I spot 8 hits. The Heart/Lung Shot. Both sizes are available in every gauge, including 410, though 12 gauge is the most common. 5 Shells Per Box. The August 2020 issue has my BuckShots story about "The Family Affair Buck," a giant buck killed by young Wisconsin hunter Ethan Hurlburt. I was a bit of a shotgun choke noob when I made this video. "I knew it was the biggest deer I've ever seen," Joshua Huwar said. You get tighter, more predictable downrange patterns and better stopping power. Ballistic Specifications: 000 Buck: Muzzle Velocity: 1325 Gauge: 12 Tom’s buck popped up, clueless and calm, just 80 yards out, much like the many others old Tom and I have dragged from public lands over the years starting way back in 1970. In the Sept It’s the ultimate all natural aphrodisiac and is safe and effective for people of all sexes and gender types. Below: Fiocchi Rubber Buckshot #00 Buck from about 15 yards. Buck Shot is a revolutionary product developed by the one and only Buck Angel, who is featured on this month’s cover. Shot Size: 9 Pellets - 00 Buckshot; Shotshell Length: 3" Shot Weight: 9 Bellets Pellet; A valid firearms licence (FAC, PAL or POL) is required to purchase ammunition. Curt Spontaneo shows off the 14-point buck he shot on the second day of muzzleloader season in the Town of Kiantone. Federal Power-Shok 12-Gauge Buckshot features Federal's Triple Plus® wad system gives you better shot alignment, with a granulated plastic buffer to keep shot pellets from deforming. A second shot up close put the buck out for good. Buck and ball was a common load for muzzle-loading muskets, and was frequently used in the American Revolutionary War and into the early days of the American Civil War.The load usually consisted of a .50 to .75 caliber round lead musket ball that was combined with three to six buckshot pellets. It is our policy to sell ammunition only to persons 18 years of age or older, and in accordance with local, provincial and federal regulations. So #0 Buck is larger than #1, but #00 is bigger than #0, and #000 is the largest of all. Buckshot is the largest shot before getting to rifled slugs, with size 00 and 000 being the largest. Submitted photo Buck Shot gives you the energy, confidence and enhancement you need for maximum intimate performance. Mili Custom Defense Ammunition 12ga 00 Buck Shot, 2 3/4" - 10rd Box - M12-00-BUCK - $14.99 Details Manufacturer: Mili Custom Defense Caliber: 12 Gauge Shell Length: 2 3/4" Shot Size: 00 Buckshot Muzzle Velocity: 1350 fps Quantity: 10 Rounds Features Mili Defense 12 Gauge With the addition of more zeroes, the size goes up. The buck had a dress weight of 180 pounds and sported a 21-inch inside spread and a 24-inch outside spread. That means “#4 Buck” is the smallest buckshot and “#1 Buck” is the largest – until you get to the oughts. There’s supposed to be 15 in each round, so it’s not too impressive unless your goal is to hit a lot of targets at the same time. A deer that flinches or ducks upon arrow release almost instantly lowers the intended target which causes the arrow to zip right over top of that trophy buck. The actual diameter of the various buck shot pellets are: Buckshot Size Diameter (in inches) Size 00 is 0.33 inches in diameter and size 000 is 0.36 inches in diameter. As a Field Contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, my work appears in the BuckShots and Deer Browse columns, plus I write some feature articles and online articles. Not by a long shot, although this last one was a long shot. This is the shot most ethical hunters aim for, and is the one I learned on that worn-out backyard deer target. I am sure that these will spread out a lot more than normal buck shots. My H-S Precision .300 WSM had to throw a 150-grain Ballistic Silvertip some 350 yards to reach it.