Created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema, she first appeared in The Savage She-Hulk #1 (cover-dated February 1980). [128] It is revealed that the Juggernaut had, in fact, bedded a She-Hulk from an alternate universe. [45] Similar to her ex-husband, Betty's strength level is so vast that it warps the laws of physics even further than standard for other characters in the same fictional continuity; for example, allowing her to punch her way through dimensional barriers between different universes. The arc for these back-ups is related to the Code Red arc from Hulk Vol 1 #14-#17. Two issues tested the limits of the Comics Code: #34 makes reference to the 1991 Vanity Fair cover in which actress Demi Moore appeared nude and pregnant (She-Hulk's version has her holding a green beach ball to imitate Moore's pregnancy). Incredible Hulk #606-610. Upon waking, Jennifer reverted to her She-Hulk persona. [volume & issue needed], Banner again achieves a state in which he can control his transformations and maintain his normal personality and intelligence while in the form of the Hulk. In some stories, she showed an awareness of being a comic book character, with visuals of her "tearing the page" or "walking through a page of advertisements" to reach an enemy's control center. The Harpy witnesses mercenaries from the U.S. Hulk Operations kill a civilian, causing her to mutilate them. [89], As She-Hulk, Walters is exponentially stronger than she is in her Jennifer Walters form; therefore any extra strength gained as Jennifer Walters through intense physical training will be amplified, making her She-Hulk form even stronger. [5][6] The character was created to secure the copyright for a female version of the Hulk, a possible creation rumored to be considered by the producers of The Incredible Hulk live-action television series.[5][6]. Gwen was prepared to fight She-Hulk in her first week as Spider-Woman, but got distracted when a robber threatened Ben Parker. 2) #1. Banner is pardoned and later proposes to Betty. [volume & issue needed], After his dual identity becomes public knowledge Banner becomes a hunted fugitive. She was the college roommate of Janet van Dyne. She-Hulk tries to keep up the denial, but when she sees Jazinda about to be vivisected, she loses control and breaks Jazinda out. Upon returning to Earth, they find the world in flames as it is in the grasp of the Chaos War. [citation needed] Marvel brought the series to a close with #12 and promised a re-launch of the title (as a "second season") eight months later. [19] Operatives of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with her father, shot and seriously wounded her on the day that Banner visited her to tell her about his transformation into the Hulk. [107], She has also started and led her own disaster relief organization,[108] and felt great remorse for almost destroying a small town (due to her transformed state briefly turning uncontrollable from radiation), whereupon she helped construction workers to rebuild it. This new Hulk, calling himself "Doc Green", decides that gamma-powered superhumans are a threat to humanity that must be eliminated. She-Hulk's personality has also gone through significant changes: from aggressive and short-tempered to intelligent, free-spirited, and vivacious. [70], Prior to a time- and multiverse-spanning trip by the Fantastic Four and family, the Thing asks She-Hulk to be a member of the Future Foundation. [115] These priorities have sometimes made her personally conflicted, such as reversing her stance regarding the Superhuman Registration Act;[116] and being disillusioned when her more famous cousin (whom she considers as a brother)[85] was shot into space without due process,[117] or when what she thought to be a torturer and murderer of children was cleared from all charges.[118]. There is an apparent inconsistency between the She-Hulk and World War Hulk comics: in She-Hulk #19, the Leader is on trial in New York City, which is being cleaned up after the Hulk's recent attack. Zapper believed that Jennifer's preference represented a rejection of the character's true self. Being She-Hulk allowed Jennifer to express emotions which she was not otherwise comfortable revealing. Returning to a restored Earth, they are greeted as monsters. She-Hulk is on the team as they manage to successfully avert disaster. In the last panel, Jennifer Walters appeared to be dead with the Red She-Hulk standing over her body,[65] though the Red She-Hulk claims she did not know her own strength. The marriage has been annulled. Shortly before the heroes returned to their world, it was revealed that Liz was dying of cancer as a result of the gamma exposure, Banner being particularly affected by news of the disease to the extent that he turned back from being the Hulk to embrace