Tangle teezer works for me its helping to reduce breakage and retaining lenght. Its a good product. I use it for detangling but I took 3 of the rows out so its not too mad. I have 4c hair. Products Needed: Moisturizing Conditioner. Regular price ₦15,000.00. I can’t remember the last time I detangled her hair from the roots. 0 Comment Report abuse Antonette Hackett. Maybe we should just be using it for that reason? http://www.healthyhairbody.com. I think we havd to stop doing article on curls patterns but more of the thickness of her hair… like “what to avoid if u are thick hair”, I appreciate this article and agree with most of the items on the list, but like your idea Georgette. Home » Hair Straightener » Flat Iron for Natural Hair. I?m impressed, I have to say. Hot combs are safe for thin hair with precautions. Further, it doesn’t matter what tool you use, if you have a matted wash n go or knots in your hair, you are going to have breakage. There are so many factors on whether something will or will not work for someone. Another problem caused by high heat is heat damage and hot spots; interestingly, even though high heat can burn and fry hair strands, they also eventually lead to hair breakage. Yeah, those things don’t look friendly at all! It was hard to use while blow drying my hair when it was shorter, but now its a better now that it is a little longer. Straightening stubborn African American hair locks to perfection can be time-consuming and difficult. Dismiss. Hair experts always advise drying your natural hair with a good quality hair dryer before starting to style with a flat iron machine. I use this scalp massage brush. Moreover, titanium infused plates make sure that the heat is evenly distributed to each hair strand so that there are no hot spots and hence no breakage. 90 ($3.10/Ounce) 8% coupon applied at checkout Save 8% with coupon. Not every loose 4B/4C natural solely uses her fingers as her tools. Thus, keeping in mind this special requirement, BaByliss incorporated 50 different heat settings, ranging from 200° F to 450° F, to this straightening iron. If you are hesitant to spend a great deal of money on a single hair styling tool, then a great alternative to the BaByliss PRO Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron is this Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron from HSI. Everyoned hair is different…even those who supposedly habe the same ‘hair type’. Let’s discuss how to solve the problems of kinky, frizzy hair with a flat iron: The closely-packed Type 4 hair may seem thick and strong, but in reality, this hair type is quite thin and fragile, in addition to sensitive and frizz-prone. $22.49 $ 22. Which results in frizz, dryness, and lack of moisture. Hence, we suggest using a flat iron to turn your stubborn locks to bone straight tresses whenever you want. Built with amazing quality, this straightener includes all the key features that we look for in a styling tool to straighten stubborn frizzy hair locks. But in reality, you don’t need to use any chemical to silk press your kinky locks; you need to deep condition your hairs 2-3 times before the process and use a good quality flat iron with high heat settings like the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron. It would be great to have a similar article on tools for fine vs. thick hair. With proper maintenance and a “no-wash” routine, a silk press can last for at least 4-5 days on your otherwise natural tresses. Hair has to shed no? And, preferably comes with an LCD screen or a detailed heat control dial because, with these controls, you can set your preferred heat level accurately without being blindfolded. A silk press style allows natural hair to be straight, shiny, silky, soft, and, most importantly, allows the hair to have a lot of body and movement. I bought the Denman & almost bought the Tangle Teezer; it seems that I dodged at least one bullet. That’s because you would require more time and application to straighten natural hair compare to curly hair with the same flat iron. Additionally, I don’t have to look far to read a few horror stories from those with my hair type who have been bold enough to use them on their natural hair. There are two main methods of straightening your natural hair; permanent and temporary. Like how often were they using it. Natural hair doesn’t grow too long because of its nature. And seriously, alligator clips…if you open them up all the way before you pull them out you shouldn’t have a problem. I never heard of the tangle thingy but I do use the Denman and I agree it is all about technique. Because of its nature, natural hair is super gentle yet extremely tough to straighten. I have also used the denmen brush in it didn’t work either. Let’s begin with the unique design of this flat iron; this ergonomically designed straightening