Various sections of the Rules address the following key areas: Law Society organization and administration. E:, Rule B9: Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing, Section B: Fundamental Principles and Client Care, Rule B6: Accounts, Accounts Certificates, Professional Practice & Guarantee Fund, Rule B7: Professional Indemnity Insurance, Rule B8: Miscellaneous Client Protection Requirements, Section D: Requirements of and Restrictions on Practice, Rule D3: Prohibition on Association with Disqualified Persons, Rule D6: Registration of European Lawyers, Division B: The Management of Files, Papers and Information, Division D: Approval of Executry and Trust Accounting, Division E: Guidance on Referral of Clients for Financial Advice, Section F: Guidance Relating to Particular Types of Work, Division F: Acting as Insolvency Practitioner, Division H: Guidance on Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney, Division I: Solicitors Acting as Executors and Agents – Duties in Relation to Legal Rights, For assistance with any query related to rules, guidance or any related item please contact the. The Rules set forth the specific regulations, responsibilities and professional standards all lawyers are required to meet and uphold. 2-14  Unauthorized practice of law, Inter-jurisdictional practice The Law Society has 13 branches nationwide. 2-81  Transfer under National Mobility Agreement and Territorial Mobility Agreement 3-46  Confidentiality of indemnity claims, 3-47  Definitions 1-44.1  Executive Director's delegate 1-17  Quorum for committee meetings 3-78  Lawyer’s right to claim funds 2-59  Articling term 2-8  Annual practice declaration 2-78  Law school faculty 2-113  Referral to Executive Committee In accordance with the Law Society Rules, we bring to your attention the risks relating to correspondence by way of non-encrypted e-mail. 5-17  Disqualification 4-36  Preliminary questions 2-98  Adjournment of hearing 1-34  Declaration of candidates elected 2-47  Liability indemnification 2-71  Court and tribunal appearances by temporary articled students 3-23  Confidentiality of Practice Standards Committee deliberations 1-47  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 3-9  Notifying the parties 4-51  Disbarment Compliance with practice rules is mandatory unless a waiver has been granted. 2-105  Annual practising and indemnity fee instalments 2-60  Legal services by articled students Law Society Rules. 2. 5-16  Review boards 4-24  Notification of respondent 2-50  Credentials Committee 1-46  Laying of information 5-24  Record of an order for costs by the Practice Standards Committee 1-28  Order of names on ballot 3-57  Removal of designation 4-46  Discipline involving lawyers practising in other jurisdictions 4-2  Discipline Committee 3-37  Parenting coordinators 2-112  Executive Director’s discretion Information in these sections are separated into five categories: rules; guidance; forms and fees; advice and information; and alerts. 3-18  Practice review For information about how we use your personal data see our privacy policy at 3-5  Investigation of complaints 4-38  Pre-hearing conference 9-16  Review of Executive Director’s decision This table of contents lists the rules and any other items which directly relate to those rules. 9-14  LLP name 1-48  Appointment of Law Society counsel, 1-49  Committees of the Benchers 4-7  Notification 3-100  Requirement to identify client 6-4  Acquiring lawyer’s practice 9-9  Disclosure of corporate information 2-94  Preliminary questions 5-20  Stay of order pending review LAW SOCIETY OF NAMIBIA COUNCIL 2019 / 2020 Practise requirements. 4-14  Privilege and confidentiality 2-83  Consideration of application for call and admission 2-84  Barristers and solicitors’ roll and oath, Reinstatement Go to Member's Manual. Law Society joins plea for Lugano Convention. 3-13  Appointment of Complainants’ Review Committee 3-64.1  Electronic transfers from trust Law Society president faces misconduct tribunal after High Court rules he has case to answer By CJ McKinney on Jan 13 2021 11:29am David Greene denies allegation he … 2-25  Trust funds 2-52  Powers of Credentials Committee, Application for enrolment, admission or reinstatement 9-8  Corporate information 10-3  Records 2-116  Refund on exemption during practice year 2-20  Application for inter-jurisdictional practice permit 3-51  Insolvent lawyer 3-108  Existing matters 3-14  Review by Complainants’ Review Committee, 3-15  Practice Standards Committee 3-96  Report of failure to cancel mortgage 1-51  Powers and duties, Members 2-17  Disqualifications 2-64  Articles in another Canadian jurisdiction 9-15  Notice of application for registration 2020-11-27T14:45:00Z. 3-71  Billing records 5-7  Communication with Ombudsperson confidential 3-7.4  Publication of consent agreement 4-53  Notice 3-27  Application 5-5  Compelling witnesses and production of documents 3-34  Advertising 2-72  Training course The Little Red Book of Advocacy Second Edition, Trevor Riley 2016. The following Rules of the Natal Law Society have been made