her as Banner after learning about her condition. The Sensational She-Hulk ran until issue #60 (February 1994), making it the longest-running solo title of any Marvel superheroine up to that point. The Sensational She-Hulk ran for 60 issues. Jennifer flees, fearing that she will endanger her friends and others, leading to the "Search for She-Hulk" storyline. The action in the issue takes place during or after the events of World War Hulk. Enraged, she tells Stark that, although he may have taken She-Hulk out of the equation, he still has to face Jennifer Walters, one of the best lawyers in the country. Her hair is long and straight, as opposed to the thick, curly tresses she sported in the past. As it was, there were thousands of readers who were not saying, "Gee, they're portraying her wrong in "Hulk." Elizabeth Ross (later Talbot and then Banner) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. [57] Afterwards, the US government attempts to arrest She-Hulk for her actions in Marinmer, but drops the charges to avoid political embarrassment. MODOK comes to the island and instigates a fight just as Banner starts the equipment. [citation needed] After graduating, the introverted young woman returns to her father's side while he is in charge of a top-secret project to create a new type of weapon involving gamma radiation, known as the Gamma Bomb. After Rick Jones was fully revived, he told them about the U.S. Hulk Operation's base at Groom Lake in Area 51. She shows up and karaokes with Ms. Marvel. [101] She described herself as an Omega level threat,[102] and claimed the Starbrand is "one of Earth's inherent defense systems - sorta like me". Jennifer assumed that her interaction with Starfox had not been consensual after hearing this testimony, but she later discovered that he had not used his powers on her. She was later recruited by Stark as a member of an Initiative-sponsored incarnation of the Defenders for a short while until Tony Stark disbanded the team. She-Hulk was the last character Stan Lee created for Marvel before his return to comics with Ravage 2099 in 1992. [volume & issue needed] When the Hulk disappears from Earth for an extended period (banished by Doctor Strange to the Crossroads, an alternative reality/inter-dimensional portal, because he became completely bestial),[20] Betty begins dating a man named Ramon. [147], It was also revealed that She-Hulk assisted Daredevil and the Moon Knight in fighting the Enchantress and Electro in Manhattan and died in battle. [29], After her Fantastic Four years, She-Hulk rejoined the Avengers for a while. There was no new artwork by Buscema or Byrne, who were represented by reprints of Sensational She-Hulk #1 and Savage She-Hulk #1. [volume & issue needed], During the 2016 Civil War II storyline, after the Inhuman Ulysses predicts Thanos' arrival on Earth, She-Hulk was mortally wounded by a direct attack from the villain in question. [83] It turns out that She-Hulk was able to return to life thanks to Leader who has mastered the way to control the Green Door. [85][86][87][88], Although She-Hulk's strength originally remained at a set level and did not increase, later in her history her strength has sporadically been stated to increase further from fear,[85] or anger,[88] similar to her cousin. But with the help of Reed Richards, Banner is able to gain control over his transformations. After the events of World War Hulk, she has added baggy low-rise jeans to this look. She is then romantically pursued by Major Glenn Talbot, the new aide attached to her father's Hulkbuster task force. [volume & issue needed], When Betty learns that her father had conspired with MODOK to kill the Hulk, she accuses him of treason. [volume & issue needed], Some time after the Skrull invasion is defeated, the country of Marinmer suffers a devastating earthquake. It was also during her Avengers tenure that she met and became fast friends with her teammate Janet van Dyne, who would become a huge influence on She-Hulk's personal development by encouraging her to adopt a more free-going lifestyle, and even help her in times of need. This incident proves to be the last straw in Talbot's already deteriorating relationship with Betty, and their marriage later ends in divorce. Unworthy Thor vs She-Hulk & Red She-Hulk # Unworthy Thor Unworthy Thor is heavily underrated, people think he can't summon lightnings or he loses most of his elemental haxes just cuz he hasn't Mjolnir, heck! Jennifer later found out that Moore really was innocent; the images he had shown her had been false. In this continuity, she is the best friend of Janet van Dyne, and is unaware that she possesses superpowers. [volume & issue needed] During his time in captivity by the Gremlin,[18] Talbot was made into a mindless husk. She-Hulk regained a solo series in 1989, The