Modules can be built in smaller fab yards offsite saving time and money. The FPSO concept allows oil companies to produce oil in more remote areas and in deeper water than would have been economically possible with other technology, like fixed piled structures. rigorous capital deployment to exploit the oil reserves. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook. O    In a situation where laying pipelines is not a cost-effective solution, the FPSO is particularly well-adapted. E    Information. Once the source of hydrocarbons has plateaued in a specific site, an FPSO unit can then move on to its next target. For fixed platforms, oil and gas structures are shown separately since there is a mix of producers, while all floaters (except Independence Hub complex 1766) are oil structures. The initial solution to these modern problems was a step back in technology, a return to the fixed platform in the form of jackets. Floating: The FPSO is a floating and movable platform. Offshore platform drainage and waste disposal systems shall be designed in accordance with API RP 14E “Recommended Practice for Design and Installation of Offshore Production Platform Piping Systems” and all national, state and local codes and regulations. Our offshore classification services cover all phases of your asset throughout its lifetime. Mobile Offshore Production Units vs. An FPSO considerably minimises this expenditure as little permanent infrastructure has to be considered. J    This subsea drilling system consists of a production unit Main parts of an FPSO. In areas such as these, where subsurface pipelines would be logistically challenging and export by shuttle tankers is increasingly expensive, an FPSO provides the best of both worlds as a tailored upstream and midstream unit rolled into one. While FPSOs are the preferred choice of offshore drilling This range of cases makes it impossible or uneconomic to exploit by conventional fixed platform approaches. rooms, offices, and dining and recreation lounges. With an excellent central mooring system, the platform can rotate freely on the ocean and adjust itself to weather conditions. If the oilfield is in seas with a mild weather environment, the FPSO is anchored using a spread mooring. job to maintain production assets to maximize their uptime. Sign in Here or Forgot Password Figure 1.1 Thesis Organizations Vs Contents of Study Figure 2.1 Centre of gravity (COG) shift Figure 3.1 Lifting Equipment and Components Figure 3.2 Saipem S7000 SSCV 14000 ton Capacity Figure 3.3 Sheerleg Crane Vessel – Asian Hercules II : 3200 ton Capacity Figure 3.4 Derrick Barge Crane – Thialf : 14200 ton Capacity The average semi-submersible oil rig takes 3-4 years to kit out and build, and a jack-up rig 2-3 years. Floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) is a term that references a floating vessel near an offshore oil field where oil is processed and stored until it can be transferred to a tanker. An FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) is tanker shape floating platform that is used for processing the well fluids from an offshore oil field and temporarilly storing the produced oil. Offshore drilling requires sustained capital investments due to the fact that it is more intricate and challenging. For further information on how we process and monitor Terms of Use - For example, consider the picture below. Small field development - FPSO is occasionally a feasible solution when deployed in small field with high depletion rate. Information. We respect your privacy, by clicking 'Subscribe' you will receive our e-newsletter, including information on Podcasts, Webinars, event discounts, However, unlikely jacket plkatforms, a compliant tower is designed to flex with the forces of waves, wind and currents . Unlike their fixed platform and semi-submersible counterparts, an FPSO does not have to start its life as an FPSO. Semi-submersible rigs make stable platforms for drilling for offshore oil and gas. From the above picture, one can see that there are two types of The International Maritime Organization MODU Code is an accredited design and operational guideline for mobile offshore drilling units of the semi … Deepwater drilling is capital intensive, strenuous and environmentally challenging. 2.019 Design of Ocean Systems Lecture 2 February 11, 2011 Typical Offshore Structures Platforms: