If he does not, he loses a life point. If he has another real Barrel card in play, he can count both of them, giving him two chances to cancel the BANG! cards are the main method to reduce other players' life points. So going to bang someone means that they intend to have intercourse. Question from a game last night: Is it allowable to play a bang with a regular gun or rifle, then switch to the Volcanic and play additional bangs? The official rules for the Bang! Where shall I send it when it's done? Bang is aeuphemism for fuck. The Game The game is played in turns, in clockwise order. Jail - This card is played in front of any player, who is now in Jail. They can draw card immediately after playing a voluntary card you know. I will give you the translation to every card and the rules and you put them in place, does that suit you? card. If you roll a third time, you mayalso re-roll any dice you didn’t choose to re-roll on your second roll. CONTENTS. If she plays a Missed! Inspired by: While one might expect Johnny Kisch to be a reference to country guitar player Johnny Cash, the true inspiration for him is Jo Nikisch, CEO of Abacus Spiele, the German publisher of BANG!. Distances less than 1 are considered to be 1. Scientist believe it is a remnent of the big bang. cards as Missed! Site search. The cards are good looking and the art is simple but effective. //