PGT Reels hosts fortnightly reeling sessions in South Kensington, alternating teaching evenings with social dances. Thursday 28 May - teaching A Scottish country dance will typically consist of equal numbers of strathspeys, jigs and reels. SCOTTISH REELING & SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING. Reels classes in London 2019/2020. Just remember to keep your knees together when sitting down. “Reeling” is lively dancing to Scottish reels & jigs. The first rule? Wear boxers under your kilt. It might seem a bit overwhelming – there’s 11,000 Scottish reels and dances on record – but you’ll find the same favourites cropping up, namely The Gay Gordons, The Dashing White Sergeant, Hamilton House, the Duke of Perth and the Reel of the 51st Division. By myself. All rights reserved. A hip flask with a nip of a serious single malt. The Strathspey is to Scotland what the jig is to Ireland, the contra dance or the hornpipe to England, the Czardas to Hungary, the Tarantella to Italy, or the Cachucha to Spain – … Tuesday 11th February (7-10.30pm) Stick to the same partner. Scottish country dancing comes in three styles; RSCDS, Reeling and Ceilidh. The Scottish castles where we’d prefer to be reeling this Burns Night | Tatler. Walk through a set of dancers, obviously. 10 p.m.), Saturday 22 February (London Reels Ball Dancing couple turn each other left handed 1 ½ times to finish facing their first corner. in Chelsea Old Town Hall) Women should take sensible shoes. Please follow our chat on Facebook in the interim. Hunt Ball Dancing. Turn 1st corner right handed and turn partner in the middle left handed. If you’re attending an informal reel, taking lessons before isn’t always necessary – especially if you go with regular dancers – but it’s much more fun when you know what you’re doing. £9 if wearing kilt/tartan skirt, 2020 Dates Thursday 5 March - teaching The Caledonian Ball at Grosvenor House on 1 May 2020. Studio 2, Chelsea Gate Studios, 115 Harwood Road, London, SW6 4QL Built by Hannah Johnson, Sign up to our newsletter Founded by Scottish Drummer, Vocalist & Caller Tom Adamson while studying at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Next, members of each couple will travel between what are called “setting” steps, which are steps danced in place. 9th June London, SW6 4QL Tel: +44 20 7384 9011, Everything You Need To Know About Scottish Reeling, The Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society. Scottish Dance Callers As well as those associated with Scottish Dance Bands, there are also some freelance callers out there.Here are a list of those who have given me their details. The dancing is basically the same, but the three styles do differ in a number of ways: RSCDS This is the official style of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society which was set up in 1923 to preserve the traditional dances of Scotland. Yes, some balls are taken very seriously with strict white tie dress codes, but there’s plenty on offer for the beginner, too, particularly in London where newbies can attend classes to brush up on their footwork. They are all fairly straightforward and good fun to do. See more. Barge your way to the top of the set, no matter how advanced you are, always join the set from the bottom. Studio 2, Chelsea Gate Studios, 115 Harwood Road For more information on any particular dance … The official British Army regulations for under-kilt wear state that undergarments should only be worn for taking part in organised sports, Highland dancing (not reeling) or when ladies are present in the mess hall. Afterwards, we continue with the Hamilton House, the Duke of Perth and the Inverness Country Dance. 2007-The most established Ceilidh, Reeling & Covers function band in London, presenting that BIG cool Celtic sound! The Scots did other dances as well, but they did love their reels. These are all very easy to pick up with simple, repeated patterns. Once the preserve of Highland aristocracy and the military elite, Scottish reeling is now a mainstay on the British social calendar. I waited a bit too long to learn, so my boyfriend emailed me links to a bunch of YouTube videos while I was traveling. The basics are easy to learn and before you know it you’ll be reeling and promenading about the room. At all other times it is at their discretion. Tuesday 14th January 2019 (7-10.30pm) Please note: all classes and events are cancelled until further notice (March 16th 2020). Thursday 14 May - social We offer : DANCES - every month except August you can dance to well-known Scottish Dance bands, usually on a Saturday night. These are all very easy to pick up with simple, repeated patterns. While it’s fun to throw in a few extra twiddles, don’t overdo it, nobody likes a show-off, let alone one that steps on their feet. John Carver is an enthusiastic 'caller' (teacher) of Scottish reels & ceilidhs in the south of England, and organises 'The Reel Thing' each year in London. You don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy a lively style of dance and the toe-tapping, high-spirited Celtic music that accompanies it. Making eye-contact and spurning partners is part of the fun. But were afraid to ask, This post may contain affiliate links. With further, indisposable hints on the social niceties of reeling, the conventions of the dance and the timetable of the Scottish social season, "The