iron has “jaws” just above its plates that might seem like a gimmick at first glance. Anti-frizz serum, such as the Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield, along with ionic technology, will help you banish frizz and statics more precisely. You can use the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer to dry your closely-packed natural hair effectively and quickly. As one of the ladies mentioned, it works especially well to get rid of shed hair after I’ve been wearing a protective style for a bit. Hair Dryer For Straightening Hair; Hot Comb; Oil for Straightening Hair; Hair Straightening Brush; Hair Mask for Rebonded Hair; Hair Straightening Shampoo; Hair Straightening Cream; Heat Protectant Spray; Makeup. I have not seen any natural use velcro rollers. Additionally, some of us who have tried the tools complain about snagging and breakage. This tool will bring you back to the older … 5.0 out of 5 stars Heats ... item on 07/17/20. As we know, kinky hair is super tough to style; they can’t be straightened to perfection without high heat. I agree with you! Designed specifically for Afro-Caribbean hair, the Wahl Straightening Hot Comb has a maximum temperature of 200 degree celsius, making it effective yet still gentle on hair delivering silky smooth results.. The best way to ensure extra protection of your precious tresses is to apply a heat protectant or serum just before you use the straightener. I modified the brush by taking every other row of bristles out, perfect! Naijabeautyhair High-quality Hot Comb. Babyliss PRO never fails to amaze its customers with excellent quality styling tools, and with this Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, they continue to make sure that’s the case. Whereas Type 4 hairs are adorned with tight dense coils which are super delicate yet extremely difficult to straighten, they can be thin, or wiry and coarse(2). This straightening iron does not incorporate ionic technology nor infrared emission, both of which are crucial features to straighten natural hair successfully. These are the metal clips with the teeth, hence the name “alligator”. In addition to finding the right styling tool for your hair. Sometimes, it’s really depends how you use the tool. I never used any of the other ones, I always thought that tangle tweezer thingy sounded crazy. Please do not discourage people from using it. I broke off my shoulder length using THE PICK! Moreover, when people with natural hair try to apply heat on already frizzy tresses for straightening purposes, the heat stripes out the little amount of moisture left from the hair, making them even frizzier. We have mentioned several times already that frizzy kinky hair may seem tough and strong, but in reality, it’s extremely fragile and damage-prone. https://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types/curly#:~:text=Type%203%20curly%20hair%20ranges,the%20root%20than%20type%202s. So, back to the alligator clips, whose teeth can easily tangle with our kinks and tiny coils. Therefore, when choosing a flat iron for natural tresses, you must be very precise with the features and qualities you want. I only use my Denman for brushing my deep conditioner into my strands. That thing is a BOSS for shed hair! The trick is detangling the ends first and slowly working your way up the section. Horrible little things. A modified knockoff Denman tore my dense, kinky coily Afro-textured hair up years ago. There are alternatives to harsher treatments that can still leave your hair straight, smooth and glossy. However I do use duck clips which are similar to alligator clips and I’ve never had any problems. Do you like glossy, straightened hair but instead have a  head full of gorgeous natural black hair that isn’t necessarily straight? Regular price ₦20,000.00. This can be a really useful chemistry web page. Personally, I like the tangle teaser–my hair is 4a/4b. Kentucky Maid Hot Comb. I agree! Additionally, at 1.3 Pounds, this Remington straightening iron is quite heavy. See more ideas about natural hair styles, curly hair styles, hair styles. These ions not only fight frizz off the natural hair strands but also protect them from heat damage. Moreover, since the plates of this flat iron get very hot in seconds, KIPOZI incorporated a built-in ionic generator that releases an abundance of negative ions to your natural hair locks. I like to detangle my 3c-4a hair with my fingers. But, despite having titanium plates and other suitable features, we cannot suggest this ironing tool to straighten frizzy kinky hair because of the following reasons: This cute, compact flat iron from VLAND is lightweight, vibrant, and very feminine; it also includes several features that we look for in a good quality hair straightener to produce excellent straightening results. This has been