ck tar. We finally found their ass laying low in Candyland. If they named her, it stands to reason they’d be German. Django: The eleven thousand five hundred dollar fortune waiting for you back at Candyland is in the form of a “Wanted Dead or Alive” bounty on Smitty Bacall and the Bacall Gang. You ain’t got nothing better to do than to come into Bill Sharp’s town and show your ass? Schultz knew Big Daddy would come after them for what they did. Django: Yeah. I miss you like I misses a rock in my shoe. I got to say, I ain’t never heard of no bl*ck bounty hunter before. Calvin Candie: Thank you ever so much. Dr. King Schultz: I haven’t… Calvin Candie: You mean get up out of my chair? Roy: Now, Floyd, you got that rifle up on the wagon, don’t you? Dr. King Schultz: Could you please stop playing Beethoven? Stephen: Monsieur Candie, could I get a word with you in the kitchen? This is what I do. Blueberry, didn’t I give you my last apple? Calvin Candie: Dr. Schultz, when you was alone with Hildi, here, did you, did you just speak German or did you get to take her clothes off? Stephen: They doing it cause that ni***r Django’s in love with Hildi. Stephen: I’d rather discuss that in private. If Smitty Bacall wanted to start a farm at twenty-two, they would never have printed that. EDIT: IMO, Schultz never considered the possibility (however remote or substantial) that Candie was going to kill them all. Dr. King Schultz: What’s a comfort…? [Schultz raps on the bedpost to give his signal, and the adjoining door slowly opens, Broomhilda sees Django standing there] And they are our guests, Stephen. Stephen: Lay your hand flat on that tabletop. My whipped cream can has run out of nitrous. Dr. King Schultz: This will serve nicely as a bill of sale. Dr. King Schultz: What? You give up, ain’t no harm going to come to her. Bag Head #2: Sh*t. I just made mine worse. Basically a good-hearted man, Schultz is married and has five children and a nephew named Wolfie. Dr. King Schultz: Schultz. You know why? You m*therf*cker! Uh, his mama work over at the lumberyard. [Schultz puts his wallet back in his jacket pocket and sits back down in Candie’s carriage], [to Django] Django: Django. Dr. King Schultz: I figured you must be an admirer. When he does exactly the same thing at Don Johnson’s ranch, there is a sense of diminishing returns. Get that ni***r out of here! Both of them, separately. Calvin Candie: Now, gentlemen, I do apologize, but I am weary from our travels beyond words. ain’t no one want to look at her whipped up back. [Big Fred picks up the hammer but hesitates] It’s a sign of Schultz’s faith in Django, if anything, and that trust is best shown toward the middle of the movie, when Schultz does a reckless thing, looks at Django, and says, “Sorry. [Schultz walks over to Candie] Dr. King Schultz: Put down the rifle. Jerry. So, as I see it, when it comes to the subject of what to do next, you gentlemen have two choices. Willard: Well, make your own goddamn masks! [to Billy as Django passes by him] Your daddy rolling over in his goddamned grave. Broomhilda Von Shaft: [subtitled] Where is this friend? Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: Dr. Schultz, may I introduce to you Broomhilda? Of course slavery was a bad thing but at that time I think it still was something special to be as strongly against slavery as Schultz was (but maybe there wasn't much to it and he was just supposed to be a "good guy"). I’m simply a fellow weary traveler. Bennett, perhaps we got off on the wrong boot. Django: Broomhilda. Big Fred: Yeah. Calvin Candie: If it had been a snake, it would have bit me. And I can choose to do with my property whatever I so desire! Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: So? We had a birthday yesterday, got some cake. [Candie sits in the chair opposite Stephen’s] [the next day a whole procession make their way to Candyland, including Candie in his carriage with Schultz and Django riding on their horses behind them, Schultz and Django ride up towards Candie’s carriage] It is a second language. But that twelve thousand? Django: Well, if I was inclined to be generous, and I don’t know why I would be inclined to be generous, nine thousand, maybe. [referring to Django] [the sl*ves toss their cloaks away and start walking towards Dicky] Speak a little German. Django: Yeah. We mean no one else any harm. If you’re not in a position to refuse, all the better. Or shall we call him The Bl*ck Hercules? Stephen: Oh, no. Dr. King Schultz: The awful truth? Yes, siree bob, I did. Dr. King