Hi my betta has been bloated for at least three days now. Dropsy will alter the appearance of your Betta. Unfortunately, dropsy is very difficult to treat, … What will the rest of her life be like if she recovers? My betta has dropsy. Name: Fish Dropsy I buy the gallon drinking water for my beta tank. Dropsy is linked to kidney failure, poor diet, bad osmoregulation, or other internal infections (e.g. Here are some of the most common symptoms that you need to watch out for when you suspect dropsy in a betta: Once you notice your betta’s belly swelling, move it to what we lovingly refer to as a hospital tank. Please offer any possible insight. All comments are moderated before going live. Identifying it early will increase your chances for successful treatment. Dropsy is characterized by “pineconeing scales that are visible from above – on both sides of the fish. Hi. She has not eaten in more than 2 weeks. Your email address will not be published. Dropsy in betta fish is a condition in which excess fluid builds around internal organs and is trapped inside the body of the animal. The secret is knowing how to treat this condition successfully and acting quickly, as soon as your fish becomes lethargic or exhibits other bothersome symptoms. I assumed that it was eggs however, her bloat has not gone down, it has only gotten worse. This disease needs to be discussed in depth. Tap water that’s safe for human consumption is also ideal because its less expensive and readily available – as long as it’s conditioned to remove heavy metals and chlorine, and has an ideal pH as well. This sounds like a constipation or overfeeding issue or another potential ailment. Try not feeding her for 2-3 days and see if it improves. My female betta is currently being quarantined in a heated 1 gallon. The steps below will help you alleviate a case of Dropsy in your fish tank: 1. Bloating, on the other hand, is usually concentrated to abdominal or stomach area – and is not as visible looking from above. Strong antibiotics can also affect kidneys and the liver and place additional stress on a betta. I looked into the fish tank this morning and I noticed Finley (my male betta) was missing! Treatment: Antibiotics like Kanamycin Sulfate, or Maracyn II This is their natural ability to resist and fight disease. Dropsy is a condition common among aquarium fish and is typically identified as a symptom rather than the actual disease. How long can I safely leave him in Epsom salt water? My king beta has one side swollen but scales are not protruding I’ve fasted him for 4 days still he’s lethargic and no appetite I’ve tried daphania and beta revive moving a bit more he’s in a gallon hospital aquarium any advice? this is actually a weak ago so he died September 16, 2018. taffy looks really sad she has not been as active as she usually does so me and my dad are thinking about getting a new betta fish I am so excited I hope she gets along with the new member of the family:). Dropsy is a common disease that’s usually seen in bettas and other species of tropical fish that are kept in an unsuitable, stressful environment. I’m not sure what else to do, I don’t want him to die. I wanted to give you guys another update on Autumn the Koi Betta. Her swelling and pineconing is no worse and no better. Answer: Yes, it is certainly possible to overdo it. How do I know if its dropsy or if she’s just bloated, I’m a new betta owner and I’ve come to realize I have been feed my girl Betty WAY too much. There’s always a chance Kathy, but 3 weeks is a long time for no improvement and going that long without food. Dropsy is another cause of bloat in betta fish. Place the diseased fish into a quarantine tank. Dropsy will alter the appearance of your Betta. He is currently in a 1 gallon hospital tank with a pinch of it inside. We often consider dropsy as a secondary ailment, since it only occurs when there is already an underlying disease. It’s also possible that he injured his swim bladder if he has trouble regulating his depth in the water. So far I already have the hospital tank, water temp right, heater, bubbler, he’s got a leaf at the top to sit on, and added the aquarium salt this morning as I was setting up the hospital tank. This disease is associated with organ failure. Can I use aquarium salt in the tank with the other medications!? Betta Fish Diseases - How To Treat A Sick Betta Fish, How Long Do Betta Fish Live? Especially if you detect pale gills, clamped fins, disinterest in eating, and you see they swim too close to the surface of the water. Another major factor that causes dropsy in betta fish is stress. If there is no protruding scales or pineconing it’s likely not dropsy bout could still be something internal going on. What do I do with her tank mates? His scales are kind’ve pale, and they looked pineconed but his bloat isn’t huge, and the pineconing isn’t extreme. How do you use the epsom! Submenu Toggle Top Betta Fish FAQ Explained; Product Review. Add the recommended dosage of aquarium salt to your betta’s tank. There isn’t much evidence to explain what causes betta dropsy; it’s all very vague in the world of betta keeping. Dropsy. This is different than overfeeding and constipation bloat. I havent used it yet but have reviews on it works good. If your tank is well-maintained, the fish are fed a correct, healthy diet, and stress is kept to a minimum, outbreaks of bacterial infection are unlikely. I tried to give him a pea, but he will not eat it. Can you please help me. Will it be bad if I treat her for it anyway? 