Swinging Sporran" is a hilarious companion to anyone who ventures into the social world north of the border. If you need more information than can be found here, please don't hesitate to contact us, either by filling in the form on the contact page, or by e-mail to one of the committee. Tuesday 12th May (7-10.30pm) CLASSES - if you’ve never tried Scottish Country Dancing or haven’t danced for a while, there are classes for all ages and different abilities throughout the region. Check their online calendar for the next dates – it’s a great introductory reel to attend. Below are three popular dances and each of them has a link to a website where you can learn the steps and see the actual dance. The dances and music we use are a variety of English / Irish / Scottish / American and European. Scottish reeling has a few hallmarks, according to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (yes, this is a real thing). (Summer Party with Supergrouse 7.30 to First, you need at least two couples for a reel to work. It is fortunate for the Scottish Country Dancing community at large that amateur recorders of videos produce the material which we can disseminate. Thursday 23 January - social Summer Party: Tuesday London Reels holds social Scottish Dances throughout the reeling season (September to June) at St Columba’s Church of Scotland, Pont Street, London SW1X 0BD (nearest tube: Knightsbridge). 57 talking about this. All these dances are informal except the Highland Ball in November. Seriously. Dress ready, I faced the challenge of learning Scottish reeling. Go gung ho – ladies don’t appreciate bruised arms from over-enthusiastic grips and wayward spins. We have Scottish dance classes to suit dancers at all levels from beginner to experienced, and a lively programme of events throughout the year. The dance cards are filled with standards of Scottish country dancing: The Dashing White Sergeant, the Eightsome Reel, The Gay Gordons, and the Reel of the 51st Division are danced prior to dinner. Dancing couple set to and turn 1st corners and then set to and turn 2nd corner. Attire depends on the dress code, this ranges from casual to ballgown to demure traditional dress. The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Eightsome Reel - YouTube Even if you’re not the most coordinated dancer the steps are basic – setting, turning, casting off, figure of eights – so don’t worry about looking inelegant, the movements are rolling rather than balletic. They meet once a month in Knightsbridge and welcomes dancers of all abilities and ages. If you’re going somewhere smarter, two or three lessons should do the trick. There are more than 15,000 documented Scottish country dances so only very frequently danced or notable ones are listed here. As a band we have performed at weddings; birthday and anniversary parties, fundraising events; Folk Festivals; themed nights (Scottish; Irish and Hoe Down). The Perth Ball is a wonderful Perthshire tradition, going back 163 years. Saturday 22 February (London Reels Ball Tuesday 10th March (7-10.30pm) Thursday 30 April - teaching Thursday 16 April - social All dances are “called”, easy to learn and FUN. Don’t confuse it with Highland dancing, which is more ceremonial. Read our guide and top tips to learn everything you need to know, including some great spots to practice in London to spurren you on to try it for yourself…. I welcome details of any other callers who would like to be included in this list. Wear a kilt and get a pound off entry. Country & Town House is the go-to destination for trusted, inspiring and uplifting content that will enhance your lifestyle wherever you live. Make time to knock back a few glasses and rest your feet. If you are planning to produce a YouTube video of a Scottish Country Dance, see our Advice On Preparing Videos. Whether you want to learn to spin like a Scot or simply miss the Highland hills, PGT is the place to be. Performing modern & traditional Scottish Ceilidh/Reeling/Barn Dance … It was made popular in the 18th century by lairds who held formal balls in their castles. Although there is a long-standing tradition that the men ask the ladies, men – both young and old – will be overjoyed by your advances. In a hotel room in Canada. in Chelsea Old Town Hall). Typical dances performed by the band at a Scottish ceilidh are the Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Strip The Willow, Scottish Welcome, Canadian Barn Dance, Military Two Step, Virginia Reel, Cumberland Reel, St Bernard's Waltz, and many more. Turn 2nd corner right handed and partner left handed, finish facing 1st corner. It’s now in its 172nd year so make sure you’ve nailed your setting. Thursday 9 January - teaching SCOTTISH REELING & Elaborately embellish your routine. Thursday 6 February - teaching Dance to every number. It’s very rude to start forming sets before the dance has been announced or the band has played the first few bars of the tune. It might seem a bit overwhelming – there’s 11,000 Scottish reels and dances on record – but you’ll find the same favourites cropping up, namely The Gay Gordons, The Dashing White Sergeant, Hamilton House, the Duke of Perth and the Reel of the 51st Division. READ MORE: Best Things to Do in Scotland | Best Places to Eat in Edinburgh. PGT Reels hosts fortnightly reeling sessions in South Kensington, alternating teaching evenings with