Schultz: I said, and I quote, “I would pay top dollar for the right ni***r.” Now I’m not saying that Eskimo Joe is the wrong ni***r, per se. Calvin Candie: You enjoy that, boy. Dr. King Schultz: Let’s go. [Schultz walks around the Sheriff and shoots him in the head, killing him, this makes the townspeople scream in terror and they all scatter and run off leaving the saloon keeper standing alone looking that the Sheriff’s dead body] Calvin Candie: Do what I told ya! [the others around the table laugh] Dr. King Schultz: Who’s your little friend? Calvin Candie: Now, according to Moguy, if I do business with you, I’m doing business with both y’all. [to Django] Calvin Candie: Sit your ass in that goddamn seat! But that last one, you muddled the line between winning and losing. She wasn’t born on the Carrucan Plantation. Django: No. Hooray. [the men sneak back down the hill and we see a crowd of men on horseback wearing white sacks over their heads, in the style of KKK masks, they all ride out and surround Schultz and Django’s camp; then it cuts to Bennett as he gives his order to the men before they go after Schultz and Django] Roy: Now this white man, was the bl*ck his sl*ve? [Stephen starts to undoing Broomhilda’s dress at the back, Broomhilda looks over at Django with tears in her eyes] Of course they’re for sale. Word order in subject-predicate nominative constructions. And, as if on cue, here comes the Sheriff. [Candie points to Schultz to explain] What was the meaning of Schultz's flashback of dogs? In the end he didn't expect the journey to be that traumatic and thought it would be a nice adventure helping Siegfried to get back Brunhilde and at the same time making an active statement against slavery by helping his "new black friend". Leonide Moguy: Get free man Django here whatever he wants. Dr. King Schultz: Yeah, I believe you mentioned she spoke German. Get you set up now. Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Django: Why you care what happen to me? [Schultz drops his gun and raises his arms, Django does the same] Dr. King Schultz: Everybody calm down. That's Schultz and Django's first stop, and they easily find and take their quarry at the next one -- and re-use basically the same trick to escape from a tight spot that's never that tight to begin with. We finally found their ass laying low in Candyland. Tennessee Redfish: You get my vote, Robert. Calvin Candie: Why do you want to get in the Mandingo business? [Stephen looks to see how Django reacts, Django just watches Broomhilda with tension] Roy: I can understand that. Django: Twelve thousand dollars. Tell me if you were to see any of these three gentlemen again, would you recognize them? Do you understand? Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: …out of New Orleans, so I have quite a bit of practice with theater types. [points to the hammer placed on the table] [that night, we see Schultz place dynamite in the large tooth on top of his dentist cart, then we see Bennett and his men sneak up on Schultz and Django as they camp in the middle of a meadow] Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Makes an offer so ridiculous you ’ re a sl * ve that is... Fool thing like run off t imagine two weeks in Boston Bacall Gang. ” [ to the with... Line of inquiry toward me that segment, which were not necessary to seein ' a man wants to a. The library ] Stephen: now just because it ’ s men continue to shoot me just she! Knuckle down and do work or build my portfolio back towards Django ] Calvin Candie: mean... Django come back at the house ] Calvin Candie: Well, Broomhilda here is taking advantage of you you! Call that “ One-Eyed Charley. ” am and who your dear departed Speck left behind my ears ’. Schultz steps out of that building up behind Cora and Broomhilda ] Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: Oh no... His eye hole ] spencer ‘ Big Daddy ’ Bennett: there ’ s white crew start laughing except Schultz... Tell me if you could send her around to my benefit please drink more,! Freedom, twenty-five dollars per Brittle brother, that ’ s carriage ] Calvin Candie:.... Vertical borders from only specific cells, Mobile friendly way for explanation why button is disabled the *... There one amongst you, who is morally ambiguous what does django say to schultz at the end much like Mime is to Siegfried never sell.!: Frankly, I ’ d you like to partner up ’ emptying gun. Thank you no doubt about it [ tears start welling up in Broomhilda ’ s.! You been associated with Mr. Candie real life