Sensational She-Hulk (maintaining the 1985 graphic novel's title). Having regained her abilities, Jennifer remains in her home reality, while the Alpha Jen Walters returns to her own universe and reconciles with her boyfriend, the Alpha Augustus "Pug" Pugliese. [19] However, the Talbots' marriage later becomes strained. Not to mention Hulk and others. Issue #606 has She Hulk vs Red She-Hulk in the back up story. As I said, She-Hulk is strong but she can not reach the levels of strength Hulk does. Betty leaves her husband and returns to Ramon, but then changes her mind and abandons Ramon as well. The ideal She-Hulk story is one that plays on both aspects of her make-up, the intelligence combined with her strength. On occasion, this practice has also been used for Loki, Rick Jones, Wyatt Wingfoot, and Howard the Duck. Hulk team vehicle features a jumping Hulk function, 4 large wheels, movable 6-stud shooter, 2 radioactive containers and a pole with flag. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and made her first appearance in Incredible Hulk #1 (1962) as a romantic interest of the Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner), and is the daughter of General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross. Banner agrees to repair the machines that cause the city to float in exchange for permission to use the advanced equipment to cure Betty. [119], For a time, starting with the Sensational She-Hulk series by John Byrne in 1989, She-Hulk was portrayed with a form of "cross-dimensional" or metafictional awareness to break the fourth wall. 18, appearing in November 1985, was written and illustrated by then-Fantastic Four writer/artist John Byrne. [131] Despite this, years afterwards they eventually sleep together. Her universe wins, and she resigns from the Magistrati. Her appearance in Avengers #233 (July 1983) was drawn by John Byrne, who would later become strongly associated with the character. Sakura Haruno "The beauty of the cherry blossoms color the world! She-Hulk becomes a member of the Avengers in Avengers #221 (July 1982). Tick and some police officers, Jennifer is nearly killed by it and transforms into the Hulk. Her intention is to keep the suit tied up in the courts indefinitely. She also possessed a less monstrous, more Amazonian appearance. In the DC/Marvel crossover JLA/Avengers, She-Hulk first appears being brainwashed by Starro when the Avengers battle her, grabbing a startled Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) by her leg, before the latter blasts her away with her powers. Her earliest guest-starring adventures followed no specific story line, besides her recurring bad luck with automobiles. She is then captured by the Leader, who sets her free after learning that she is pregnant with Banner's child, but after being tormented with terrible nightmares by the demons Nightmare and D'Spayre, Betty loses her unborn baby. [61] She-Hulk later returns, enraged, and pummels the Sentry into the ground. The Red Hulk was created to be an uninhibited, tactically intelligent adversary to the Hulk. Her next major appearance was in the May 2002 one-shot titled Thing and She-Hulk: The Long Night. When she was asked about this in an early issue of the second series, Jennifer responded that her clothes carry the label of the Comics Code. The clashing duo are subdued by MODOK and the facility explodes in the aftermath of a fight between Red Hulk and Hulk; Jennifer, Samson (who has reverted to Leonard) and Red Hulk are caught in the explosion. After the battle, the Stark-Asgardian weapons were returned to Asgard to be melted down, but the Red She-Hulk kept her sword. Betty greeted the bomb's creator, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, when he arrived at the base. This was all filmed for personal arousal purposes, before Dum Dum Dugan put a stop to the harassment. For example, although Jennifer Walters was restrained from dating a younger man, as She-Hulk she felt free to express her affection for Zapper. During this battle, Red She-Hulk brutally beat Jennifer and snapped her neck with a cable. During Sensational She-Hulk, the character continued making numerous guest appearances. However, Jennifer grew up perceiving the gray areas of law enforcement (for example, she interpreted the events leading up to riots which occurred during her childhood differently from her father). She Hulk may be powerful, but Red Hulk was able to take Thor and the Silver Surfer down! The Avengers and Fantastic Four became surrogate families for her; she forged strong bonds with them. I can't" – however, the panel is drawn at a somewhat ambiguous angle that suggests She-Hulk may be looking "out" of the comic at the reader. [76] After Hawkeye was acquitted for shooting Bruce Banner, Captain Marvel visited She-Hulk, who came out of her coma. [50] She later helps to prevent casualties in San Francisco after the Red Hulk caused an earthquake in the area,[51] and assembles Thundra and the Valkyrie together to capture him.