Home. Okahao-Tsandi main Road, Box 42 Okahao Good Evening, I would like to complain about the delay and ignorance of FNB's Home Loan Deceased Department. Box 285, Windhoek Land & Home Loans. Box 2941, Windhoek 76 Hampie Plichta Ave, Box 77 Keetmanshoop Box 23043 Electronic access to prepaid funds on your home loan.Interest calculated daily and capitalised monthly.24/7 electronic access to funds via FNB ATMs, Cellphone-, Telephone or Online Banking. Fax: 067304438, First National Bank of Namibia LTD Home Loan. No 5, 11 Road, Walvisbay C/O Noble Armstrong St, Old Power Station Home Loans. We offer home loans for those who which to build a new home and those looking to buy an existing home. About FNB + Legal. Tel: 063 345100, First National Bank of Namibia LTD Make sure you know what process to follow to cancel your home loan, including all the costs involved. Please note that on your third failed attempt, your profile will be blocked. Tel: 061 2998149, 110 Nickel St, Prosperita Get a Personal Loan of up to R300 000 for planned or unplanned expenses. Home. 1040 C/O Independence & Mandume Ndemufayo Ave Tel: 064 2018111, Kuisebmond Virtually no communication and no feedback from myy “private banker” that has absolute to purpose!!! Private Banking. Tsandi, Main Road, Box 35 Outapi Tel: 065 225328 / 065 225329, First National Bank of Namibia LTD Tel: 061 2992222, 16 Nguni St, Northern Industrial Area Tel: 060 230800, Oshakati Game Box 5065, Ausspannplatz What would you like to do? Close. Khomasdal Tel: 064 502700 Where the principle loan amount is equal to or less than R1 000 000, the maximum cover will be capped at R1 000 000 per property, per applicant, with a cumulative maximum of R2 000 000 per applicant. For My Business. This two-part loan consists of an initial one-year construction loan rolled into a long-term facility loan that is payable over up to 20 years. Tel: 067 308300, Otjiwarongo Midway Agency It's simpler than registering an additional bond and the funds are readily available. This is your third and last login attempt available. Tel: 064 213800 We offer finance solutions and tools to guide you through the entire home loan process - from start to finish. I have a home loan with FNB, the service im getting is disappointing, im not getting any feedback, my installment was suppose to start now in jan 2021 according to the lady who was assist me wilma Myburg, and surprisingly i was debited in december 20 Box 285, Windhoek A competitive quote for applicants aged 64 years or younger from FNB Life, called Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP) will be supplied. Your profile will be blocked if you fail to enter your login details correctly. This is your third and last login attempt available. It provides you with the opportunity to give clear instructions on how your assets and wishes are to be dealt with when you pass away. With varying rates on offer, FNB Namibia home loans helps you with financing to purchase your dream home. Careers at FNB. Ground Floor Tel: 067 221794, First National Bank of Namibia LTD Play Video . Tel: 063 202077, First National Bank of Namibia LTD What would you like to do? Home. Fax: 066 264729, First National Bank of Namibia LTD A fee charged by FNB to process your building loan application. fiduciary@fnb.co.za. Whether buying your first car, planning a relaxing vacation, purchasing a new home or anything else you can imagine, we want to help you realize your dream. In order to unblock your profile, reset your username and password. Rates + Pricing. Private Banking. In order to unblock your profile, reset your username and password. Tel: 061 2992111, Bureau de Change You will need a transactional account in the name of one of the bondholders, Individual: min. Fax: 063 270079, First National Bank of Namibia LTD BH Complex Main Rd, Box 13407 Eenhana If the Future Use portion has already been registered, there will be no registration costs. branch. A monthly administration fee will be charged on all new registered loans. Tel: 061 2992437 The fee is calculated on the outstanding balance at your current interest rate. Start new application. For Me. Please note that, should you use an insurer other than the one recommended by the bank, you will be required to provide us with an updated policy following the renewal month of the policy on an annual basis. The premiums payable for MPP are dependent on the previous months average outstanding home loan balance and reduces as the home loan is paid off. FNB offers an extensive range of home loan products from Sharia'ah compliant home loans for our Islamic clients to home loans for non-residents looking to purchase property in South Africa.