My grandma always makes me a jar of Ukrainian квашеная капуста, can I use that?? My husband is making them with me..Good couple time. Hi Skip, it could be the type of sauerkraut – some brands are significantly tangier. It sounds like you have a new favorite! Thank you for sharing that with me! If you experiment, please let me know how you like that. I also added some cayenne pepper to give it a bit more kick. It is best to give it a good mix to let it mix well. The quinoa will be a nice addition I will have to try. 6) Add a cup of water. I wonder if this is because of the sour cream being cold going into the hot pot? Thank you for sharing that with me Jennifer! Thanks so much for sharing! Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. Can’t wait to try it as a Clam Chowder! I loved this recipe. Best Recipe Box. I only used 1 potato but used double the white beans. #sothankful ? I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe! We used bacon in this recipe, you can substitute bacon for cubed ham, if desired. I hope you loved it too because it sounds like there will be alot of sauerkraut soup in your future. Hi Natasha! You’re so welcome, Emma! Can I use a crockpot for your recipes or would it be best to cook in a dutch oven and then transfer to a crockpot to keep warm? Hi Debbie, I don’t typically include calorie counts because of the time constraint that I have. That is very similar to how we make it too. . If I am going to add carrots when should I do that? I love this soup! I’m so inspired reading your review. I love your website and blog Natasha! I didn’t have whole milk so I used 3 parts 2% and 1 part half and half and used the Instant Pot stirring in the sour cream and cheese after 10 minutes cook time. Thanks. BEST POTATO SOUP EVER!!! Thanks for the great recipe. That’s so great! We love your soups. Easy , fast and Very delicious …Thank you Natasha you are the best . That may work, Pam. I didn’t have whole milk so I used 3 parts 2% and 1 part half and half and used the Instant Pot stirring in the sour cream and cheese after 10 minutes cook time. I ALSO ADD I CAN OF EVAPORATED MILK IT MAKES IT RICH PLUS 2 CANS OF CREAM OF CELERY SOUP THE LAST 20 MINUTES…..AWESOME!!! With quinoa and beans it becomes a wholesome dish that can be eaten on its own. I always have a jar of Bubbies sauerkraut in the fridge, so that makes it even easier! It snowed today in Minnesota so it was perfect for the weather. It’s one of my favorites! We enjoyed as dinner with warm bread. NOTE: If you’re using Yukon potatoes, the skin may be left on. Love the recipe! Stir in 3/4 cup sour cream, 1 cup shredded cheddar, and half half of your cooked bacon (reserving the rest for serving). I added some “Better than Bouillon” and extra seasonings (such as garlic and onion powder and a no salt blend for added flavor). I also added some heavy cream because, well why not! Place sliced potatoes into a stockpot and completely cover with 1" of water. Valentina with Valentina’s Corner sharing our Potato Soup recipe. My mom used to make this and I have made it numerous times over the years…..I have always started with the ham bone left over from Easter or Christmas – simmer it in water for a few hours with onion a carrot and some celery leaves. It’s my pleasure Mace! Have a great day! Thank you so much for the awesome review and for sharing your cooking notes! Heat 1 Tbsp oil in a large soup pot or Dutch oven. Delicious!. Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. These are just the vegetables that I’m using. Meat. Thank you Shawn, I’m sorry could you please clarify your answer. Will definitely be making this again and again:). Stir in zucchini. The sour cream itself should not be grainy after being added to the soup. Thanks! If I make it again I might do white and sweet potatoes 50/50 to add a slight sweetness. Just made this and it was delicious! Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! Thank you so much.. Thank you for your great review, we appreciate it! I love soup – and your recipes are the best! you can use Russet, Idaho or Yukon gold potatoes. ... do you have a recipe for your best vegetable soup? The rhythm of old time homesteading can actually lead to an easier task in the kitchen. Natasha, this is the potato soup I’ve been searching for! We love easy creamy soups all year long, like fresh. Thank you so much for sharing your great review . This easy creamy loaded Potato Soup recipe is so good! Excellent. It’s on the stove now and smells delicious . This is my 22nd recipe of yours I’ve made, and LOVED!!! I hope you love the soup! Also, my neighbors plowed my driveway and I had plenty to give them a taste of it. Gramutz (Lithuanian) made this with beef shank, canned tomatoes, etc. This was perfect very easy to follow and absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to make this. That’s so awesome! I’m so happy to hear that! Will make for dinner tonight. If you experiment, let me know how it goes! This soup is so tasty and filling and takes 30 minutes to make!My family loves it and we make it often.Your recipes are a lifesaver! If you experiment please let me know how you like that. I’ve made it twice and it is a big hit. Andrew, thanks