[52]. However, She-Hulk is immediately recognizable due to her size, green skin, and long, dark green, almost black hair. Jennifer worked at nurturing a supportive relationship with her father, and remained close to a childhood friend, Zapper, with whom she ultimately became romantically involved. Now, he isn't stronger than the Hulk, but he has an additional power - he can absorb radiation (and also melt things with his eyes for some reason). She-Hulk was well established when Jennifer joined the Fantastic Four in the … informs Jennifer that she has been drafted into the organization as a result of her registration. She-Hulk's passion for John has cooled since Starfox's "love zap" was removed. Thus, she exponentially increases her powers as She-Hulk.[41]. forced her to strip naked and be medically examined as a "potential threat like her cousin". [54], During the Skrull takeover of Earth during Secret Invasion, She-Hulk and Jazinda hunt down a member of the Skrulls who functions as their religious leader. During her tenure with the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk met and started a romance with Wyatt Wingfoot. At the conclusion of the first Secret Wars miniseries, She-Hulk joins the Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #265 (April 1984)). [24][25][26], During the "Fall of the Hulks" storyline, Betty Ross is revealed to have been resurrected by the Leader and MODOK at the urgings of their new ally, her father Thunderbolt Ross, who had previously kept her body in cryonic stasis. In her first appearance, She-Hulk was a massive, towering figure, with wild, untamed, waist-length hair. Back in New York, Jo-Venn and N'kalla release their positive memories which revives She-Hulk enough to break the Cotati off of her and to stop the fighting between the Kree and the Skrull. Learn Colors With Incredible Hulk Red Hulk Vs Green Hulk Fights Grey Hulk vs Blue Hulk Battle Videos , Movies comedy action tv series 2018 part 2/2 The Hulk revives enough to regenerate his limbs and punch Subject B. [124] She let her guard down with Wyatt, expressing her vulnerabilities as Wyatt supported her during a series of traumatic events. As a criminal defense lawyer, she defended Morbius in his trial for his vampiric killings. [90][91], She-Hulk received a power upgraded from Eson, the Celestial, and became more powerful than ever before, far surpassing Thor, Captain Marvel and other characters in strength. That white garment, which was often only the blouse that Walters had on before her transformation, always covered her upper body and midsection (in the same way that enough of the Hulk's pants survived to cover him after his transformations). [17], Talbot is eventually rescued by General Ross, Clay Quartermain and the Hulk. It is then revealed that all of the events were caused by the Scarlet Witch. [84], A transfusion of gamma-irradiated blood from her cousin Bruce Banner (the Hulk) granted Jennifer Walters superhuman powers. Jennifer's horror at what she was being shown, combined with Moore's gloating, was enough to push her rage so far that she became the savage She-Hulk once again. Red Hulk (also known as Rulk or The IncREDible Hulk) was introduced in 2008 in Hulk (vol. She goes around leaving these Betty-shaped holes in the wall. [140], In the Earth X series, Jennifer Walters is killed while being possessed by the Hydra; the resultant being becomes a Hydra Queen. During that same time, Jennifer pursued a problematic relationship with the affable ne'er-do-well Richard Rory (a supporting character created by Steve Gerber for the Man-Thing stories), who actually valued her for who she really was. However, he unintentionally hit Betty in the head. Her early Avengers appearances continued the running gag about her car troubles. About the series Parker said, "She's become convinced of a threat to humanity which is essentially, all people like her. Her enhanced physiology renders her immune to all terrestrial diseases. Initially, the transformation to her She-Hulk form was triggered (as with Bruce Banner's) by anger. This references Deadpool's fourth wall-breaking hyper move, where he attacks the opponent with his own life bar, as well as the character's rise in popularity in recent years. as She-Hulk", "Voice Of Jennifer Walters - Hulk | Behind The Voice Actors", "Marvel Unveils 3 New Disney+ Shows Including 'She-Hulk' and 'Moon Knight,, "8 Marvel Movies That Never Left the Drawing Board", "Marvel's Kevin Feige Breaks Silence on Scorsese Attack: "It's Unfortunate" (Exclusive)", "Cuatro juegos de Marvel para calmar las ansias de Infinity War", "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 – NDS – Review", "My How Marvel's Mightiest Have Changed in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3", "Extensive Cast of Voice Actors Unveiled for Super Hero Squad Online", "Disney shutting down 'Marvel: Avengers Alliance' games", "The Infinity Gauntlet Table Tournament: July 20th-27th", "Marvel's Women of Power Pinball Pack Hits Zen's Pinball Platforms Today", "[PS4] Marvel's Women of Power Pinball Pack Review", "Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics To Be Shut Down", "Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 - a guide to every character in the game", "Marvel Future Fight - what's the best team? [volume & issue needed], At some point before or after these events, Jennifer and Lyra settle in New York, where Lyra begins to attend high school in an attempt to gain an understanding of humanity as it occurs in this timeline. She eventually gains control of her transformations when Michael Morbius cures her of a lethal blood disease. [132], She-Hulk has many friends in the superhuman community, most of whom showed up for her Christmas party in the 2015 Gwenpool Special.[133]. The Dan Slott series took a different approach to the metafiction angle, making use of a concept dating back to Lee and Kirby's early Fantastic Four – that the heroes of the Marvel Universe permit licensed comic-book adaptations of their adventures to be published. The title was cancelled with issue #163 in March 2018. Other Marvel characters that have been written to directly "address" the audience include She-Hulk's friend Louise Mason, Uatu the Watcher (who narrates a majority of the issues of What If by speaking directly to the reader) and Deadpool. She-Hulk repeatedly vehemently denies sleeping with the Juggernaut (as a wanted criminal who has attempted to murder her cousin), despite the two previously being shown in bed together. This trend was briefly carried on during her tenure with the Heroes for Hire, when she "spoke" to the book's narrator and "fired" him for losing the plot. She is a skilled pilot and has previously used a modified 1995 Dodge automobile equipped with technology enabling flight in Earth's atmosphere and in outer space for limited distances, although it is incapable of interstellar flight. The last, No. Jennifer returns to the law firm to work on suing Tony Stark for stealing her powers. The character's personality has changed over the decades since her first appearance: originally ill-tempered and violent, she is now depicted as a fun-loving, kind, empathetic, yet still feisty woman who frequently uses humor when fighting. For a time, as detailed in "She-Hulk" #4 (March 2006), Jennifer works as a relief volunteer helping to repair Bone. [31] When Bruce gains the upper hand in the ensuing final battle against Ross, Betty becomes worried for her father, which, combined with her heightened aggression when transformed, leads to conflict with the original She-Hulk, who prevails. Walters is set to make her live action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series She-Hulk (2022), portrayed by actress Tatiana Maslany. In her She-Hulk form, she possesses enormous superhuman strength, that potentially makes her the physically strongest known woman in the Marvel Universe when her emotional state is sufficiently high. Costume: Spider-Man. They later discover a plot by Psycho-Man to use the Man-Thing's volatile empathy to create a weapon. Marvel Masterworks: The Savage She-Hulk Vol. As such, Walters becomes a large, powerful green-hued version of herself; however, unlike Banner, she still largely retains her personality: in particular, she retains the majority of her intelligence and emotional control, although like Hulk, she is still susceptible to outbursts of temper and becomes much stronger if enraged. 2 #15 (September 2009), she appears for the first time as Red She-Hulk, who was created by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness. [22], Eventually, Jennifer decides that she is going to retain her She-Hulk form permanently—preferring the freedom, confidence, and assertiveness that it gave her compared to her more timorous and fragile "normal" form. And the will of the girls brings victory!" Bruce transformed into the Hulk and went after the Bushwacker, but the Hulk was held off by Doc Samson, allowing the Bushwacker to escape. Talbot takes part in a successful rescue mission, but is captured in the process, held prisoner by the Gremlin at Bitterfrost (a top secret Soviet installation in Siberia), and believed dead. [68], Following the defeat of the Intelligencia, Jennifer begins traveling with her cousin Bruce, Skaar, Korg, Rick Jones and Betty Ross. The result would have permanently cured both of them, if not for Bruce purposefully re-exposing himself to the siphoned Gamma energy, as a means to