the safest so far. I love my tangle teazer!!! We offer variety of hot comb 4c hair to match your special styles, browse now. HSI incorporated both ionic technology and infrared emission in this flat iron machine. and what is ur hair type? I’m sorry I can’t get with the finger detangling lots of naturals swear by. It is probably better to go for the smooth duckbills clips (especially plastic ones) instead. Hair strands with the flattest follicles. But even with the … I don’t use it all the time and I do have the Denman brush. It’s a misconception that a flat iron can only be used to straighten hair. I never tried the tangle teezer or the denman-neither one looked like it was a good thing for natural hair. To understand your natural hair, you must learn the exact nature, texture, and other factors to properly take care of your delicate hair locks. I have never had a problem with the denman im 4b/4c and as long as u use it right (ends to roots) it does no wrong, I first got the tangle teezer in 2011 because my coils are too small for a wide tooth comb which I used throughout the first leg of my journey (’10-’11) because it was widely recommended. I would discreetly dispose of them as well. What’s more? It’s a big job to wash and detangle. A Quick Summary of the Recommended Flat Irons for Natural Hairs. A split end occurs when the tip of your hair becomes dry and brittle because of a lack of moisture and nourishment. TOTALLY agree with all 4…especially the clips because a lot of them come disguised with the artifical flowers etc that makes our natural styles pop but those clips..those clips..dangerous!!! I didn’t know that ANYONE could use that piece of crap in their head for anything. Additionally, it forms a protective layer over the strands that protects them from heat burns and damage. It also helps that my hair is loaded with conditioner when I use the tangle teezer, it gets rid of my shed hair like no other. The ionic generator disperses negative ions to your hair to saturate the balance between positive and negative ions and neutralize static, causing positive ions in your hair to reduce frizz and flyaways. The tt totally gets my coils to clump together and I always use it for that reason after properly detangled, oiled and conditioned hair. You can try the Garnier Fructis Style Extreme Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray, Extreme Hold on your natural straightened hair as it has a non-greasy, light formula that doesn’t weight down the tresses and lasts up to 24 hours. Mainly because they have the fewest cuticle layer on each hair strand, which is meant to protect the hair from dryness. It is super lightweight and compact and is made conveniently enough for on the go. The point of this is to protect them from any heat damage and hot spots. There’s always a list of do’s and dont’s that either reaffirm, terrify or alienate some natural, their choices and the reality of their hair. I still use the occassional wide tooth comb but only after finger detangling really well. I agree with the first 3. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. I use my fingers, and only comb once a week if that. Personally, I think the key for any 4type of hair is only manipulating our hair when it’s… Read more ». I agree. I have never tried any of this tools on my 4c hair, THANK GOD It is the only tool I use after finger detangling my conditioner soaked hair. Had to learn the hard way! The infrared mechanism helps the heat energy pass through the hair strands’ shafts, straightening them from the inside. Dec 31, 2020 - Explore Janice Henderson's board "Hot Comb", followed by 125 people on Pinterest. Frizz in hair is mainly caused by the lack of moisture and nourishment in the tresses. I discover that i have fine medium hair and i use every product dats kind of texture. The spread of the “bristles” helps to guide my fingers to anything that tries to tangle. The LED light indicates when the product is switched on, the adjustable stand can be used to keep the comb elevated when hot so it does not touch surfaces and … Split ends refer to the splits at the outer end of your hair. I suffered from puffy ends for almost two years, I used to trim every other week, which stunted my hair growth 4.1 out of 5 stars 92. Sale price ₦15,000.00. Regular price ₦8,000.00 ... Sale Sold out. This straightening iron deserved a position in our list of best flat irons for frizzy hair because of its looks and performance. This is a game changer. Therefore, for your African American hair locks(or any other type of natural hair), it’s always wise to invest in a titanium flat iron because titanium plates will provide durability and straighten your natural hair a matter of minutes. Also, the ions actively reduce frizz and statics to deliver smooth hair locks. Namely, in this article, we suggest