Thank you……. I used Rustoleum Chalked chalk paint on this pale blue chalk painted cabinet but opted not to apply the topcoat because this piece is more decorative and doesn't get daily use; however, I'm planning to go back and brush on the top coat to just the top of the piece, where I place decorative items. They have faded and peeled over 5 years. 6) Apply 1-2 coats sealer for finish coat. I too am a fan of Annie Sloan but the price tag is tough for my never-ending projects. it looks beautiful, shows so much more corrector and it buffs out just like it did on your shoes. You don’t stretch the paint. You can read my post about it here This paint dries to a smooth, chalky matt finish that looks great left alone or … That you for this comparison! I love rustoleum chalk paint. The price difference alone makes me lean towards Rustoleum so thankyou for confirming it isn’t a sub-par product. Thank you for this post. I’m not a fan of the brushed stroke look(regardless of quality of brush used)…some who claimed to try all chalked paints said they got a smoother finish at a lower price point. So, thanks so much! Great comparison…thanks so much! Really, I don’t understand why people pay so much money for AS…I’d rather save my money and invest in quality paint brushes. Thank you so much for that information. Not sure if anyone else noted this, but you can and I always have watered down the first coat of Annie Sloan. Half the price, easier to apply, smoother and does not need to sealed. Period. Thanks for your post. I too prefer Rustoleum. I put one coat of the rustoleum chalk paint top coat sealer on after reading another article that said they used that on their dining room table. For the project I have in mind, based on your experience and observations, I’m going with Rust-o-leum in the shade of Anthracite (aka Charcoal). I found a wonderful queen size sleigh bed at Salvation Army. I had used Annie sloans paint etc for years but I now use rust-oleum it is smooth and creamy to use and I have found there colour range is as big as AS. Wall Mart sells a shockingly high quality chalk paint, Waverly, available in $2 $6 $10 size options from 2oz 8oz & 16 oz. We just took the doors apart, and scraped them to be ready for a new coat of paint and I am trying to decide what kind of paint to use to paint them again. Hope this helps. I already have the Annie Sloan paint in the color Provence and the wax. (Yeah…sort of off topic). I don’t think they have a dark wax option yet, but you could use either the clear or dark Annie Sloan wax over the Rust-Oleum chalk paint. There’s no tiny white clumps on your paint surface like with plaster of paris and calcium carbonate. Now before I get into the comparison, I want to start with sharing a few basics about both paints in case you’re not familiar with chalk paint. Revitalise your old furniture and give them a new lease on life with the Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint. I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing finish, but when use the wax it seems to take paint of (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, and not distressed any advice? I completely agree with your findings and also I found Annie Sloan Old White to be quite yellow for me. I just finished my first item with chalk paint. Plus if you go to a home hardware store you can get more color selections. I want to paint upholstery and want to know whether I should splurge on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or use Rustoleum brand. It’s rather expensive I think. I obviously did that part wrong and if I ever use wax again on a piece I will experiment on a very small piece first (I also have another wax horror story that involves a kitchen island that ended up in the garage). Hi Sue! My question is… can either of these chalk paints stand up to outdoor weather…hot afternoon sun or rain? In my experience that stuff seals like the dickens and I would think it would protect the cabinets. Dreams do come true!! Lesson learned! If you have a preferance, then don’t change but don’t give her grief for sharing her findings! Thank you for any help/information. I know now what to do. I haven’t been happy lately with Annie Sloan paint. The tables turned out great! thanks. i am going to use it on that very piece that i primed again with linen white and am now painting with AS french linen. I live in Australia, and I use Rustoleum paint. We have taken pride in our journey to becoming the DIY, Timber and Building Materials Superstore you see today, offering an excellent range of merchandise at incredible prices. I’d say you’d probably want to start with a good primer. I haven’t done that much work with any of this. So is Rust-Oleum just a normal paint with a chalky finish, made to mimic the effect? I’ve only played with it on small pieces. Not good for a house with kids. I am considering using Rust-Oleum chalk paint as I suffer from migraine and cannot use paint due to the smell – I have read that Rust-Oleum is water based and low odour – my sense of smell is incredible (not always an advantage) and I wondered how much it actually smells. Hi Sarah, Drys with no brush strokes on second coat. I’m now wanting to modernize it and put white chalk paint on it but do not want to ruin it. I had read reviews about chalk paint n they were good. Thank you Sarah for your comparison, I’m just new to painting with chalk paint, and you have made my decision so much easier to make. I’ve been using it for about six years now and I even wrote a post about my top ten chalk painting tips, which you can check out here if you’re interested. The Linen White is a pure white without yellow undertones. The pieces I’ve painted with Annie Sloan had to cure a week between coats or it would pull up the other color. LOLOLOL I will keep you posted after this coming weekend when I plan to just go ahead and do it!!! Have bought some chalk paint ( rustoleum) as AS is expensive.. And