The number of axes, their length, and their angle to each other determine the system to which a crystal belongs. It is sometimes looked upon as a cheap Diamond simulant, but in actuality it can be a valuable gem. In ancient time natural Zircon, that is considered one of the oldest gemstone mined from the earth, was used to substitute diamonds duo to its beauty and optical properties, zircon is a birefringence stone, with strong pleochroism, high dispersion and high refractive index. Health Benefits On a physical level, the orange variant is useful for example against abdominal cramps or even menstrual pain. Zircon exhibits these typical characteristics. Colorless - SI-VVS Type II. Aluminum often replaces silicon in the silicates, but such substitution occurs less frequently in the nesosilicates. Thank you very much!!! This website makes it easy to search exactly what I’m looking for with great description of what I’m purchasing. Zircon also prevents nightmares and ensures a deep tranquil sleep. 1-800-464-1640. Minerals of the tetragonal crystal system are referred to three mutually perpendicular axes. Zircon vs. Diamond Zircon rivals diamond for its impressive fire (dispersion: 0.039 to diamond’s 0.044) which is why for more than a century colorless Zircon has been an affordable substitute for diamond. Zircon is believed to provide the wearer with wisdom, honor and riches. Blue zircon is birthstone for December. High zircon also has a greater specific gravity range of 4.65 - … Blue Zircon Jewelry for Sale Adorn yourself in the azure hues of blue zircon jewelry from JTV. Low zircon can be almost isotropic and exhibit indices of 1.78 - 1.85, with a birefringence of 0.0 to 0.008 and a density of 3.9 to 4.1. Thanks so much for following up. Rarity. When birefringence is high, light rays reflect off different parts of the back of a stone causing an apparent doubling of the back facets when viewed through the front facet. Throughout history, zircon was admired but not to the degree of diamonds, emeralds, or rubies. 10 x 8 mm Oval Facet quality loose gemstone for jewelry from GemSelect. A CZ, on the other hand, is practically worthless in terms of monetary value, with a carat costing around $20. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Ontario, Canada): 23.8 (brown); 17.80 (blue); 61.69 (blue, step-cut). Birefringence is the difference between the minimum and maximum RI. Blue Zircon Baguette 14k Gold Ring, Minimalist Ring, December Birthstone Jewelry, Blue Gemstone Ring, Art Deco Stacking Ring, Dainty Ring GalantaJewels. Dear Ron, Thank you for following up the order, I have already collected the registered post from the post office. heated. The "self-irradiation", caused by the decay of these radioactive guests, results in damage to the atomic lattice and is responsible for the eventual alteration of the crystal to an isotropic glass. Blue Zircon belongs to the tetragonal crystal class. In the nesosilicates, independent SiO4 tetrahedra are connected only by ionic bonds. Its color diversity is caused by traces of certain impurities, some of which are radioactive.Zircon gemstones containing radioactive element traces undergo a process … Blue Zircon is not cubic zirconia and is a natural gemstone! Dense atomic packing causes their relatively high specific gravity and hardness. The largest selection of gemstone articles online... See an extensive selection of articles about birthstones, Fascinating details of ancient gemstones facts and stories, Learn about the healing effects of different gemstones. It is said to whet one's appetite. Buy Gemstones and Gemstone Rings like this Beautiful Gem in 4 carat Blue Zircon Gemstone in Round Cut 9.6 mm on SALE now at Hafnium, a metallic element, is always present in zircons, although the amount is usually less than four percent. $496 $496 . Flawless, custom cut natural fiery blue zircon. The IGS zircon value listing gives price guidelines for top color red, blue, green, and gold gems, as well as other colors and blue cat’s eye zircons. The color is usually green and usually tends to be a grayish to yellow-green with a somewhat cloudy texture; brown and orange stones are also known to occur… The loss of luster on a Zircon stone is said to warn of danger. $380. Zircon is a beautiful natural gemstone that has the fire of a Diamond and comes in many colors. It is very beautiful! A carat of zircon can sell from $75 to around $200 depending on quality factors. Blue topaz, which is produced by irradiating colorless or pale topaz, is the most popular of all blue gemstones, since it is widely … Selling Gemstones, Loose Gemstones and Gemstone … Low-type zircon occurs in gem quality only in Ceylon and only as rolled pebbles in the gem gravels without any trace of crystal faces. Many years in precious metals I decided to expand my interest. While you can find a cubic zirconia ring like this on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of a beautiful 3 Carat diamond … Round Drilled Checkerboard (Double Sided). Toll Free - USA & Canada only: length x width x depth, $261.60. Regards, 2 ct. Zircon. One 6.5mm Round Faceted Blue Zircon Gem Stone Gemstone. Get the best deals on Blue Blue Loose Zircons when you shop the largest online selection at Though it resembles a lot with cubic zirconia because of the similar name yet both are different as Cubic Zirconia is lab created while Zircon is naturally occurring gemstone.Natural Blue Zircon is found to be around more than 4 millions of … So, all the benefits from this gemstone will work well for them. Zircon can be more sparkly like diamonds than Topaz IMO. From shop GalantaJewels. Crystals have planes of symmetry and are divided into seven symmetry systems. Blue zircon meaning is to help repel negativity, invite more happiness and love into the lives and to support during spiritual healing. Minerals of this system all possess a single 4-fold symmetry axis. The natural blue zircon very valuable, consider to get this stone and wearing it. Explore rings, pendants and much more featuring this almost bafflingly beautiful stone - at affordable prices that might boggle the mind all the same. The birefringence is usually 0.059 but can be as low as 0.036. 5.6 ct Natural Blue Zircon from Cambodia. In fact, CZ is almost synonymous with the words ‘fake’ (hence the reason zircon has got a bad rep too). FAST 'N FREE. Uranium and thorium are often present. $8.90 Worldwide Shipping, Save MoneyNo shipping Fees for Additional Items!$8.90 Worldwide Shipping, Gems are always measured in Millimeter (mm), Dimensions are given as; Since zircons come in all colors of the rainbow, jewelry buyers and gem collectors have many options. Useful charts and list as reference and lookup recourse, The easy way to find the gemstones sorted by color. Reportedly, this region in Cambodia is the world’s only deposit of material used to create such rich blue Zircon. Zircon supposedly helps one be more at peace with oneself. $2,000 to $5,000 +/- per carat. The larger the zirconia stone, the more valuable it is, having the clarity of the stones equal (clean). Beautiful Aquamarine, happy with its quality! © Joel E. Arem , PhD, FGA. Learn about technical details and facts surrounding the... Find the gemstones for a specific date and time, Toll Free - USA & Canada only: The value and beauty of zircon did not escape the notice of George Kunz, gem buyer for Tiffany. Zircon s also popular as a diamond alternative because it can be found as a colorless stone. On average, the price for Blue Zircon is $75 per carat for a gemstone that has a weigh of 5 to 6 carats.