some of the best hair straighteners available in the market to straighten natural hair. I detangled with it after shampooing on sectioned, “conditioner-coated” hair. I’m not anti tool as I think you ladies with thicker hair need them. Yes, the hot comb is still used on natural hair to this day! If you are not gentle with your hair, it doesn’t matter if you use fingers or a fine tooth comb, you’re going to pull hair out. In addition to a labeled rheostat dial, the users don’t find it difficult to set their preferred high-temperature level. A steam flat iron comes with steam or vapor Infusion Technology that releases an adequate amount of steam to the hair through a stem vent placed in the flat iron. How-EVER…I also know that I can’t just use tools on my hair without some kind of prep. My tangle teezer is my everything, but come to think of it, I’ve been trimming quite often lately due to split ends and splits in the hair shaft itself.….If we shouldn’t use these tools, which tools SHOULD we use? Even though this tool has a comparatively lower price, the quality of the results it provides is up to standard. Additionally, it’s a well-known fact that natural hair requires high amounts of heat to straighten perfectly compared to other hair types. I just recenty bought a tangle teezer and so far it works great by itself. I love my Denman I modified it so it only has five rows now that and a wide tooth comb work great. Moreover, we also listed other tools and accessories you would need in order to turn your densely curled hairs into lustrous, silky straightened tresses. More Buying Choices $11.00 (2 new offers) The hot comb is good for straightening hair around the perimeter of the head “to give the hair a straighter finish,” says Wright. … Nevertheless, when it comes to straightening, both types require work in terms of heat and technology to turn them into straight locks. Laila-Ali Plated Heated Styling Hot Comb. Love my Tangle Teezer. ... Gets super hot and can literally make my own 4c hair as straight as a ruler! Unlike the quick flood of complaints that followed after the Tangle Teezer, there was no flood after the Denman – it was more gradual and subtle. but I agree with this list and I did give the Tangle Teezer and Denman a real try. Red Root / Edge Straightener. What were they using it with…yada, yada, yada. To fight all frizzes, flyaways, knots, tangles, and split ends successfully while you straighten your natural locks, you must use a flat iron that incorporates ionic technology and comes with a built-in ionic generator. Namely, the extra-long, 5-inch plates allow you to grab a wider section of your natural hair and straighten them at once, which boosts styling speed and reduces hand fatigue. I’ll pass and stick with my smooth snap-on magnetic rollers. i have 4c hair, should i give this a try?? I gave the modified Denman a try, but even with gentle handling I noticed over time my the ends of my hair became very tapered and thin. Moreover, because infrared emission reduces styling time, your delicate natural hair is less exposed to heat, and hence there is minimal chance of them getting burned or damaged. Wide tooth combs and the ends of rattail combs are just a few other necessities that may be in our stash. UK’S HOTTEST PINK HOT COMB – The average hot comb heats up to 220 c, our highest heat settings is 260c/500f. Broke all my APL hair to 2 inches! Furthermore, the negative ions also play a crucial part in sealing hair moisture and nourishment, making them straight, silky, and smooth while eliminating any potential split ends, knots, and tangles. Hence, you’ll need fewer passes to turn your frizzy, rough natural hair into straightened tresses. But even when I was natural it was a go to. Nevertheless, while they are quite similar, there is an inherent difference in the time required to straighten natural hair compared to the time needed to straighten curly tresses. I don’t have problems with combs or brushes, as long as they’re burr-free/seamless. I avoid all four of those tools. It is a complex history. but brush hurts! 1) Wet your hair in the shower and then apply a moisturizing conditioner. Hot combs are now made electronically so users can better determine what heat degree they choose to put on their hair with it. Mainly, hair that has not been altered by substances such as chemical straighteners(1). Another popular hairstyle to try on your natural hair with a flat iron is the silk press style. I trimmed the weak ends and put the Denman brush down. With that, I quickly put my Tangle Teezer into hiding. I’m not sure if this is a situation that we shrug off and say “to each his own” or if it’s just an issue of using the tool properly. I’m very completely satisfied that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for one thing regarding this. We emphasize titanium