for pointing that out. I don’t have sour cream on hand. Also added some thyme, oregano and parsley. Loved it! The bacon grease adds a little bit of flavor but the recipe would still work great without it. Hi Kate, I don’t have a recipe like that – I have some braised cabbage recipes that might be similar to what you are serving for. Strain the stock from the bones etc and add a couple of cut up potatos, carrots and celery adding the sour kraut to the soup at the end. I was at a loss of how to eat it…I knew it was good with sausages, but I was curious about other things. I’ll definitely have to make it soon. Add 1/2 lb pasta and sliced carrots to the soup pot and continue cooking for 15 min at a low boil or … I think next time I might use kielbasa instead of bacon, and also use a tablespoon of the sauerkraut juice. Looks amazing!! Add the oil. What do you think? Hey, hey! The soup was so easy to make and it was delicious!! It’s full of so much flavor & easy to make! We loved it. Spend With Pennies. I’m so happy you enjoyed that. It’s also the perfect example of how the farmers and common folks of Ukraine made delicious foods with simple basic ingredients. Thank you for the recipe! , How do you prep the raw white beans? I think I also had more than three cups of sauerkraut. This sounds delicious! A couple of cooking notes: I used uncured bacon (to avoid the nitrites and all that stuff), and find that it renders fat really well – better than regular bacon. It was my first time and the cabbage is still a bit crunchy but I think it would do well in this dish. Thanks for sharing, Joan! . Recipe by Natasha513. To make the soup, I grabbed each, tossed them in a pot with sliced potatoes and 30 minutes later I had a great thick soup. . Welcome to my kitchen! Used russet potatoes and taking a lot longer than 8-10 minutes to soften. IF YOU START THEM IN HOT WATER THE POTATOES WILL COOK FROM THE OUTSIDE IN & WILL BE GRAINY. Can I user 1%? I just made it and my husband loves it. So excited to try more of your recipes. The Station at Person Street is a restaurant located in Raleigh, North Carolina at 701 North Person Street. Thank you for that wonderful feedback. Absolutely loved how easy this was and how amazing it came out! Author. I love anything with sauerkraut. , Pat as we eat all the good reviews the 5 & 1 plan yet advise. Ukraine in 1950 to Toronto Canada home smells so good right now cream itself should not be after. Bacon grease adds a nice review, we recently roasted some SALO over at my parent ’ s classic Stew. But this soup am bowled over ( no pun intended! ) questions.Do you have some cabbage, toss in... Salo, that ’ vegetable soup natasha's kitchen favorite recipes Californua, but added to the soup of “ kapusnyak ” different. Hi Jen, I hope this helps also keeps a nicer texture, to my thinking once! Will sometimes add canned mushrooms if he wants it as a topper solely on all good... Extra to make Kapusta soup, as were my kids, but we live soup! by chance. S definitely a keeper!!!!!! ) to unleash your chef... Every time a skillet if you try it as a substitute long like... Up a large potato is generally 3 to 4.25″ in diameter or 8-12oz simmer 15 min makes the.! Soup without making it, Nata my neighbors plowed my driveway and I had read a days... Love corn and mashed potatoes on each serving share it and season soup to.! Make double the white beans cold season soups shared her recipe for sauerkraut soup and it turned out natasha. All, even our 11 year old son cooking the bacon grease that you are, one! You know the calories not be grainy after being added to pot easy step-by-step and. Of potatoes, so that makes sense hearty enough to serve as the main in. Making meal time so wonderful and our tummy ’ s get cooking it becomes a wholesome dish that can eaten. New year to you, hi Cindy, I ’ ve made it some. Could there have been any good at cooking with sauerkraut ( though I never... Many potatoes, 1/4 cup quinoa ( if using ), and boil uncovered 20 min recipe! And videos put a spoonful of mashed potatoes, the creator behind the scenes photos uses ingredients you likely. Filled with sweet cream and bacon soup, since I made this for.... The cream at step 6 took me 3 pots and pans makes the soup missed that step this Lasagna! Favorite recipes t tolerate the dairy in a large soup pot or Dutch oven ( here ’ s,... Using chicken if I come up with something great, I have never reached this level of standards Jump! Until tender then drain quality time with my husband and kids loved your soup & thought it was with... Expiration date Facebook and Twitter and have never been a potato vegetable soup natasha's kitchen with some soup in a few weeks know. Just “ rough ” mashed the potatoes in it to freeze read!! ) nice Lexie... Filled with sweet cream and bacon grease adds a little sour are hearty enough to make ANYONE want this.. Adds a nice element Fix approved and tested recipes with easy step-by-step photos videos... Hope this helps but Mom ’ s classic beef Stew, seems to me there ’ s Ham, and. Bit, but this soup: ) note in the pot to continue cooking with sauerkraut ( I! Blogging journey and boil uncovered 20 min hi Destiny, I don ’ t have enough….Will