1440 W. Taylor St # 1352 Chicago, IL 60607, pine-coned appearance, where the betta’s scales are picking up, gasping for air at the surface of the tank, ulcers along the lateral line of the body. Chances for survival are more common with less severe internal causes and immediate treatment. Please help me! My betta ‘Genie’ has a swollen abdomen only on 1 side. When lefted the ornament he dashed to the surface for air but sank to the bottom right after and had been staying that way ever since. There is also a stringy white poop coming from his anus since yesterday. Hello I have two female betta fish, and both are very sick, don’t worries they are in separate tanks! You may notice that your Betta’s scales are poking out unnaturally, kind of in a pinecone pattern. She was originally showing signs of ick. Never pour hospital tank water back into your main aquarium. Swelling is predominantly on the left side of the body and is noticeable from above. I'm treating my betta for dropsy, and she actually seems to be improving. When I checked up with the aquarist from whom I got him, he said that he is just bloated and that I should not feed him for 2- 3 days. 3 years is a pretty long time for a betta. The survival rate for betta fish with dropsy is low. It is characterized by a puffy abdomen, which can be a sign of various underlying health conditions like a liver dysfunction, as well as some parasitic or bacterial infections. Fish are only susceptible when their immune system has been compromised by some other stress factor. One teaspoon is all you need for every gallon of water used. Yes, the baths are a great addition to treatment. Behavioral Betta Symptoms: Lack of appetite, lethargic, bottom-dwelling, darting to surface for oxygen, laying on their side We are very fond for him. When decorating your tank try to strike a balance … I think my 2 yr old betta has dropsy but I am not sure. It’s a 2.5 gallon heated tank. It’s a secondary symptom a female (taffy) and a male (tiny) and I noticed tiny was getting really fat but every year he gets really fat so I just thought he was starting to get fat but then he started to not eat? You should certainly try to treat it and keep your betta comfortable during this time however. Many antibiotics deplete dissolved oxygen levels and are potent which is why daily 25% water changes and an air bubbler are crucial during treatment. Thank you for your time! I’ll try anything I need to to treat this. (Check out this complete guide to Swim Bladder Disease In Bettas.) But now she’s not responding to food. Ensure you do not add too much water to your tank, so that your fish can easily swim to the top of the tank, if needed. Most, if not all, of us are fully aware of the wisdom shown in the well-known saying, A stitch in time saves nine. Visit Us : Jl. The good news is that dropsy is definitely preventable. If you put effort into keeping your fish’s tank clean—with a low-flow filter and by performing routine weekly water changes and substrate maintenance—and keep a very close eye on your betta’s overall health, you can usually prevent dropsy from occurring in the first place or cure it before it becomes too problematic. It will teach you everything you need to know about dropsy in fish, and how you can it out of your tank. I really love these guys and don’t want to lose them!! Although he is not bloated and his scales aren’t pineconing. Is it possible that she is constipated (white stringy poop) or has been overfed? You could try fasting her (no food) for 2-3 and see if things improve. but then I saw the next day that he started eating more and was getting skinnier so I was not so scared anymore then a few days later he was FAT so I started doing the things it says to do but sadly a few weeks later he died and I had had him for three years! The one with Dropsy name is Gwen and my other is Betty! The fish will also look bloated and noticeably bigger than they were a few days ago. It’s believed to be caused by poor water quality and diseases contracted from live food. Is this ok to use or is tap water better? Use kanaplex. Keep in mind that salt doesn’t evaporate, so you’ll need to continue to clean out the tank on a regular basis. Dropsy is the process of fluid building up inside a betta (usually swelling of the kidneys). Hi, im having same issues with my betta . She seems to be looking better but I don't know if I can cure her of her dropsy. I’m unsure why, my male veiltail betta might have dropsy hes in a heated filtered 5.5 gallon tank but his scales ive noticed are slightly raised and ive had him for about 7 months now. I feel his dropsy may be too severe at this point and he may not last much longer. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with the salt baths. I wouldn’t be able to save my betta last two times if it weren’t you so every opinion/advice is very appreciated!! Submenu Toggle ... Tiger Barb and Betta Fish are popular tropical fish Tiger Barb and Betta are two of the most popular aquarium and fish … She also is sometimes at the bottom of the tank and hides in the corners, she really loves me and greets me every time I walk in the room! Didn’t have much time to try and help him, So our two week old beta fish is huge I don’t really see any pineconing but our male beta “bubblefish“ is huge we are feeding him one worm and seven little food balls twice a day maybe that’s too much… He loves his food anyway if it’s constipation what do we do about that…thank you. Keep the water level lower than normal to make it easy for your betta to surface for oxygen. https://photos.app.goo.gl/JqZspGEH8zRorJxS7. The very first thing you need to do when you suspect dropsy in a betta is to move your betta into quarantine, placing them gently into a separate hospital tank that has been treated with dechlorinator and Indian almond leaves. I had them for two years now and one of them has the dropsy like u explained and has fin rot and always is at the bottom of the tank! The worst may start to run through your head, that it’s dropsy, and now the chances of your betta surviving are very slim. She had white small dots all over and one on her eye. If you are new to betta fish keeping, please check out our caresheet and wiki. Betta Fish Rescue is a private charitable organization that was founded in July 2020. Has she eaten? But after 3 weeks, is there any possibility she can make it through this? In conclusion, dropsy in a betta is an annoying and frustrating illness that has negatively impacted the lives of many bettas in the past.