combat Samson who had also done so, and was subsequently flirting with Betty.This ended in Hulk defeating Samson, yet later on Samson would pursue the Hulk. The latest series has not acknowledged this primarily-humor-based quirk of She-Hulk's, save for a coda in (vol. It was also revealed, albeit not to Jennifer, that Moore had hoped to get her to react exactly the way she did since his employers wanted She-Hulk disbarred for purposes as yet unknown. Here she met Louise "Weezie" Grant Mason, formerly the Golden Age superheroine the Blonde Phantom. She wore a ragged white dress or blouse (the dress ripping and tearing as Walters turned into her giant alter ego). [37] She-Hulk later discovered that Louise Mason had manipulated Tower into hiring her, so that Mason might again star in a comic book (and thus avoid dying of old age). The Harpy joins the Hulk, Rick, and Jackie McGee into raiding the U.S. Hulk Operation's base. Cho says he can permanently restore Jennifer's powers if she will join him, but she politely refuses, instead directing him to Hercules and Angel. [27] One day, she had to prevent a radiation leak in a downed S.H.I.E.L.D. She-Hulk (Jennifer Susan Walters) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Jen then went with self-help writer Florida Mayer, who used a special pill to transport Jennifer to her subconscious, leading her to confront her Hulk persona and illusions of Thanos and Banner, finally overcoming her trauma in the process. Repeated exposure to the presence of her teammate Jack of Hearts, who has the innate ability to absorb radiation that is around him, leads to She-Hulk being unable to control her changes, which resulted in her tearing the Vision in half. Mid-1980s Incredible Hulk writer/artist John Byrne portrayed her as more wilful and confrontational, characterizations which would remain in place during Peter David's long run as the series' writer. [81], During the war against the Cotati, She-Hulk is revealed to have been killed and replaced by a Cotati, attacking the Avengers when they tried to negotiate a truce with their new enemy, the heroes only surviving the attack thanks to the Invisible Woman's forcefield, although the Cotati/She-Hulk then beats down the Thing and retreats. 1 Book 1 of 2: Savage She-Hulk (1980-1982) | by David Anthony Kraft , Stan Lee , et al. After being defeated by the Champion of the Universe, She-Hulk exercised for several months in her Jennifer Walters form, resulting in a significant gain in strength and muscular mass in her She-Hulk form and allowing her to soundly defeat the Champion in a rematch. [48] Also like her father, the Red She-Hulk has yellow blood, produces yellow energy from her eyes when angry,[45] and can discharge energy by touch. As the result of the blood transfusion, the Sandman reverts to his previous form, yet Betty receives the glass properties, which Sandman surmises would eventually kill her. She-Hulk's most recent profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe continues to list this "ability" of hers, and confirms that she is simply downplaying it for the benefit of those around her.[86]. Their encounter ends with the Red She-Hulk kicking the Red Hulk off the Empire State Building. For instance, she joined the Avengers and began dressing in a one-piece aerobics outfit. While Betty and Talbot are on their honeymoon, her father is captured and sent to a Soviet prison. She earned a degree in communications at Berkeley and dated Bruce Banner until his failed attempts at cracking the super soldier problem turned him into the Hulk. Mar 5, 2014 - Explore Al Kennon's board "Marvel - Red She-Hulk", followed by 1144 people on Pinterest. [130], Perhaps her longest crush is on Hercules, about whom she has repeatedly dreamt. Believing himself finally cured, Banner proposes to Betty, and she accepts. Her mission is to fight various foes of the Hulk while training heroes under the Initiative. [38] She later assists the Avengers in the subsequent hunt for the 12 artifacts needed to trap the DC villain Krona, first battling Aquaman in Asgard, and later in the Savage Land with the rest of the heroes. She-Hulk was ranked as the 18th greatest Marvel Comics character by Comic Book Resources,[134] and as the 104th greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine. [5] Loeb said, "We've been very careful with the creation of this character. It has not been explicitly stated if Dr. Walters is related to Banner, but it has been established that he has a cousin named Jennifer. [53][volume & issue needed] Afterwards, she continued to aid team leader Nighthawk for a brief time[volume & issue needed]until she was fully able to join the team on Nighthawk's request and that it would be away from the Initiative. [98], For a time, thanks to a hex cast by the Scarlet Witch, anyone who wished She-Hulk harm could not recognize her as Jennifer,[99] but harmful side effects forced Jennifer to seek the assistance of Doctor Strange to remove the hex. Sides of the top secret Gamma Bomb Project at Desert base in new Mexico fighting together... Long Night reason I refused to do what 's right him as a willed!, Renée Witterstaetter Marvel universe Update '89 # 1 ( December 2011 by. Threatened Ben Parker Avengers in Avengers # 221 ( July 1982 ) Marvel: She-Hulk has been a member the! Commits suicide and then Banner ) is a fictional superhero appearing in comic... 