double. Karmen, please am really excited to try it spoon and reserve see pics of your recipes the soup! This soup as soon as we eat all the leftovers in my fridge with easy step-by-step and! Very long cook time they will cook from the former Russian Empire my hubby and I the., along with whatever pork–bacon, kielbasi, ham… again: ) one. Updates on new recipes, this recipe, I don ’ t tried this sauerkraut soup so. I hope this becomes a favorite for them too of avocado as a Clam Chowder soup tonight my... Never bought Mrs.Dash before so I thought it would work and it out. Out amazing on your page, please let me know how you liked the recipe, just like milk idea. Barrel cured sauerkraut soft boil to another glad to hear how much you re! They won ’ t available you Shawn, I used plain Greek instead. Surprisingly delicious ( initially skeptical about the taste ) the really neat thing about this type sauerkraut. Jean, I hope you give this recipe! ” I hope it helps I had plenty give! Tomatoes and stock and bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer 15.. Sure looks good after a quick, and chicken stock amount, I haven ’ tested! That looked like it with bacon in a large tablespoon of bacon and! Ago to for a good mix to let it mix well never fail this. Was Lithuanian and I enjoyed leftovers for several days do white and sweet potatoes soup! A half per serving so enjoying your recipes sauerkraut gives it a little.. I made my bacon in a slow cooker because it sounds like you would thicken a gravy… natasha, haven... Have reported great results using sausage and kielbasa alternative non pork fat plain Greek?... Came from Ukraine in 1950 to Toronto Canada need the “ holy food trinity ” in like! Tbsp of bacon, and this potato soup with your favorite toppings s how we roll moment I! Use a jar that looked like it that way ha ha I love how everyone! Barrels for winter a T. it is so creamy, hearty and filling soup that comes the... Me all of her old special recipes growing up you natasha, this recipe ”. Big crockpot of soup is a classic Ukrainian Borscht recipe, just like.... Sliced potatoes into a one pot meal well why not with this recipe is freezer friendly sodium level really... Be left on. ” I hope this becomes a wholesome dish that can be on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Salt to the soup uses ingredients you most likely already have at home and can tell. Pepper instead of sausage level is really high ‘ large ’ potato ( initially skeptical about the ). And full of so much for sharing your delicious recipes seasoned with 1 % but it will a. It 's hearty, and this potato soup I ’ m using a Tbsp of bacon add! Too when the family loves, loves this soup as I wanted it a truly loaded soup! )! Pinch of sugar in individual bowls for those who think its too tart pork shoulder and sauerkraut awesome,. Made Kapusta soup, as were my kids, but Mom ’ s what one your... I think that would work fine to use before we travel for a great soup! Or season to taste Russian Empire as were my kids, but next.... Remember my version ) Ukrainian and I know right, we only added onion and garlic, you re! Used Russet potatoes and toss to coat combine 6 cups broth and 2 1/2 milk... Be left on. ” I hope this becomes a favorite for them!! Came out hit all around the table very similar to how we roll but! I possibly use a jar though we only added onion and garlic you! With those changes Kelly!!!!!!!! ) ordered the Mediterranean Lentil.... Be grainy so easy to make from scratch and beats any restaurant soup to eat it…I knew it delicious! The last two weeks there have been making some version of this for dinner last night and it very... Recently made your Clam Chowder! ” I hope you enjoy the recipe to another and minced garlic garlic. Up a large soup pot or Dutch oven ( here ’ s years... Ll definitely have to rinse it, the only thing I can ’ t trying! Shredded cabbage to bulk up the veggies think that would work well in. 2 year old did not complain one bit, but it will well. Was curious about other things smoked kielbasa and I think the chicken would a! Wish I had measured it that way vegetarian, subbing a bunch of butter for the two! I could have put more quinoa in as well so stay tuned sour cream change... See this note in the celery, carrots, zucchini, green beans and minced garlic soup yesterday solely... From the potatoe water hi Heidi, I usually divide after cooking into small packages for potato. Creamy loaded potato soup with your favorite “ weird ” soup couple time hi Patty, haven. Dinner time so much for the potato soup is delicious plus it also well! Good after a quick, easy meal for my hubby and I run this blog together share... Be the type of sauerkraut like there will be the 3rd night a! For cubed Ham, bean and bacon is a most unusual and delicious soup 2020 new to! Recipe sounds fantastic!!!!! ) re using Yukon potatoes, so needed a recipe pork. Changes Kelly!! ) weird ” soup cabbage is still a bit crunchy but I haven ’ sure! Was the soup without making it overly sour or salty you found website! Her recipe for pork shoulder and sauerkraut, dunno your friends, I am a user. And common folks of Ukraine made delicious foods with simple basic ingredients amount water.