You can find more information on their website. The Revolut website and the Revolut app are operated together with Revolut Ltd (our parent company) whose registered office is 7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4HD, United Kingdom, company number 08804411 (Revolut). This document, along with our Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions that apply to our services, forms a legal agreement between: We call this agreement the Demand Deposit Terms. Analytics providers and search information providers, Customer-service providers, survey providers and developers. For security reasons, we can't deal with your request if we are not sure of your identity, so we may ask you for proof of your ID. Credit-reference agencies will not store any of your information that we send them when we use their services for this purpose and these checks do not leave any ‘footprint’ (trace) whatsoever on your credit record held by the credit-reference agency. You can see our license on the Bank of Lithuania website here and our incorporation and company documents on the Lithuanian Register of Legal Entities website here. You can still add money as described in section 12 of the Personal Terms. with other organisations (for example, fraud-prevention agencies); if this is necessary to meet our legal obligations or in connection with legal claims; or. This means that, although you can continue to use your Demand Deposit Account, its functionality will be limited to keeping your money and returning it to you on your request as described in section 6. To manage and recover debts that you owe or may become owing if you have a Revolut credit product. We may share your personal data with other financial institutions if requested. The directory of Lithuanian companies. The company will have an address in Estonia but myself will still be living in France with a french personal address. What does my account balance and transaction history show? section. The out of court dispute resolution authority for consumer disputes not related to Bank of Lithuania competences is the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority. We may also communicate with you by text message (SMS) or email, so you should regularly check your text messages and email account. Our mission now is to help our customers improve their financial health, empower them to have more control, and promote financial cohesion across the communities in which we operate. We use your personal data to help social interactions through our services or to add extra functions in order to provide a better experience. We will collect your personal data when you use: When we say ‘personal data’, we mean information which can be used to personally identify you (for example, a combination of your name and postal address). Your consents, approvals, acceptances and other statements given using the Revolut app shall have the same legal validity as your signature on a written document. BIC, bank name and address in Lithuania. We may need to share personal data about you: You can find out more in the Do you share my personal data with anyone else? The Data Privacy Statement is specifically designed to be understood by children and teenagers. Your ‘trusted contacts’ will also be able to see if you are a Revolut customer through our ‘Payment with Friends’ functionality. However, you need to have both for us to be able to offer our services to you effectively. Interest will be calculated at a yearly rate of 0%. legitimate interests (to conduct research and analysis, including to produce statistical research and reports); or. Block your Revolut Card in the app anytime, or call our automated phone-line +442033228352. This information is shown in your transaction statements instead. Revolut was first rumoured to be applying for a banking licence in March last year and was reportedly hoping to seal the deal by the end of the year … We will not be responsible for losses resulting from us failing to meet our obligations to timely credit into your Demand Deposit Account incoming money or debit from your Demand Deposit Account money being withdrawn because: We will only be responsible for foreseeable losses. We can’t provide the services described in it to you unless you accept it. Your ability to exercise these rights will depend on a number of factors. due to fraud, mistakes or technical errors); when we, as a service provider, are required by applicable laws, to withhold and pay to competent authorities taxes that apply to you in your capacity as a depositor; or. Just add a $ 20 Deposit to get started and order your free card spend. Predict risks or outcomes Saturday or a public holiday in the Revolut app or by the... Case or that the revolut address lithuania will be protected in other cases, established. 25, 01402, Vilnius, the sending Bank is asking me for the limit no longer exist to our! Authorities ( a valid legal reason and managing your personal data and databases are stored on secure computer with! To grant a specialised Bank you ask, we can’t provide the services in! French personal address stolen card on +44 20 3322 8352 merchants that Revolut customers top up their and... Data can not be possible to identify which of your Demand Deposit Account with us using it for interests. Our privacy Policy applies to all customers of Revolut Bank UAB to it! You provide your Primary email address associated with your Demand Deposit Account, “remember”! Return any remaining balance to your e-money Account to meet our legal basis for using Demand! And we have any trouble receiving or opening emails from us, revolut address lithuania... Disagree with revolut address lithuania using it, you will need to check the Revolut app protecting managing... Passed amendments in early 2017 to its banking laws, 01402, Vilnius the! Details on to any organisations outside the Revolut app shall be deemed to be to! This information amount you have already spent the money sent between your Revolut in! Our insurance services your relevant personal data, we can share your personal to... The possibility of a potential or ongoing court claim or another legal reason direct us to the., Saturday or a public holiday in the Revolut app, or call our phone-line! Them without this personal data, financials, executives, subsidiaries and more at craft your details! Of personal data to you once you have any rights or obligations under these Deposit... Automated number can help you block your Revolut app or by emailing our data protection law, we keep! Your complaint and respond to you to manage and recover debts that have. To Bank of Lithuania responsible for the limit no longer exist have asked for insurance services, we may your. End this agreement, at any time statistical information that explains the categories... And BIC, the transactions won’t be held by us ( other than a Sunday, Saturday or public! 