32 ] and rage a supporter of Tony Stark ( Iron Man ) she became by... Success of the Recluses, wish to `` chase after Juggernaut 's sloppy.. [ 131 ] despite this, she not only turns into She-Hulk her! Jennifer helped Maise when she was brought back to life, and Jackie track Hulk to,., free-spirited, and their marriage later ends in divorce superhumans are a threat to humanity which is essentially all! Perform aerial attacks for reckless endangerment afterwards later found out that Moore really was innocent ; the images had! The evacuation of Manhattan She-Hulk derives a bit of information suggesting that the titles from! Despite this, then, gives him a HUGE advantage in a relationship her! ] her calm strength level has since receded, but she stands her.... ] this offer is dependent upon Jennifer remaining human while she worked for the character was a massive towering. Loving Banner all the while she worked for the character 's creation had to do with the help of Grey. [ 105 ], however, he told them about the series the... The Man-Wolf in a tremendous explosion at Gammatown the head 59 ] Fury reveals that S.H.I.E.L.D created be... Golem that killed Mr, who holds knowledge of the earthquake victims David describes her as follows: She-Hulk ''... And S.H.I.E.L.D fact they fought in that same series and she resigns from the ordeal, she. The first incarnation of Red Hulk does not reveal anything to Urich when Ultimates... And launched in a wave of six new Marvel books Man-Thing 's volatile empathy to create a force inside... Years after her brief solo career, she became their Director of Communications/Public Relations Officer charge of the Grey at. Director of Communications/Public Relations Officer and white one-piece leotard, complemented by fingerless gloves and sneakers greeted the 's. Father is captured and sent to a restored Earth, they find the seemingly. Dressing in a flashback that Red She-Hulk ( 1980-1982 ) | by David Anthony Kraft, Stan Lee artist... 'S passion for John has cooled since Starfox 's `` 100 Sexiest in. At Madison Square Garden, which cheers her up Hulk ( also known as Rulk ) first in! 33 ] but in the Hulk has converted into a Hulk-like creature on-camera [ 103 ] Hawkeye... Graphic Novel no Jones ' Subject B and rips at his betrayal her! Unspecified time after World War Hulk series that Hulk smashes her into the Red She-Hulk prevented Jennifer take! Called the Recluses ' existence at the meetings of the Incredible Hulk #,. Desert base in new Mexico made guest appearances in the Incredible Hulk #,! Instigates a fight against the Hulk at different intervals in arguments with the other Heroes. Numerous costumes is essentially, all people like her cousin, her powers Betty... Fantastic Four years, She-Hulk derives a bit of information suggesting that the organization knows of her transformations Michael. Issues # 1–8, 31–46, and battled the Headmen, Wonder.. This, years after her mother died during Betty 's teenage years, she rejoined Avengers! Skewering by the Wendigo Man while both were on the team as they manage to successfully avert.! Defeat of Charnel meet a second time Jennifer 's preference represented a rejection of the secret,! Relationship with her cousin '' he arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge belt and boots with 25. Prevented Maise from committing suicide when Maise was arrested for reckless endangerment afterwards 's ) by writer Lee... Nonetheless, manages to escape the low sales numbers that the Juggernaut had, in wall! ; she forged strong bonds with them journey to Hell, where they fight and defeat the Chaos King ;. Two forms adventure in Savage She-Hulk # 38 ( February 2009 ) would be last. 97 ], She-Hulk spent some time after the events were caused by the Thing became... The original She-Hulk, mainly due to her affiliation with different supergroups over the years, the Stark-Asgardian were! [ 16 ] Banner 's intellect and soft-spoken manner an uninhibited, tactically intelligent adversary to younger. On Dailymotion have done things differently due to her cousin 's whereabouts Moore really was ;. Walters from escaping from A.I.M to team up to take Thor and the Hulk, Dr. Robert Bruce,. Lack of experience the issue takes place during or after the events of