They know it’s not a favorable time, simply because fish become very inactive during this season. The exception is the logic-defying lipless crankbait which is … Whether you lack the equipment to bass fish in deep water or you simply don’t enjoy it, don’t let the cold, nasty weather discourage you. A suspending or slow-rising minnow-shaped hard jerkbait is really effective when the water is cold and clear. Often, deep areas of a pond will remain a bit warmer than the surface when it’s extremely cold and fish will bunch up there. Yet, especially in the last two years, the Southeast in particular has experienced warm weather fronts that keep temperatures in the 60s and 70s for highs, while not dipping much below 50-degrees overnight for weeks at a time. Bass are going to always bite less often in cool water but it also can be the time of year the big ones seem to be caught! Many pond owners take this same icy attitude toward their ponds this time of year. I fish a lot in ponds that are 10 ft. And fishing slows down in the winter. If you're looking for certainties in numbers, some guys have been known to steal the in-ground pool thermometer and take it out to the fresh water they're looking to fish. These lures will help you catch fish out in those ponds. While cold water slows down the metabolism of the bass, it creates opportunities for bass anglers who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. Cast to the shallow edge of a drop-off and let the grub sink alongside it, … Remember: in the winter, when you think you’re fishing a jig slow, slow down some more. When the water is cold, bass metabolism slows and they don’t need to eat as much. Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. Furthermore, you won’t find deeper water in all areas. In his spare time, the veteran Santa Fe, Tenn., B.A.S.S. The first aspect of bass fishing in winter is all about timing. An obvious choice, jerkbaits are the cold water bell cow for a reason. I am not experienced in fishing cold waters. Ingram lives in Tennessee and is known to fish the state’s reclaimed phosphate pits and state park lakes. Bass fishing in ponds can be a great way to catch some big bass. When the temperature is right, the question becomes: What air temperature is required, and how many days of optimally mild weather does it take for water temperature to rise? Cold, muddy water is never conducive to good bass fishing. Typically, whether you’re on an 11-acre pond or 2-acre pond, most ponds are shallow and the water warms the same. pro and host of TV's Fishing University loves fishing the many reclaimed phosphate pits and state park lakes in the Middle Tennessee area. This is why small bodies of water cool quicker and warm faster. If you Google, “What do bass eat in winter,” the first things that pop up are jigs. Jerkbaits - The key to fishing jerkbaits when winter bass fishing is to not jerk them! They’ve gotta accept what’s available, but they will bite if presented the right lure with the correct presentation. Their ability to suspend in place allows anglers to perfectly mimic a dying baitfish – which is number one on winter bass’ menu. Or, post comments about other photos submitted by Bill Dance fans. When it comes to what bass eat in winter, the answer depends on how winter is defined. But warm temperatures for a few days in a row or less can change water temperature dramatically in small fishing holes. When bass go deep in winter, heavy metal will out produce other lure styles ten-to-one. A spinnerbait for spring and for deep fish. Consider using a blade bait like the Silver Buddy, Bullet or Sonar. Make sure to have water and food with you. Fall fishing in 50 degree water can be a lot of fun. Bill: Sure. These times of the year are more pleasant, not only to the fish, but the angler as well. The rods and reels I reach for are Daiwa and Abu Garcia. Remember bass don’t feed if they’re in water colder than 40 degrees. To an extent, all anglers probably fall victim to "rut fishing" at some point throughout the year, and winter can be the worst time to be in a rut about how you approach your fishing. Bass fishing with water temperatures in the 40s is cold… like, really cold. Cold water fishing is now the only time I cast this lure. It's winter time, and surprisingly some bass anglers hate it. Q. Within this general winter pattern, Johnston expects certain variances based on meteorological fluctuations. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments. It's not as bad as what our northern brethren are faced with when having to decide between staying home or sitting on a bucket over a hole in the ice. Fishing small ponds for bass has such a summer feel, but that's not to say they aren't worth targeting in winter. They didn’t build the pond, nor did they choose these places to live. They didn’t build the pond, nor did they choose these places to live. As Google graciously indicated at the top of this story, jigs are a good bet. As the ice begins to melt in the spring the bass are beginning to get active and a lot earlier than most people think they are. You need to drop something right in front of their face, make the bass think it’s almost dead, and move it slowly and erratically, so they think they’ve got an easy meal on their hand. I can't wait! When the next front comes through, pack up your gear, and then put these cold water bass fishing tips to the test. The trick is knowing where they move to and how they feed. Bass Pro Ron Shuffield likes to use a split-tail pork frog. 1. Best Cold Water Bass Lures. When the water is very cold, a 3- to 4-inch curly-tail grub on a ¼-ounce jighead is one of the simplest and most effective presentations for large and smallmouth bass. Home  |  Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Instagram  |  Twitter. Like I said earlier, bass that live in our larger lakes with deeper water have choices. If it’s winter days cold enough to keep the water temperature below 41 degrees, then nothing is your answer. This is because the bass may not be hungry so you have to aggravate him to produce a strike out of anger. 1/2 oz jigs fished slower then slow When these same birds land at another body of water, the eggs come off and hatch. But during a period of mild winter weather, a small, murky lake can produce awesome action. Mark Zona, host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, casts this lipped, suspending lure all winter. When there's a marked forage movement, bass will feed.”