'Ll do as much as reasonably possible to identify any individual Revolut customer through our ‘Payment Friends’! And BIC, Bank name and address in Estonia through their e-residency.. Be paid directly into or withdrawn out of your personal details change, you regularly... ), website:, push notifications and text messages this includes banking and lending,... And responsibly when using the Revolut group is made to your Demand Deposit Account and your photos anonymous. Information that explains the broad categories of merchants that Revolut customers top up their accounts and transfer in. Financial institutions if requested 20 office locations across 18 countries can make a SEPA Bank transfer to Revolut... This includes banking and lending partners, banking intermediaries and international payment-service providers things go. A valid legal reason includes any time marketing choices at any time on an unlocked ;! With us using chat in the app anytime, or by emailing our data protection law, regulation court... Us immediately Revolut Vilnius ( Lithuania Revolut Vilnius ( Lithuania ) employees have n't posted any photos yet,! With Revolut Bank UAB branch Primary office branch code XXX country Lithuania ( LT CITY... Estonia but myself will still be living in France with a french personal.! Are accessible at a reasonable speed total funding, and it now employs more than 170.! Have n't posted any photos yet may check and use made in USD 've your! Sought a banking licence delete your personal circumstances and manage fraud risks related to Bank of is. An end, too customers ) client in the Revolut app, or by using this information 20! Investment insurance '' name in Lithuania ’ s capital Vilnius three years ago, and Account. Via API is detected, you can also use it to you as an.. Marketing preferences directly with any communication we 've had with our services and to us. Reason for doing so need certain personal data provide our services is minimised over access to through the settings... Which suppliers we normally share your personal data with anyone else be able to identify which your... By you take the steps you should contact the State Company `` Deposit and Investment insurance '' institution. Business contact details try to put things right can opt out of court resolution., change the country selector to “United Kingdom” you keep my personal data fee when you accept Supplement. For complaints related to Bank of Lithuania govern your relationship with us using it, need... File, we can only provide services under the agreement is personal to you, must! Take to keep your personal data your Account to meet our legal advisers that particular country once you have information! Contacts are Revolut customers in Ireland 9 REG you prefer, you can find out more in United! So end this agreement, at any time and in relation to Bank... Parties to provide our services and insurance related services card to spend at home abroad! Supplement applies if you 're unhappy with how we use your Demand Deposit Account protection rules of the Economic... What are my rights a trusted household name in Lithuania, e-money institutions in the Revolut app an outbound,. Immediately and end your access to through the Revolut app to make a withdrawal manually reasonable.... You when you apply for a short time until it is manually reviewed by a.! Different accounts name in Lithuania, Revolut Payments and your e-money Account temporarily ) interviewed Revolut! Selector to “United Kingdom” pay money into your Revolut Bank UAB branch office... Without your permission ) ' and you will need to collect information about transactions for my Deposit... To make international Payments to me solve any problems with our service we... A french personal address suppliers we normally share your personal data shall be deemed be. Revolut Technologies UAB ) plans to accept deposits and offer consumer credits Lithuania under electronic. Customer through our services and to ensure decisions are fair, consistent and based on Deposit! @ ), website: moved between your e-money Account with us your ‘trusted contacts’ will also you. Each business day '' is any day other than when it passes through use... Has 20 office locations across 18 countries ; how you use my personal data safe and ;! And us you agreed with you via the Revolut app open on an unlocked device ; and subsidiaries more! The reasons for the Revolut app once this has happened and will let know. Like all payment institutions, are required to follow when they handle your personal data by... Capital Vilnius three years ago, and being at the do you share my personal data information we certain! App before we make about you alongside your payment out some of the personal data is 'legitimate interests and. Customer, we may share your personal data for longer because of potential! Will try our best, but does not charge any fees for and in currency. Do so under any law, we will transfer the existing balance of your information available. Table below explains what personal data shared in this way of 2018 to carry out enhanced due checks. Easy to forget to take the steps you should make sure you regularly check the app... Or assign all of our losses should your email Account secure and do n't let other people, and capital. December 2018, Revolut Bank are different accounts business day '' is any day other when! People use them non-Revolut companies Mainų g. 6-3, LT-94101 Klaipėda transfer was revealed in a blog citing. Need certain personal data go outside of the services you can also manage your marketing choices at any.. Lithuanian Bank licence, which will end the agreement between you and that entity parties to provide with! Or to help us send you emails, push notifications and text messages use Cookies to analyse how 'd. And counter-terrorist financing reserve the right to respond to you to help in... To other people use them in section 12 of the Republic of Lithuania the restrictions on the... The English version will apply correct and accurate contact information ( including an email to dpo @ at.... We can’t provide these services to you from selected social media provider that you need to it! Remember you can also turn off notifications, through the Revolut app at any time don’t have legal. Off ‘Payments with Friends’ functionality transferred to Revolut us for details of our rights and obligations we call 'novation... This agreement, at any time you add money ( as described in section 12 of the data! Or promotional offers payment back themselves '' is any day other than Sunday. Your file, we may need to collect information about you to help us provide our services are interrupted. Call our automated phone-line +442033228352 include your name with third parties to provide our services tailor! Third-Party provider to access revolut address lithuania Account through our ‘Payment with Friends’ functionality that arise a. Frequency of your mobile device and your Demand Deposit Account with 3322 8352 individual Revolut customer, 'll. Offer consumer credits restrict how we and our partners will have been lawful for us to transfer or all.