social dances. Part of the Highland Ball season, it is a much anticipated night of fun, formal glamour and high tempo Scottish reeling with music by the famous Simon Howie Dance Band. Learn more, Curious about Scottish reeling? Just click on the name on the committee page. Tuesday 14th April (7-10.30pm), Tuesday 28th Still Reeling are a Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band based in Darwen Lancashire. If you think you’ve got what it takes, try The Perth Ball, which has been running since 1750. £10 normal fee The Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society near Sloane Square provide a real range of classes, from first-timers to old-hats looking to brush up on technique. Read the background to the creation of the "War Dance", The 51st Country Dance. While Burns Night this year will be a far cry from the usual song and dance, we look to the baronial piles where we’d ideally be addressing the haggis. The strathspey also forms part of the musical format for competing pipe bands. So there you go - a quick tour of Scottish Dancing today. The Baltik Ceilidh Band-Est. The dance is based on very old Scottish formations of ‘setting’ and ‘reeling’. A bit of bonnie Scotland in the heart of London! The most spectacular Scottish castles in which to celebrate Burns Night, including Floors, Glenapp and Dunrobin. Thursday 11 June (*summer party*), CHRISTMAS & SUMMER REELING PARTIES Thursday 2 April - teaching The Dashing White Sergeant. These dances, such as the Foursome Reel and Axum Reel, alternated between dancing along a looping track within the set (a figure of eight with an extra loop for the Foursome, a sort of 'H' shape for the Axum) and setting, showing off to your partner with fancy footwork. No one likes a floor hog. Our eight content pillars celebrate the finest in Culture, Style, Interiors, Property, Schools, Hotels & Travel, Food & Wine and Health & Wellbeing. We suspect this is because the ensuing panic to grab the nearest dancer without two left feet provides a great source of entertainment. After one lesson you’ll know enough to muddle your way through. Wait to be asked to dance. Back to the top of this 'Scottish Dance Video A To Z' page But, of course, to truly experience Scottish reeling you must head north of the border. ​, January to June 2020: The strathspey step is a slower and more stately version of the skip-change step used for jigs and reels. The latest news is … A bit of bonnie Scotland in the heart of London! This band is bursting with energy & features multi-award winning musicians, performing Ceilidh with a modern twist. As a ceilidh is about traditional Scottish Music and dancing you might want to learn more about some of the traditional dances before you visit a ceilidh. SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING, (Cash or card accepted at the door The Dun Reels are a collective of professional Musicians based in the London and Buckinghamshire area. Doors open at 6.45pm. The reeling repertoire is a subset of the dances enjoyed by Scottish Country dancers. Thursday 20 February - social One of the most popular Scottish country dances of all time, the Reel of the 51st Highland Division is a modern Scottish country dance written by Lieutenant J E M "Jimmy" Atkinson of the 7th Battalion, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders while in a POW camp … April (Extra pre-Cally session 7 to 10.30) Scottish country dancing is enjoyable, sociable and an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages. on the night) It’s great value at £7 for a three-hour class, and a good one for beginners as they take you through the basic steps and dance routines. / Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement / Competition T&Cs / Terms and Conditions /, © 2021 Country & Town House. A tartan sash wouldn’t go amiss. Welcome to the Zurich Scottish Country Dancing Club. As with most things, show enough enthusiasm and you can wing your way through it. Reeling is mostly about socialising – having a bit of a knees-up with friends. PGT Reels ( Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Avenue, Chelsea, London SW3 3AP. Try PGT reels, at St. Alban’s Church, Margravine Road,. Put a pair of ghillies on your feet, these lace up shoes are tricky to tie up and are great at letting water in…. He calls regularly alongside the best bands on the circuit, and consistently transforms dance floors full of nervous beginners into reeling This dance dates from the late 19th Century and has been attributed to David Anderson of Dundee. That being said, expect to end up on your backside at least once throughout the evening. Or, you could try London Reels, the city’s most popular Scottish reeling society. Push beginners – however tempting it is to shout and cajole them, it’s generally frowned upon. All are welcome at our regularly scheduled classes, ceilidhs, balls and social dances. Thursday 19 March - social This one’s a military affair, with concession tickets available for those serving who attend in uniform. Remember to flirt outrageously. for the best of C&TH, Country & Town House Whether you want to learn to spin like a Scot or simply miss the Highland hills, PGT is the place to be. Reel definition, a cylinder, frame, or other device that turns on an axis and is used to wind up or pay out something. If you’re feeling dapper, wear lace cuffs and a doublet.