My first carry gun was a Beretta 92 full-sized model (not exactly a diminutive pistol). tool : Noun. In this context, a tool is similar to a poser, with one important, Almost synonymous to douche bag; the type of person that likes to show off their physique in public; wears athletic clothing in the dead of Winter (, "Ben is such a tool in the morning when he thinks. A device, such as a saw, shovel, or drill, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work. It is a softer word than faggot, queer, or dick-smoker. Hallowell & Co., Livingston, Montana. grease-gun: WordNet 1.7 Vocabulary Helper [home, info] grease-gun: LookWAYup Translating Dictionary/Thesaurus [home, info] grease-gun, grease gun: Dictionary/thesaurus [home, info] Computing (1 matching dictionary) grease-gun, grease gun: Encyclopedia [home, info] Slang (1 matching dictionary) Grease gun: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Toon Army: Noun. A name many rappers use to call a gun. I give you the entry from the Urban Dictionary… “The word “Nancy-boy” is a postwar term for a homosexual male. tooled up : Adj. Tool: (noun) 1.) | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Add to Cart Added to Cart! How do I use OneLook's thesaurus / reverse dictionary feature? Armed, carrying weapons. Glock Tool. 1. See more words with the same meaning: gun, firearm. Brownells is your source for Measuring Tools,Gunsmith Tools & Supplies at Brownells parts and accessories. A paper from The Urban Institute which analysed FBI data found that in stand-your-ground states, the use of the defense by whites in the shooting of a black person is found to be justifiable 17 percent of the time, while the defense when used by blacks in the shooting of a … This is the British English definition of gun.View American English definition of gun. General hand tools. Often known by the nickname Toolie. Definition and synonyms of gun from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. a device that throws a projectile. It won't have the scratches, wear marks, etc a daily wear gun would have. n. 1. 107.5 (n) The big "urban format" station in Chicago, Illinois. Quick definitions from WordNet (pounder) noun: (used only in combination) something weighing a given number of pounds ("The fisherman caught a 10-pounder") noun: a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #39543) The free online slang dictionary for Australian English and Aussie slang. A guy with a hugely over-inflated ego, who in an attempt to get un-due attention for himself, will act like a jackass, because, in his deluded state, he will think it's going to make him look cool, or make others want to be like him. The world's biggest and most accurate dictionary of Cockney - plus the Cockney Blog, the Cockney Translator and much more! Tool definition, an implement, especially one held in the hand, as a hammer, saw, or file, for performing or facilitating mechanical operations. A year or so later, I figured that smaller is easier and followed the crowd into the KelTec and LCP craze (that was until I figured out that I was not nearly as confident shooting a micro-gun as I … This tool ($9) is actually really useful to get the pins in and out without marring the polymer frame, and also to disassemble magazines. • GUN (noun) The noun GUN has 7 senses:. The website was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham. tool-up : Verb. gun meaning: 1. a weapon that bullets or shells (= explosive containers) are fired from: 2. in sport, a device…. 19 watching. See The Blog Most Popular Posts How to Remove Cerakote from Your Firearm? See more words with the same meaning: gun, firearm. 6.5 Creedmoor Vs. […] 2005, Joe Kita (ed. The name Gunnhildr and its multiple variations are derived from Old Norse gunnr (“battle, war”) + hildr (“battle”), wh… For a non-slang list 99 $129.99 $129.99 Gun A complex arrangement of metal parts that is capable of discharging a lead peice at very high speeds, high enough to penetrate fleash and thin slabs of wood. backHack, a tool to perform Android app analysis by backing up and extracting apps, allowing you to analyze and modify file system contents for apps. Buy Gunsmithing Tools Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. See more. Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Double Rifles, Colt, Winchester, Purdey, Parker, firearms. was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. Basically an, Typically a male, a tool is someone who needs a huge, A guy, usually with a girlfriend, that goes around behind her back hooking up with others girls because his girlfriend is. Submitted by Justin K. from San Diego, CA, USA on Feb 02 2000. an assault rifle or other rapid-fire weapon.Larry went to trunk of his car and got the chopper out to show us. From Middle English gunne, gonne, from Lady Gunilda, a huge crossbow with a powerful shot, with the second part of the term being of Old Norse origin. [1200s] 2. Toon meaning town in the Geordie dalect. The M48 Kommando rescue tool comes with the standard array of wrenches, wire cutters, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, and knife blade. as most effective weapons. This report examines the extent of criminal victimization in urban, suburban, and rural areas using 1993 to 1998 National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) data. tool synonyms, tool pronunciation, tool translation, English dictionary definition of tool. One who is completely oblivious to the fact that no one likes them. gunman definition: 1. a man, usually a criminal, who is armed with a gun: 2. a man, usually a criminal, who is armed…. Another word for gun. Ben Winslett is an FFL/07 and he manufactured a drop in auto sear (DIAS) out of a coat hanger. See 'Geordie'. But it comes first alphabetically, and any gun guy worth his salt has an Acraglas kit stowed somewhere and uses it regularly when accurizing bolt-action rifles. $34.95 $27.95. RMR type 1 and RMR type 2: Experience From A Real Buyer In 2020 450 Bushmaster Vs. 45-70: Which One is Better?