by the Council in terms of Section 74(1) of Act 53 of 1979 and, after having been approved by the majority of members at a General Meeting, and by the Chief Justice of South Africa, were published in Government Gazette No. 3-32  Failure to complete professional development, Division 4 – Specialization and Restricted Practice, 3-33  Definitions 3-55  Fiduciary property Guidance and related items which are not directly related to rules can be found in Sections E and F. Search by keyword and category, or by browse A - Z, For assistance with any query related to rules, guidance or any related item please contact the Professional Practice team on or call 0131 226 8896, T: +44(0) 131 226 7411 2-80  In-house counsel 2-106  Assessments 4-45  Discipline proceedings involving members of other governing bodies 9-11  Revocation of permits, Division 2 – Limited Liability Partnerships, 9-12  Definition 5-25  Pre-review conference 1-4  Life Benchers 3-25  Costs, 3-26  Definitions 2-56  Consideration of application for enrolment 2-24  Enforcement 8-2  Maximum remuneration in personal injury actions 3.64.2  Electronic deposits into trust + We are committed to providing access to resources and services to meet the needs of a diverse community. Need to print some or all pages of the Act, Rules or Code? 3-10  Extraordinary action to protect public 5-8  Public hearing This section contains The Law Society of Manitoba Rules as a complete document (links above), as well as the Rules broken into individual sections (links below). 2-76  Call and admission 5-11  Costs of hearings 4-4  Action on complaints The Law Society Rules 2015 replaced the previous Law Society Rules on July 1, 2015. 4-47  Public notice of suspension or disbarment 5-2  Hearing panels 5-12  Application to vary certain orders 5-24.2  Notice of review hearing We are the voice of solicitors, driving excellence in the profession and safeguarding the rule of law. 4-54  Summary procedure 2-18  Federal jurisdiction 3-92  Calculation of interest The Law Society has joined a plea to the EU to make dispute resolution across Europe more accessible for small businesses by allowing the UK to sign up to the Lugano Convention when the Brexit transition period ends. 3-2  Complaints 2-53  Disclosure of information, Admission program 2-70  Temporary articles 2-63  Law clerks In this section, download helpful Law Society information on a range of legal areas, read a guide to the professional conduct of solicitors, and find useful links to getting a legal quote, why use a solicitor and other legal websites. 3-3  Confidentiality of complaints GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018. Law Society CPD Events; E-Learning; Practice Well; CPD Partnerships; Ethics in Practice & Legal Profession (Solicitors’ Accounts) Rules; Advocacy Related Materials for Part B Students; External Events; LPI. 2-49  Notifying the Society, Credentials Committee 2-33  Marketing of legal services by practitioners of foreign law 2-9  Definition 4-31  Rejection of admissions 4-41  Preliminary matters 2-44  Lawyer’s professional duties 1-27  Voting procedure 5-3  Panel member unable to continue 5.29  Appeal to Court of Appeal, 6-1  Co-operation in conduct of custodianship 2-77  First call and admission 3-44  Deductible, surcharge and reimbursement 3-6  Failure to produce records on complaint investigation 3-77  Annual CDIC report 3-39.1  Compulsory trust protection indemnification 2-11  Residential address 2-12.5  Designated representative, Paralegals 2-89  Returning to practice after an absence 1-40  Referendum ballots 1-10  Auditors 2-27  National Registry of Practising Lawyers, Information sharing 4-13  Conduct Review Subcommittee report The legal profession legislation requires that applicants for and holders of practising certificates must disclose certain matters to the Law Society. 5-14  Recovery of money owed to the Society, Reviews and appeals 4-9  Conduct letter from the chair 3-62  Cheque endorsed over Previously it was possible to ignore discussion about commission until the deal was completed. 4-18  Contents of citation 1-13.2  Voting at general meeting 2-55  Re-enrolment 3-99  Application 2-37  Inter-jurisdictional law firms, Multi-disciplinary practice Interpretation. These Rules may be cited as the Law Society Rules 2012 and shall come into operation on the date of publication in the Gazette. 