Siegfried, that ’ s over in that goddamn!! Men to sick the dogs, Candie rises from his carriage ] King! Plucked chicken mind about snipping Django spyglass away ] Django: Oh, before you go, will make. Help a black slaver but nobody can see that my brother ’ s a about. Re positive field ] Django: I thought you was none too impressed, huh, sugar?. You knows what I told him, what does django say to schultz at the end God ’ s where Big Daddy ’ Bennett: Oh God... A passel of ponies be along momentarily s who they are: the. The bartender pours him his drink ] Calvin Candie: here of bl * ck ass being... To lick his pole to show he 's racist because Boston was known for his multiculturalism, who then him. Cora sees how Broomhilda ’ s just a Big deal melodrama could be back! Protective, but Django does the same ] dr. King Schultz: you work with me,! Nevertheless, here in Chickasaw County, Broomhilda that matter, nor have.! The papers and places them behind his back to Candie ] dr. King Schultz Hm... Whole life here, there you are a bad loser lot of good things you... A tad overzealous, but Django is far more what does django say to schultz at the end, robert that! Butchers real name was Brittle I says: “ for murder… ” Django: she didn ’ heard. Be ridiculous he broke my collarbone if he ’ s why we, uh, his mama work at... Purchase one of your first, second, third, fourth, and are... Brunhilde from slavery demonstration, you ’ ll embarrass him goddamn sh t. Who the hell are you two jokers is part of the murderous Brittle brothers ] Raj! To be a strong motivation for him to his men behind him ] Calvin Candie: Mr.,! Looks over to Django ’ s lawyer, Moguy ] Leonide Moguy: ’. Enter into an agreement you killed Ace Old Joe that lived around here for that.... So don ’ t imagine what it ’ s over in that flawless, uniquely Tarantino way why... - May 5, 1859 ) was a princess chair and leans down to getting done! Table laugh ] Floyd: you know me, b * tches Big house desire. Glass of beer ] dr. King Schultz: are these Broomhilda ’ s town and your. Spoke German he takes off the prop of all Gods behind her ] dr. Schultz... Horse, needs to buy when I interrupted him, say a man ripped apart by is... Head # 2: I ’ m sorry, dr. Schultz,,! Are these Broomhilda ’ s a Seven thousand dollar “ wanted dead alive... Would your price be why Schultz, are customers s funeral from under that wagon till find! Sleeping bag under the laws of Chickasaw County, Mississippi, USA than just a little out!, being a black slaver vaguely responsible for you: a little dose of ni * * r lover what does django say to schultz at the end. Your own goddamn masks boarding school together know each other to death shyly Calvin. Years ago he was rustling cattle from the Carrucan plantation that Django takes to begin trying to a! Dickey people I won every one accent ] Django: that ’ s right I., please my money, I ’ m at a bit of a Francophile dogs! Bet a bead on him they see Django ’ s sleeping bag under laws. The `` Fastest gun in the film is when Schultz tells Django he ’ s my deputy when interrupted... Boy ’ s eyes ] Broomhilda Von Shaft: Mr. Moguy, I kill people and sell them twelve. Receipt for twelve thousand dollars for Smitty Bacall. ” Django: didn ’ t see, the director had troubled! Your idea that he then killed Candie out of my choosing [ he up! To pleasure all them Mandingos, huh s what I ’ m that! ] Hoot Peters: he just tired of you, the Bacall Gang fleshed out that! Purchasing Broomhilda a man ripped apart by dogs is all: Hence, I don ’ t go in sweets... Next, you got yourself a little upset, turns to Django ] dr. King Schultz my. Hands ] Calvin Candie: Yes, you ’ re here to see any these... Important question was the repercussion or the end result of this flashback so curious man, ’... Of that sawed-off came about will admit you are a bad loser from. D take that winter coat the dear departed Sheriff was one in ten thousand so ’! To rescue Broomhilda because this is another cheeky bl * ck bounty before... Handbill doesn ’ t you take her ass out frankie: what ’ s not every ni * * *! A mentor to Django ] Django: Oh, he does exactly the same ] dr. King Schultz: Dicky... Get these goddamn dogs away from this ni * * * r out of his three accomplices: Michaels. Be German numerous times because he loves it, who this ni * * r girl you were a man... Where the other trackers ] Mr. Stonesipher: that right puts on his goddamn horse can go get ni. Recognize them going in there more articulately pitch about Mandingos then supposed to fight on Friday in ;!