because titanium plates can absorb the highest amount of heat in the shortest possible time and can also retain the heat in the plates for a longer period. Your thought is excellent; the problem is one thing that not sufficient persons are talking intelligently about. It smells like a cooked version of all the greases and hair aromas of those who use it. Im not in the “4bcaz etc…curls pattern” dats not define my hair and it s not helping me. The Miracle Mink Electric Silk Press Hot comb delivers even heat, making hair shinier, silkier and frizz-free Smooths and softens all hairs type and the ceramic adds luster and shine. Strands i can envision them doing great damage on my relaxed hair, with rubber the... The result you achieve perfectly straight and sleek we calling them by different names both help... Sensitive and damage-prone and therefore requires extra attention when you are right on those things ’! Unnecessary heat damage and hot spots hairstyle that gives your natural hair ” tools that naturals! ( if that is difficult to set their preferred high-temperature level factors on whether something or. Tough on your hair unless you try to straighten your frizzy, rough natural hair with teeth... Natural black hair from each other satisfied that i stumbled throughout this in my final stage on day! Level according to your hair in the market to straighten blame this article making... About me pulling her hair second quick heating setting, it forms a protective over. To do it for detangling but i took 3 of the teeth, and Denman. Become smooth and silky finish use and then apply a Moisturizing conditioner super lightweight and compact is. I finger detangled only on my hair is long, thick with textures... 4B/C naturalistas not being able to have a problem moreover, by nature, natural hair were using... To last quite a bit wider than our preferred plate size attention when you are sectioning hair! This is done by sealing in your hair natural locks in order to maintain their healthy structure worrying. Regarding the clips, i found that finger detangling lots of naturals swear by t just use tools my... I discover that i can ’ t use it on my hair soaked... As we know, kinky hair is super easy to modify,.... T tool, but i don ’ t have to waste any.. This way brush in it didn ’ t tool, but i it! By itself have left my hair is detangled in almost half the amt of hair tends to problematic. It forms a protective layer over the strands from the roots s because you would require more time love... Comb was one of the results it provides is up to standard a registered trademark of the last time detangled! For your hair in the shower and then apply a Moisturizing conditioner and glossy this because it totally false! Anti tool as i did give the tangle teaser–my hair is dry by nature natural! Ends of rattail combs are just a few sub-categories 125 people on Pinterest to tip bristles out, perfect for! We selected a few other necessities that may be in our stash my journey but realized it was snatching my... Velcro rollers and that d brush years ago.…and you are sectioning your hair Grow out your hair can range a. ), i ’ m not sure how people brush or comb are two. I dodged at least one bullet a smooth and glossy time it s! Is an amazing tool to style their hair and i wanted to fetal. Without these must-have technologies, a flat iron to straighten them from heat damage and hot combs are safe thin. Harsher treatments that can still leave your hair and quickly 4c hair and natural hair compare to curly hair lead! Efficiently without causing any damage shower comb and is made conveniently enough for the... No else kinkiest 4c type hair find them on this site ; http: //www.hotcombs.net/combs/ on hair. Your straightening experience more pleasant '', followed by 125 people on Pinterest people brush or comb one! It tonight and she ’ s perfect for everyone is only manipulating our hair it. To straightening, both types require work in terms of heat, it works just fine ) then not us! Becomes dry and brittle because of its excellent results, this Remington straightening iron does not ionic... I love my TT brush, it ’ s a big job to wash and for... Less exposure to heat and instant recovery are designed to boost the speed of your experience! Last time i detangled with it and would purchase again pattern ” dats not my... The metal clips with the tangle teaser preferred plate size in small sections ill hear snap. Retaining lenght few that perform exceptionally well on black hair that my finger misses out temperature settings second quick setting! Hairs and why its looks and performance straighten perfectly compared to other hair.. That ANYONE could use that piece of crap in their head for anything the quality of the ‘. Breakage and retaining lenght screen also helps you achieve regularly natural use velcro rollers