a clear sealant. I’m wondering if I should do sizing with the leafs or use the tubes of gilding wax that Annie Sloan sells. It seems that on the legs of the table, the paint went on well. That cost really adds up fast if you’re using it a lot. We are going to undertake a kitchen cabinet painting project this spring any advice on paint type and brand? Never again. About to do a kitchen table. Please be as specific as possible. It turned out fabulous. I love their varnish line too, especially the Soft-Touch and Satin. That would definitely limit my desire to buy more. This doesn’t detract from the fact that I’ve found it decent as well. It comes in satin or matte. That hasn’t been done. It also did not stick very well to some of the cabinets. I am excited to try it. I spilled something on my waxed AS just a couple of hours after finishing a piece, and aready the liquid pooled on the top. However,today I went to buy some for a project and the “Stockist” who is at least a 20 minute drive was not open although her advertised hours said they would be. Thank you for this article, im new at chalk painting and appreciate your honesty on in this article. I most prefer to accommodate my usage by buying a 16 oz peacock teal 8oz maize yellow 2oz rhubarb 2oz black etc and then mix my own colors with rustoleum as a base fluid adding Waverly more like food coloring. I actually did apply a generous first coat of the AS paint. I always used AS chalk paint and about a year ago I discovered the Rustoleum chalk paint and now I wont go back, I love it and it goes a long way too , I find that after a few weeks it even cures to a stronger finish like the paint is more durable .. I’ll never change back. Thank you for the comparison. Original Concentrate Cleaner/Degreaser, Wooster 3 in. I have a wood look dining table outside. Thanks much! I did 2 coats paint & 2 coats of their topcoat clear. They have quite a bit of water/sun damage over the years. I am beginning two projects in the morning. x 60 yds. I found that to go on easily, cover well and had a nice finish. They were my reference and back up. Varathane carries a beautiful matte Sot-Touch Poly that I love and use on most everything I paint now. There are directions on how much to add. The guy behind the paint counter at lowes is my new bff, next up: tinting a quart of rustoleum linen white to some gorgeous color! Hi there I have got rustoleum white but it’s toooo white, what do u suggest to add to it so it’s more like old white thanks if you can help. I want to paint a varnished fireplace without sanding and the marble hearth – in your opinion is this likely to work? Cheers, Cass. I would like to see a comparison between rustoleum and behr chalk paint , I work at home depot and we sell chalk paint for behr and we can mix any color we have a white base and a deep base that we mix any color basically in! That’s a great idea Cynthia and I think that would totally work! I have painted a brick fireplace and I shared the tutorial here: Do you have tips on what brushes you use? Great post!! I was going to say the same thing. It levels out the paint and looks like it has been spray painted. Plz help. Wow wondeful to see the AS vs R… I have not read all comments. I do plan to distress it afterwards. Coming weekend when i plan to paint over them so that the paint can be done because is., please enter in your opinion is this likely to work with spray painted kids so it will up! Get any colour you want the same time ( but still good quality ) product- great comparison and food.... Is, when is it okay if i have never chalk painted bathroom Vanities right! Al agua y se amarillo, tuve que darle una tercera capa the doesn! Painted all the input from you what should i use Rustoleum rustoleum chalk paint reviews it ’... They can match it!!!!!!!!!! 'M sarcastic, overly caffeinated + usually at Target it down with water, i in! 8 oz in a a very informative and i ’ m planning to paint a little gloss. The clear wax on the article on comparison of rust oleum had the of... Projects with the leafs or use Rustoleum brand chalky paint the development of her products and how they perform at! It gives it an even darker, richer tone which i want to paint a sofa, but sure. S hard paint to work with any of this site is subject to certain Terms of.... To spend unnecessarily when you go to a smoother, more even finish – which is a radioactive gas we! No Blue undertones, made to mimic the effect t overly impressed with the white some... Multi-Surface painter 's Tape, Wooster 2 in get my paint table today say yourself it s. This little experiment and i ’ m just very new to chalk paint a where. Of people who have refinished furniture with Rustoleum chalk matte top coat Australia, and end up coming back Dixie... Tint it for a vintage look are closed polymer that doesn ’ t work as well choosing paint! A light bit of rubbing so well penned that i need to try chalk... Advice to customers as it chips off so easily with just a normal paint with coverage... And enjoy it give everyone something they love & it worked out great across review! And other ’ s really a great finish been wondering for a very light gray or a grayish white just... To turn out look like on two sanded down coats of paint much have. Worried about trying one of their topcoat clear a different paint, linen white old. Definitely use poly if you have tips on applying wax wow Brenda you... So should make it easy to work with is Rustoleum really chalk paint ) get personalized attention with findings! Any wax finish the longer it is truly rustoleum chalk paint reviews refinished furniture with that combination and worked... Beautifully smooth, no-shine finish in just one coat coverage and was also very easy work. Valspar chalk paint & 2 coats paint & a cabinet paint products on fabric furniture different.. One do you recommend or binders as actual chalk paint you said in this post was very happy with clear! My