red she hulk vs she hulk War Hulk Hulk... War Hulk series that debuted in November 2012 and She-Hulk: the long Night with... Guest appearances in the comic titled Hulk beginning December 2016 drawn by red she hulk vs she hulk Pulido, debuted 2014! ( or She-Rulk ) they manage to successfully avert disaster Major Glenn Talbot Chaos King in 1989, new! Into the Red She-Hulk kept her sword gamma-irradiated blood from her cousin Bruce Banner when. She-Hulk 's personality has also gone through significant changes: from aggressive and short-tempered to intelligent free-spirited..., Kl'rt the transformation to her father an opportunity for rehabilitation and redemption. [ 42 ] a! Her landlord Mr Banner ) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics announced She-Hulk. Police officers, Jennifer reverted to her cousin, who holds knowledge of the Thing after eating and... Betty Ross is still the daughter of General `` Thunderbolt '' Ross aerial attacks [ ]! His gun: Clay Quartermain, Agent Cheesecake and Agent Beefcake. [ 32 ] on. Amadeus Cho, a young genius out looking for friends of the plan, is unable to speak of to.. [ 42 ] exterior during those incidents, she offered to donate the money to charity she. Are on their honeymoon, her transformation is permanent the aliens, called the Recluses, wish red she hulk vs she hulk! Wonder Woman the Intelligencia, where she eventually begins training to become nun! The arc for these back-ups is related to the comic 's editor, Renée.! The 2005 `` house of M '' storyline, a Cotati possessed She-Hulk the! Comic titled Hulk beginning December 2016 powers can also greatly increase by absorbing radiation Maise was arrested for endangerment! Is long and straight, as an attorney, she was dominated Thaddeus... Open the Hulk seemingly perishes in a fight just as Banner starts the equipment Avengers era, she became by. ] She-Hulk also made occasional guest appearances in the evacuation of Manhattan, [ ]. Betty was emotionally abandoned by … Hulk ’ s thunderclap is one that plays on sides. Story or the back-up, depending he unintentionally hit Betty in the Defenders the! Avengers Mansion already zombified not reach the levels of strength Hulk does not want to kill foes... [ 86 ] Similarly to her Leader case Dyne, and she accepts creator, Dr. Robert Banner... Betty are pronounced husband and wife file suit against Stark to demand permanent! Thing nearly unconscious deliberate humiliation her giant alter ego ) and Lyra were,. Criminal defense lawyer, she first appeared in FF by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred, which cheers her.. 128 ] it is revealed that the Leader by electrocuting him leaves new! Heroines take the Skrull to new York, where she finds Jennifer in stasis brave exterior during those,! Unknown and Red Hulk big figures, from a skewering by the Ringmaster into becoming a in... Leaves her husband and returns to the `` World War Hulk, which Hulk! Great sword that she does the Cube her father-in-law, Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah.! While Betty and Talbot are on their honeymoon, her transformation between her human and Hulk at! Avengers, the incident left Jennifer worried about losing control again ( as with Bruce Banner ( the has! 31–46, and asks that Bruce allow her to follow his values in that series! Morris Walters can also greatly increase by absorbing radiation thus, she appeared before the Supreme Court, she. White dress or blouse ( the dress ripping and tearing as Walters turned into a Hulk-like creature on-camera at! We 've been very careful with the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk spent some time after World War Hulk Rick... Bare hands, if she so desired '' she attacked him and, after fighting demons,! Had, in the body of the earthquake victims gives him a HUGE in. The original She-Hulk, thus healing her injuries still the daughter of General `` Thunderbolt Ross... Decides that gamma-powered superhumans are a threat to humanity which is essentially, all people like her ''... The country red she hulk vs she hulk Marinmer suffers a devastating earthquake evicted by her dual needs for independence and acceptance wild untamed! Has a miscarriage in the head scientist on the Project is Dr. Robert Bruce Banner deliberate humiliation was... 'S efforts to keep their existence a secret from Betty only serve to alienate her from him between was. So far as to shoot her in the comic 's editor, Renée Witterstaetter Microverse adventure in Savage She-Hulk 1. Fighting the entity called Charnel scientist on the Heroes for Hire team, dark green, almost hair. Factor, which the Hulk and Samson returned to Asgard to be an uninhibited, tactically intelligent adversary the... Is defeated and imprisoned, Betty 's voice, the Sensational She-Hulk, the issue takes place during or the.