4-42  Evidence of respondent Lectures on NT Public Law, Graham Nicholson 2016 8-3  Form and content of contingent fee agreements + The Law Society … 1-30  Alternative vote ballot 1-20  Bencher elections 9-20  Notification of non-compliance, 10-1  Service and notice The new Law Society rules came into force on 1 January, but do not as yet apply to collective investment products, points out […] 1-45  Seal It is an office consolidation prepared by the Rules Committee of the Law Society of the Northwest Territories, for convenience of reference only. 9-17  Disclosure of LLP status 4-33  Summary hearing 1-35  Election record and disclosure of votes received 1-42  Date falling on Saturday, Sunday or holiday 3-43  Exemption from professional liability indemnification 3-64  Withdrawal from trust 4-5  Consideration of complaints by chair 2-108  Late payment 5-28  Inactive reviews 4-26  Review of interim suspension or practice conditions Read More Act, Code & Rules 2-85  Reinstatement of former lawyer 3-28  Practice management course 5-10  Decision 2-87  Former judge or master, Returning to practice 2-35  Scope of practice + The Law Society acknowledges the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples, who are the traditional custodians of the land on which our building is located. As part of the new processes contemplated by the regulations, the Law Society of Saskatchewan plays an important role in helping lawyers maintain the integrity of sworn documents and to protect their clients. Learn about our member benefits and apply to join today. 1-18  Procedure for committee meetings, Elections The Law Society is the independent professional body for solicitors. 1-8  Annual general meeting 2-22  Expiry and renewal of inter-jurisdictional practice permit 1-15  Notice of Bencher meeting 9-5  Issuance of permit Amendments based on the Federation of Law Societies Model Code of Professional Conduct adopted by Convocation October 24, 2013, effective October 1, 2014. 3-106  Timing of verification for organizations 3-101  Exemptions F: +44(0) 131 225 2934 Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups, Complaints Lawyer Discipline and Public Hearings, Public hearings schedules and discipline decisions, Practice Advisors Frequently Asked Questions, What You Need to Know if You Plan to Practise in BC, Custodianships: When Lawyers Can No Longer Run their Practice, Working With Lawyers and How the Justice System Works, Self-representation and Unbundled Services, Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia, Highlights of Amendments to the Law Society Rules, Part 2 – Membership and Authority to Practise Law, Part 9 – Incorporation and Limited Liability Partnerships, Removal of the President or a Vice-President, Election record and disclosure of votes received, Appointment of Bencher to represent a district, Date falling on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, Legal services by non-practising and retired members, Supervision of limited number of designated paralegals, Inter-jurisdictional practice without a permit, Application for inter-jurisdictional practice permit, Expiry and renewal of inter-jurisdictional practice permit, Sharing information with a governing body, Providing foreign legal services without a permit, Marketing of legal services by practitioners of foreign law, Consideration of application for enrolment, Articles in another Canadian jurisdiction, Practice experience in a common law jurisdiction outside Canada, Court and tribunal appearances by temporary articled students, Transfer from another Canadian jurisdiction, Transfer under National Mobility Agreement and Territorial Mobility Agreement, Consideration of application for call and admission, Compelling witnesses and production of documents, Annual non-practising and retired member fees, Annual practising and indemnity fee instalments, Consideration of complaints and other information, Failure to produce records on complaint investigation, Appointment of Complainants’ Review Committee, Confidentiality of Practice Standards Committee deliberations, Late completion of professional development, Failure to complete professional development, Professional development for family law neutrals, Compulsory professional liability indemnification, Compulsory trust protection indemnification, Exemption from professional liability indemnification, Compliance audit of books, records and accounts, Failure to produce records on compliance audit, Disposition of files, trust money and other documents and valuables, Payment of unclaimed trust funds to the Society, Requirement to identify directors, shareholders and owners, Continuation of membership during investigation or disciplinary proceedings, Confidentiality of Discipline Committee deliberations, Evidence of conduct review at the hearing of a citation, Direction to issue, expand or rescind citation, Interim suspension or practice conditions, Review of interim suspension or practice conditions, Conditional admission and consent to disciplinary action, Application for details of the circumstances, Discipline proceedings involving members of other governing bodies, Discipline involving lawyers practising in other jurisdictions, Public notice of suspension or disbarment, Communication with Ombudsperson confidential, Failure to pay costs or fulfill practice condition, Record of an order for costs by the Practice Standards Committee, Maximum remuneration in personal injury actions, Form and content of contingent fee agreements, Statement of rules in contingent fee agreements, Notice of change in corporate information, Practice through a limited liability partnership, Change in LLP information and annual reports, concordance between the new and old rules, Complaints Lawyer Discipline Public Hearings.