With Stardust Ashes you can send a lightweight urn 10,000 feet in the air on an environmentally friendly balloon which will float around the stratosphere. Send your ashes up into space! We can cater for all appropriate wishes for the final send off. B2space is looking primarily to launch commercial satellites, but it has even fielded an inquiry about "space funerals", sending ashes into space. Comparethecoffin.com entrepreneur Steven Mitchell is back with a new venture that lets you go out with a bang . Donate now. At Heavenly Stars, we offer a variety of services for scattering ashes of your loved one or friend by incorporating their cremation ash into fireworks. COVID-19. Posts: 2031 From: Sydney, Australia Registered: Sep 2003: posted 06-30-2005 10:24 PM While this question might provoke a few tongue-in-cheek responses, it's nevertheless a serious query on behalf of someone well known and involved in the space industry. The whole service costs £3,500. Get a life insurance quote with loveMONEY. Gather family and friends and celebrate your loved one's life by sending their ashes into space from a place of significance. Ashes into Space; From a Plane; Hot Air Balloon; From a Drone; Tandem Skydiving Release; Radio Controlled Helicopter; Ceremony Accessorises; About us. Sending them off in style by providing a firework spectacular to remember them by, with either one of our stunning self-fired firework tributes or our amazing professional fired firework displays. MORE ENQUIRE ABOUT YOUR OWN LAUNCH TODAY. Any unused remains from this process will be returned to you. Ashes in rockets. Ashes into Glassware. Jump to navigation By Aislinn Simpson 06 August 2008 • 10:09 am Munt wanted to do something very special for his sweet-natured cat. How or where does one obtain information about sending a small part of a person's ashes … The ashes of Star Trek's Scotty actor James Doohan have been lost during an attempt to send them into space. Families can now send their loved one's ashes into space for a hefty fee of £795. News > UK > This Britain 'I blasted my husband's ashes into outer space' When her husband (and fellow 'Trekkie') Alan died, Naomi Mihara knew there was only one fitting send-off Having your ashes sent into space has to be one of the most majestic ways to have a send off. Related articles Space burial is the launching of samples of cremated remains into space. Our Personal Launch package lets you send your loved one's ashes into space and pick where we launch. The company is reportedly all set to open its service to the general public. Created by Alison Hume. Topic: Sending Ashes into Space: ColinBurgess Member . Similar to the service above, a portion of ashes are put into a large display rocket. However, the rocket broke apart about a minute after takeoff. ashes to atmosphere will send your loved one's ashes up into the Earth's upper atmosphere and into space. You cannot send the whole amount of cremated human remains / cremation ashes in the post.You can however send up to 50g of ashes. People will be able to have their ashes scattered in space from next month when a British company launches the first extra-terrestrial funeral service. You can now send your loved one's ashes into orbit on a SpaceX rocket Prices for sending ashes into space start at $2,490 (£1,929) and there is still room on the launch flight By Abigail Beall ... curriculum-linked educational resources to bring the wonder of space back into the classroom. Nothing sets you apart from the competition like being able to say "yes - we really did send that into space!" In 2015, the company attempted to send a cubesat with ashes on a U.S. Air Force Super Strypi rocket into space. Sheffield firm Aura Flights charges up to £3,000 to send the ashes of your loved ones into space aboard a modified weather balloon. Owner Steve Munt is paying tribute to his orange tabby, Pikachu, by launching the feline's ashes into orbit. Francis French $685 50 mos; Sherri Benoun $25 50 mos; Robert Pearlman $100 50 mos; Kathy Pillsbury $200 50 mos; Aldo Spadoni $25 50 mos; See all See top donations. Interestingly, they were successful in releasing non-human ash into space through the use of their Ascension 1 craft. Set up by two University of Sheffield, UK graduates, Ascension Flights spent the last few years successfully sending hundreds (if not thousands) of items into space. Ashes into Cremation Glass; Glass Oil Candle: Eternal Flame; Centrepiece Christmas Bauble; Glass Paperweight; Keepsake Range. Typical costs are £70-£100 per rocket. If you wish to carry ashes around with you, then a portion of them can be used to create jewellery. With Robson Green, Charles Dale, John Rhys Halliwell, Kai Owen. Transporting Ashes – Courier Service. If you want your loved one to be among the stars, you can even send ashes into space. Royal Mail Policy on sending Ashes in the post. Contact Us; Blog; Search for: Close search bar. Sending Jim's Ashes into Space. You light the rocket which will fly with a whoosh to several hundred feet where it bangs into a pretty effect, spreading the ashes. San Francisco startup Elysium Space, made up of a unique mixture of self-proclaimed 'space and funeral experts', has today announced it is ready to begin launching Lunar Memorial services If you'd like to send your loved one on a breathtaking final journey, but still want to keep them close, the Voyager package is the best option for you. Star Trek's James Doohan (pictured), who played Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott, had his ashes smuggled on to the ISS by Richard Garriott, 59, in 2008 to fulfil the actor's dying wish. In doing so, it would mark the first time a cremated cat has traveled to space. Funerals in space: The people who send their ashes into orbit Even in the freezing cold, Steven Schnider would often drag his wife Christine outside to look up at the night sky. Fireworks. (over 20 miles high!) Our space burial service can launch from nearly anywhere in the UK. Engage your pupils with an affordable and unique project to suit all ages: your very own weather balloon space flight! If that sounds like the ideal funeral, be prepared to shell out: Sending just one gram, or a third of an ounce, of ashes into orbit runs $2,995. Transporting Ashes referral service. Under Elysium Space's plan, human ashes will launch into space and orbit the Earth for several months before burning up in the atmosphere as a "shooting star." Arlene Busby is organizing this fundraiser. This is more spectacular than a barrage but much shorter in duration. We'll launch a ceremonial portion of their ashes into space and return them to you in a beautiful space-worthy urn. Missions may go into orbit around the Earth or to extraterrestrial bodies such as the Moon, or farther into space. Glass comfort stone; Ceramic Comfort Pebble; Ceramic Comfort Pebbles Embossed; FAQs and Ideas. $3,461 raised of $3,460 goal. Share. Therefore, he decided to memorialise Pikachu by sending his ashes to space. ashes to atmosphere will create a bespoke package for your individual needs, with a discreet and professional service. Alternatively, you could choose to put them in a pen or the handle of a walking stick. The perfect way to say goodbye to someone who has passed on. A recently widowed Welsh man struggles to build a rocket to launch his wife's ashes into space. Munt’s resolution to bring this important pet memorial into fruition was strengthened through Pikachu’s supporters on Twitter. Elysium Space offers memorial services to have a symbolic portion of a departed's ashes launched into space, Earth orbit, the Moon, and Deep Space. New funeral rocket service sends ashes into space .