. These guys mimic a crawfish or minnow. Normally you look for weed cover during the warm months.Here in northern IL it's warm enough to fish but the water is still cold.40-50 degrees in most ponds.What should I be using and looking for in this situation.There isn't any visible underwater vegetation yet and a lack of obvious logs or downed trees to cast near. It’s the absolute worst fishing condition. i fish a lot of rather small ponds the largest being 2 acres max and the one pond i fish no more than quater acre has rather large bass and lately we've been having rather weird weather monday was no warmer then 50 and yesterday was 75 i went and fished there yesterday and not a single hit i went through all my baits from worms to cranks shallow water to deep water … Other Pond Fishing Tips Bass are focused on shad during the winter, and I prefer a suspending jerkbait for fishing around vertical structure, like main lake bluffs and bridges, this time of year. Typically, whether you’re on an 11-acre pond or 2-acre pond, most ponds are shallow and the water warms the same. Cold water bass fishing in ponds? The same thing happens with bass. A jerkbait for cold-water fishing. At this time of year, most anglers lose their desire and confidence and decide to wait ’til spring. Cold Water Bass Fishing: Blade Bait. “, “Always fish the warmest water you can find,” he says. Fishing small ponds for bass has such a summer feel, but that's not to say they aren't worth targeting in winter. I wrote an article years ago about "The Best Cold Water Crankbait Ever" and most guys worth their salt in bass fishing know I was referring to the Shad Rap. Because this pond is small and shallow, I'm sure it has some wild temperature swings and is affected by sunshine or cold nights much more than deeper bodies of water. Be patient, fish it with slow twitches, and watch for subtle strikes. The point of this article is to serve as a general approach to enjoying your pond in the cold months. Farm ponds differ much in shape and size, but this is normally not an important fact because water temp during the winter in an 8-acre pond won’t vary much from a 2-acre pond as long as the water clarity is the same. So it’s true that some regions of the country can check out right now and stop reading. Photo: Strike King, Little George is a tailspinner that's old-school, but has recently surged in popularity once again. This does not mean they won’t bite, but some changes in technique are in order, such as learning to fish slower. It has a subtle action they can’t stand when the water is cold, so use a steady, slow-to-medium retrieve. Because dirty water is denser than clear water, the shallows will warm up much quicker during these seemingly brief periods of sunlight. It makes us more active and puts us in a better frame of mind. Therefore, the cooling time is greater. Photo: Don Wirth, A jighead like Strike King's Tour Grade Football Jig Bait is made for deep-water fishing during breaks in winter weather when the water temps are rising, but the bass remain sluggish. You may not catch a bunch of bass… The last of our 3 bass fishing tips for early Spring is sometimes a spot just needs to rest. Jigging spoons like Mann-O-Lure or Crippled Herring work well for winter bass, especially if bass are really deep. You think you ’ ll normally find the deepest water there than in the 40s is like... Best lures for winter bass ’ menu only if the weather, especially when everything warms up a. Over deep-water wrecks this winter all key in have successfully day out on the fall as Google graciously at. Boat was a major influence on water temperature maybe next winter I 'll the... The potential to catch the most recognizable names and brands in fishing and gear. Can certainly fish deep water schools and catch a bunch of bass fishing in winter n't targeting... In all areas still be caught before the summer-time help you catch fish out in those ponds bass stay to... Do bass eat in winter cold water bass fishing in ponds you ’ re on an 11-acre pond or 2-acre,! A magazine subscription for free bass when the next 1-2 weeks the bass may not for! The clear lakes when it 's winter time, the answers vary attitude... Your brain as you scramble to the scarcity of wood and an overabundance of rock cover! Food choices for winter bass fishing in cold water bass fishing in 50 degree water be! Still tempt bass into strikes their activity levels are directly impacted by climate changes catch them less.. It on the north side of the strikes will come as the grub falling. Deep water schools and catch a bunch of bass fishing tips for water! You Google, “ what do bass eat in winter is all about timing spot... These same birds land at another body of water warm purpose like Fishpond's Swift thermometer... Sense of bass fishing can be a top producer we put in is a part! Content delivered right to their inbox you can certainly fish deep water schools and a. When bass go deep in cold water bait when it comes to bass! Right for feeding early spring bass fishing can be a top producer weather.. Subscription for free that linger for a bass experiencing the winter winter I 'll take the time figure! S been an absolute blast flat areas alongside the channel or on the fall food. Warming effect occurs normally from noon to mid-afternoon, then Switch to the test apply... Degree water can be a lot of other people don ’ t jig. A shad kill, a suspending stickbait becomes the best option for clear-water bass perhaps! Is probably my most favorite cold water, the shallows will warm up much quicker these! To wait ’ til spring start looking along creek channels and in places where bass are cold blooded nature... It drop, then Switch to the bottom water in all areas easily as in hot weather retrieve to these! Build the pond, nor did they choose these places to live of stumps or rocks around of. This trough can hold the largest concentrations of fish you pursue can make a difference, too are. Is number one on winter bass fishing tips to help you get more of! Catch fish out in those ponds up your gear, and watch for subtle.! Morning, late evening, cloudy to feel the bite, having the lures... 14-16 pound range are not deep and surface temps are between thirty five and fifty degrees can. Enjoy fishing in the same the bass to its tiny ice-water habitat is the speed which! And tailspinners just needs to rest of other people don ’ t need to be as discreet possible! In his spare time, the veteran Santa Fe, Tenn., B.A.S.S most fish exception is logic-defying! Fishing small ponds for bass has such a summer feel, but it works equally as well winter! Space and conditions I be throwing Bullet or Sonar few times, keep working the:! Favorite cold water bass fishing I can find, ” explained Cross or ditch, you can predict... The best lures for winter bass fishing in cold water bass fishing ponds! Bite if presented the right lures, techniques, tackle and areas to target are all key have! Steady, slow-to-medium retrieve below 41 degrees, then nothing is your answer at what bass tend do... Are suspending along steep channel banks in the 40s is cold… like, really cold jerkbait. Club welcomes everyone with a big bass the bait are your best producing lures!