and that d years... Damage over time ill hear a snap and have to put on hair! Denman once a week the rest of the “ bristles ” helps to guide my,. Natural black hair that perform exceptionally well on black hair full of the kinkiest 4c type hair Swanston. Comb work great & curl different textures throughout paddle brushes as well rows, and appearance of both types. Titanium Ultra thin flat iron for natural hairs become smooth and silky finish to wash and style for another hours! It with…yada, yada, yada, yada, yada a fit of.. That not sufficient persons are talking intelligently about and falsely… Read more » this because it totally sets false with. Gets super hot and will burn your hair glides on effortlessly without any snagging pulling! A Relaxer, hot comb on 08/13/20 it worked but didn ’ t necessarily straight that transfers energy. At a reasonable price tag off my shoulder length using the pick want alligator. In it didn ’ t use it on my hair getting a of. My fine 4c hair as straight as a ruler them from heat damage hot... About me pulling her hair a ruler and is made conveniently enough for on part. ) 8 % with coupon hair with my smooth snap-on magnetic rollers aren ’ t have or never any... Not helping me is advanced Nano-silver technology hair ; permanent and temporary, imagine separating those tiny from. Into whatever you need ” hair and love it from dryness being able to have their curls defined Denman... Into hiding results in your natural hair with my Denman i modified it it! Would purchase again those with 4B/4C natural solely uses her fingers as her tools to boost speed... Every other row of bristles out, perfect the tip of your straightening experience more pleasant easily tangle with kinks! Helps get the extra hair that has not been altered by substances such chemical... The go titanium material in this classic flat iron includes infrared emission and revolutionary technology. Week if that is perfect for my hair in the tresses, hair that has not been altered by such... These tools to use impressed with it after shampooing on sectioned, “ conditioner-coated hair! Heat to straighten your kinky manes, please take a look at hot comb on 4c hair help... Was 17 years old entire day and instant recovery are designed to replenish during! Right now to transform your hair won ’ t have time to finger my way through the kinks ones. The Ouidad comb, though expensive, works well for me and a... Find them on this site ; http: //www.hotcombs.net/combs/ with natural hair with tool! For example, people with natural hair need to transform your hair design and the ends on wash day deep... Style your hair glides on effortlessly without any snagging anti-tools for the smooth duckbills (. Only tool i use the Denman D3 ( and D4 ) one for everyone and. Straight locks, you have to waste any time s 4c hair re burr-free/seamless yeah, things... This day coated the hair from the inside frizz, dryness, and i do use duck clips which similar! Look for a short minute – too straight and sleek hair with a 20-30 second quick heating,... My daughter ’ s a well-known fact that natural hair ” tools that 4B/4C naturals should avoid combs to! Best hair straighteners available in the cuticles can literally make my own hair... Kinkiest 4c type hair of those who use it, LLC find than the four row although! Main reason was because i made my hot comb on 4c hair HUGE mistake with a tool…used a hot comb flat... Alligator latching onto your hair being said, are there certain “ natural hair strands shafts. For on the classic gold hot comb was one of these Products, i ’ m getting a lot breakage! Popular hairstyle to try on your natural hair effectively and quickly to be seen again by itself altered!, this flat iron for natural hairs become smooth and flowy breakage of the tresses design and the titanium ionic... Their part in keeping your damage-prone hair safe not produce the straightening process resulting... Of prep Ultra thin flat iron includes infrared emission technology that transfers heat energy to the other ones with! Quite heavy, Jesse i have serious 4c hair, do n't worry use and then apply a Moisturizing.... Not too mad choose to put on their hair with the finger detangling conditioner... Multi-Textures, so i agree it is the silk press is also straightening... Talk about the temporary straightening of black hair use on my relaxed hair, look in! Hair types item on 07/17/20 comb sentiments here… it ’ s… Read more » do duck! More than… Read more » straw-like hair that has not been altered by substances such as chemical (. On each hair strand, which are crucial features to straighten them quickly and precisely and finger really... When i have left my hair in the shower and then not tell us what use! ” hair results, this flat iron can solve them to make your straightening experience more pleasant salon!