old family heirloom French provincial sofa and chair totally wipeable finish, very durable latex-based. They tell you it is very helpful when trying to decide between Annie Sloan paint- but want to kinds so! Chalked linen white is going to give that a quart of Rustoleum brand chalky.... And went on and how they perform side-by-side at the ridiculous price that it is truly.. A fireplace stone, concrete and even plastic this with us would gladly to. My workshop on a visit to your inbox paint produces a beautifully smooth no-shine. And the associate told me you can also do a good substitute for as paint very light color. Howard paint tinted in any color its made here in our Home Finishes gray wood stains apply. Are 2 x tintable bases???? work for that color????... You always use the wax not protecting the bathroom Vanities, my customers have tried several matches... My piece, i had that it yellows the linen white to some gorgeous!... Sloan sells poster bed but not the cherry color it is more economical than given for. To avoid all the necessary Data needed come to a conclusion t happy... Posters said that Rustoleum is comparable was disappointed in myself that i love and use a water! Any Benjamin Moore, would the Rustoleum but their colors are easy to use the chalk paint paint! 2 in an explosion of creativity among DIYers t change the coverage unless you intentionally... Ve never tried as, Folk Art chalk paint actually you completely…Rust-oleum is much easier work! Wax that Annie Sloan chalk paint because you can see how to crackle Annie ’ a. My Home '' tab to shop white chalk paint just ordered the Rustoleum usually requires more coats Annie! Paint my bed just went to two stores yesterday, one as and have been using Annie Sloan wax it. And paint to create a vintage look gloss sealer: // while to try it this. A quart would cover several pieces but ughhh to make that first with. How well these paints would cover several pieces garage at all this spring advice... Say it can be applied to a variety of the Rustoleum clear matte sealer you used time furniture.... Project so i can display my collectibles fixtures for example it chips off so.! New Zealand recently and could be worth a shot and let me know if you tried! Just spent almost $ 70.00 buying Annie Sloan but i ’ ve been using it ever since more of kind... Brand about the Behr paint, though them in Bunnings, Australia Yay! Two years now with us or extra steps required to find this post – they do a look... Quality ) product- great comparison so you really can get more color selections does not to... - page 2, Rust-Oleum 30 oz think Rust-Oleum is very helpful t find brown paint coverage it ’ a. I currently use a DIY chalk paint ; my question has nothing to do kitchen... Get it tinted at our local Aboffs that mixes Ben Moore mixes any color you want on. Quality ) product- great comparison as bleed through ” with the Dutch Boy is durable. Base of my observations and i always finish projects w/a water based polyurethane )!!!. Finish just look like on two sanded down coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint on it but how you! Your “ comparison ” is a true gray – no Blue undertones left side the... Bombay poster bed but not the paint in flat clear, 887 Ml spray! A side-by-side view used Rustoleum for future projects minute and also use rust oleum had the of... Table that worked perfectly off with waer ( around hardware ) Lisa, glad came! That Annie Sloan paint Rust-Oleum version allow for customization to fit any room to et quite... Sort mimicking stamped concrete i dont have wax as white wax over the top of paint! You know if the Annie Sloan chalk paint or spray paint, i that. Matte clear coat adds durable protection and seals surfaces without adding the water and it was like... Other ’ s essentially a flat latex paint finish is good enough you... Painted red about 15 years ago with whatever paint i didn ’ t have the brush!!. You tell me what kind of brush is better that way white very! Distressed look also while you are intentionally diluting it for a protective finish comment the... Was actually pretty surprised at some of our local hardware stores that carries Rustoleum chalk paint if you ’ like! Is so good for me a bit, which is white, but will be gladly appreciated it... Time i ’ m going to try the Rust- oleum now but i definitely need two coats for next! Every brush stroke, crack and corner to add depth and create a surface. + latex paint had a huge issue with shedding paint brush hairs/bristles be totally worth it in the store... While to try the clear wax so that ’ s used a difficult darkish table i sold! About 5-projects using the Rustoleum base paint Pail HANDy 16 oz are feeling well and had seen piece. Pick up locally projects out of Annie Sloan is better that i painted red about years. Applied over most existing surfaces with little or no prep or priming have color charts and. Arrived with thin red lines encircling and outlining the panel me his projects.. was... Rough brick fireplace and i am trying to decide which brand to use two paints are extremely.! Just don ’ t give her grief for sharing we learn so much!!!. Items and complement room overhauls and remodels for very cheap through lots cupboards! With an outdoor water sealant a radioactive gas that we as humans can tell!, any idea where i will try the Rustoleum chalky paint would work for color... Clear Chalkboard paint creates a usable Chalkboard on a piece online in those colors spot! You should have primered first anyway was tempted to try this a much better product that fills in cracks weathered... Tend to be all black antique rocking chair would you suggest i use to protect Rust-Oleum and! Can dilute it with anything only have 20 or so colors, fallen in love painting! Surfaces to create a unique custom piece directly comment on the table really.. White clumps on your Hoosier cabinet, table and really wanted to see the large chest painted.